Monday, February 8, 2010


So last week and through the weekend I've been a little nervous about a training session the company scheduled me to attend in Chicago.  I wasn't nervous about the training, it was the weather I was concerned with.  I told my husband that I wouldn't be happy if it was raining when I left but that I'd go because I had to. 

Now, just so's you know, I never worry about flying...much.  Most travel is for vacations sake anyway.  I've never been air sick or had thoughts of anything bad happening but too many movies will make you think all kinds of crazy things when it comes to heavy weather conditions, especially BLIZZARDS, hello!

So I look up the weather conditions for Chicago and it says "feels like 28 degrees", ok, I know I'm gonna hear from some of you about this but when I pull up the weather conditions for L.A. and it says 54, I'm wondering how many jackets I can put on without looking like I gained 40 pounds overnight.  You think 28 degrees is gonna sit well with me?

BUT, as a new employee and considering I'm only into my 3rd week of work, I figure I'll just have to get over the frost bite once I return to sunny L.A.  I'll make do because I have bills that are due and losing my job this early in the game would be plenty painful.. 

I go on line to confirm my reservation and check-in on line when Viola!  The flight is cancelled.  What a cryin' shame!  I'd liked to have poked my eyes out with sadness.....or not.  I call my friend at work who scheduled the flight to tell her my findings thinking maybe I'm mistaken, but as luck would have it, it was cancelled indeed. 

So looks like I'll be at work tomorrow.  Maybe with some luck they'll reschedule for a San Francisco turn around or even Chicago on a clear day. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

What! award!

They say good friends are 54, I'm beginning to believe it.  I also believe that friends are always willing to look at your "good" side, as opposed to people who don't know you and are looking to see what you do wrong.

So my long time friend Bunny at I'm Just Sayin' gave me a Sunshine award............aha, right Bun.
A "sunshine award".  Know what, I'm gonna accept it even if it ain't so.  I'm not very good at accepting awards cause I'm a giver, but sometimes, you just gotta put your hand out and take what's been given to you.

Thanks Bun.

And now....drum roll please.....I'm gonna pass this award to a few people who are always a ray of sunshine in my life.  These people, Bunny included, have a way of affecting my mood in a positive way; most times they're not even trying.  It's just who they are.  All natural and stuff!

So here they are....take a peek when you get a chance and see if you don't agree. I think you will.

My lovely cousin Anita @ Castles Crown and Cottages
My dearest Comadre Debbie @ From Venting to Viggo
My ever so inspiring cousin Ruben @ Rattus Scribus
My hysterical blogger friend Maggie @ Just Between Me and You
My ever so talented friend Norma @ Bloggeritaville
And the ever so creative Winona @ Shabby Chic Diva's Pink Corner

I started blogging because Ms. Norma @ Bloggeritavill always had so many humorous stories and truth be told, I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.  Then I discovered I was...screamed and started my own blog.

To those I've mentioned and those I haven't, THANK YOU.  Your friendship, honesty, inspiration, humor, talent and creativity bring me up when I'm stuck in a rut.  If it weren't for you and Calgone, I'd be bored and dirty.

I'm not a blog head, I'm just looking for a little amusement and connection out of the ordinary......for those of you who do not blog, try it.  You just may find a place where you can express yourself and make a couple of fun friends while your at it.

I know you wanna know.....

so before you ask, I'm gonna tell you.....The new job is GREAT!

You may have read an earlier post about my interviews with United Airlines.  I shared my excitement about finally finding a job and all the excitement of just getting through the interview process.

Well, this Monday was my first day at United Airlines, located in the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California.  I was and still am excited.  The people are great, helpful and so welcoming I almost feel like a celebrity.  Okay, well, maybe not a celebrity but I do feel special.

So my first day I was told I'd be going over to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) for training.  My husband finally back from Cost Rica is dropping me off so that I don't have to deal with parking and the employee shuttle which at LAX takes about 45 minutes from parking lot to office.  Yes, believe it.  That's not including the drive time.....not for me!  The shuttle from the employee parking lot at John Wayne Airport, better known as SNA, is about 7 minutes; a huge difference.

Anyway  besides the fact that I'm overwhelmed after my first week, I still think I'm gonna love it there.  Unless they're all exceptional actors they're a great group of people which means, of course, that I'll fit right in.  I'm kidding, I'm kidding (unless you care to argue the point).

All benefits kick in day one.  Can you believe that?  So many companies these days aren't even providing benefits anymore and I'm getting them day one.  Wow!  I'm ecstatic about that, I promise you.

I won't go into everything I'm doing but I will tell you that I'll be working in the office doing a lot of the accounting functions.  To go further would mean I'd have to write a book and I'm saving that for my new laptop.

I just wanted to share with you all just how happy I am with the new job and say that it's about time I found something worth my time. 

Yep!  That's me.