Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow! It's been over a month since I posted anything...

Things are a little crazy right now but I saw this video at church today and really felt the need to share it.  ENJOY!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A few Saturday's back was an exceeptionaly fun day.  I went with my theater friends to see Shakespeare by the Sea - Twelfth Night.  We left my house at about 3:45 and arrived at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro around 4:20. 
The moment we stepped out of the car I felt as if we'd just traveled around the world...not because the ride was so long or because the company was so boring.  It just looked so different and something about it gave me the feeling I was a tourist.
We walked down to where the outdoor seating is and decided since it was still early (the show didn't start until 8:00), we'd wander around and see the grounds.  Lucky, as we were, we were walking past the Lighthouse when we were made aware that you can actually go inside the beautiful thing.  This is a lighthouse that was built in's older than me!  Yea...I like things that are older than me.  It was beautiful; filled with antique furniture, an old iron that could knock any misbehaving husband out for a few days, an ice chest (better known today as a refridgerator), beds, just about anything you'd need in 1874. 
We made our way up to the Lighthouse huffing and puffing the entire
way.  It's amazing what a few years will do to your stamina. The view was stupendous.  It made me wish that for just an hour I could step back into that time to get a full understading of how it might have felt.                  

After our lighthouse adventure we mosied down to the seating area again and met up with more friends, ate our dinner and then set out to see more of the grounds.  As Wendy tried to look for seeds in some of the flowers (just shows what age we've come in to), a family of racoons crossed the path and climbed up into a tree nearby.  Apparently that tree has some type of berry on it and this little family were hungry.
Berry Hungry Family of Racoons
We hung around and photographed the Racoons until they'd had enough and started to hiss at us.  I'm not all that educated on the lifes of Racoons but I somehow recall hearing that they carry rabies.  Needless to say, we were outta there!

There was time to sit, chat, and laugh before the show began.....
The show was wonderful; the group of actors fantastic!  I think it only fair to say, a good time was had by all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I knew it wouldn't take much more than the word "SHOES" to get your attention.
What is it about shoes that gets us all excited.  Why will we knock down the person next to us at a sale to grab a pair of shoes, not because we like them all that much, but because someone else looked at them and you can't take the chance that they are cute and you just haven't seen it yet; some things need time to grow on you.

I woke up this morning with shoes on my mind.  Strange? Yes, but there it was plain as day; shoes.  I don't remember dreaming about shoes.  I don't recall seeing any ad's about shoes.  I do recall thinking I'm not gonna let "so and so" walk all over me, but I don't think that could be it.  Why shoes?  There is a possibility I may have put my foot in my mouth recently, but I'm still not sold on that being a solid reason for having shoes on my mind.

As I look back through the years....a long way back, I wonder how many pairs of shoes I've owned.  Does anyone know how many pairs they've owned?  Let's see.....I still have a little white pair of walkers, most likely from before I was walking.  They're terribly scuffed up, but so cute.  I have a red pair of dance shoes I wore when I danced in the Disneyland Parade for the opening of Small World.  I have some old tap shoes, character shoes, ballet shoes, flamenco shoes....there's a theme here.
In my closet you'll find hiking boots (like when was the last time I wore those), Crocks, sandles, sneakers, flip flops (I've learned not to call them thongs anymore), plenty of heeled work shoes, and let us not forget the smashed up, worn out, things I call slippers (Cinderella would be embarrassed for me).  There might be 15 pair of shoes in my closet.  Most of which I don't wear, but there for security sake; I never know when I might need them. 

When was the last time I bought a pair of shoes....WOW! I think it was before going to Hawaii last July.  I bought two pair of sandles.  Prior to that, I don't recall.  Seriously.  I just don't buy shoes anymore.  I make the old ones last.  And style....HA!  What do I know about style?!  There was a time when I was the style queen.  My friend Denise and I would go shoe shopping at one of our favorite stores in the Stonewood mall.  The owner had shoes from everywhere...imported stuff.  Beautiful.  He'd let us put them on layaway, crazy I know, but we did it.  We'd pick four pair, put them on layaway and get them out within a month.  Those were the days!

Why I didn't save some of my shoes, I don't know.  Especially the platforms, they're back in style now.  I actually think I tried to save them.  Before moving into my current house and while cleaning out the old one, I pulled a barrell from the shed.  It was full of my old shoes.  When you move you don't want to take more with you than you absolutely have to so I tossed them.  Such a shame....

Shoes can say so much about a person, can't they?  They actually "tell on" us.  If we're clean, dirty, overweight, stylish, boring, casual, walk to one side, frugal, or lacking in personality.  So was that the reason I was thinking about shoes?  Could be.  I haven't had had much change in my shoe wardrobe for some time now...maybe it's time for a change.

Ok, well, I just justified my reasons for going out and buying a pair.  Hmmm let's see, where can I get the most for my money......................

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wheat Thins

I love Wheat Thins but I'd like your opinion.  Are they called wheat thins because they're thin in size or is it because if you eat them they help control your weight and you stay thin?  Cause I'm here to say that I cannot, seem to control myself when I start eating them.  I tell myself "I can't gain weight" even if I sit down and chow a whole box at a sitting.  I say it over and over...sometimes, even out loud.  Cause you know if you hear it, it's true... Right?

Like, let's say you wanna eat a whole cake...this is just an example, so don't think I'm speaking from experience...So you sit down with the cake and you say repeatedly "I can't gain weight, I can't gain weight".  Of course, you're saying it out loud because if you can hear it, it's true.  I can't remember where I learned that, but I'm almost sure it was at church...maybe not.

Well, I don't know but so far, I'm still not thin.  Maybe I have to eat a few more boxes of the stuff.  I'm just wondering if I have to eat them at one sitting or if I can stretch it out over, let's say.....2......hours.  Cause the thing is, I'm not going anywhere, not moving a leg or a finger until I see results.  Can you imagine eating a whole box and instead of sitting right there on the sofa waitng for thinness to come upon me, I get up and walk around....I could miss it.  You know chewing works off calories too so I'm beginning to see why eating a couple of boxes could be to my advantage.  Also, I've read that sleeping is a good calorie burner...that gives me a great idea for this evening.  I'm gonna sit down and cram a couple of boxes down my throat, which of course will be followed by a glass of water  because water is a plus when you're attempting to lose weight, (I don't know why they don't print that on the box) and then I'll take a little nappy and hopefully when I wake up, viola! I'll be thin. 

I'd like to meet the person who created Wheat Thins.  I imagine they're perty darn skinny...Oops! I meant thin.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you remember or do you think you remember

The other day my daughter was telling me about something she remembers from her childhood.  She went into great detail and I was honestly impressed that she had such a great memory.  She does really.  There are times she recounts a dream, in it's entirety.  I've learned not say anything to her that I don't want her to remember because, she will.  My sister is the same; she remembers things that most people don't even notice happened right before their eyes.

I remember stuff too you know.  Like the time I colored on the wall in the living room behind my dad's red chair.  You know why I remember?  Right!  I got one of the very few spankings I ever received. 

I also remember a night I found myself laying on the bathroom floor telling my Aunt Camille she didn't love know why I remember?  Ahh,ha she spanked me too.  I guess your not supposed to tell people who love you that they don't cause if you do they're overcome with this crazy desire to spank you.  I remember that Auntie!

I also remember being about 8 years old, sitting on the back porch of my parents house.  I was wearing a white button down shirt and some old brown cowboy boots (whose were those anyway?).  I was eating white bread with refried pinto beans on it.  The memory is so clear.  Oh! Maybe that's because I have a picture of it.....and there, my friends is the key.  Not that all memories come from old photos but, I wonder if I'd remember much of anything from my childhood if there weren't pictures to trigger the memories.

I don't know about you but my family has so many pictures.  My parents had pictures that go waaaay back.  Way, way back.  It's a beautiful thing too.  My brother Rusty (Daniel A. Leonard V)has done a wonderful job of putting some some of those pictures on a webpage (it's a geneology); click on his link and check them out by clicking on the highlit names.  I'm actually quite surprised he didn't put more pictures on there.
Daniel A. Leonard 2nd
In the 40's, my mom and her cousins used to take the best pictures.  Looking at them makes me wish I could have been there.  I loved the clothing and the poses they chose.  They'd all climb on top a car and strike a pose or theres the picture in someone's living room with them posed around the piano.  Just makes you wanna jump into the picture cause looking at it you can almost feel the mood.
I remember the pictures my dad used to take of us when we were kids.  Most of us wore flat tops....Oh, wait, that was no flat top, that was my dad cutting our heads off.  His artistic abilities must have been somewhere else because it wasn't in picture taking.  Then again, maybe he just didn't like what he saw and did a little editing.  Thanks Dad, you really could have told me the hairdo needed some changing.

For a while there I stopped taking as many pictures...what a mistake!  They're like family gold.  No family should be without them.  So if by some chance you've put the camera in a drawer or closet, get that sucker out and start snapping away.  It's less expensive these days and so much easier to get to.  Do it!  Your family memories are slipping by you if you don't.  The kids need to see the pictures and videos of themselves so they can remember just how cute and dorky they once were.  Sorry, I was probably thinking of one of my elementary school pictures with my hair standing up in the middle of my head.  Can't look at it without laughing and neither can anyone else.

Go on now, go make some memories!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Not exactly what I had in mind but it'll do in a pinch

Geez! I forgot how long it takes to set up a new blog page. What with the Blog Background thief still at large, I had to pick something quick to try and make my blog as inconspicuous as possible.

Some of you out there are constantly giving your blogs facelifts. New pictures, new colors, new backgrounds, new, new, new....Me, I'm quite content to keep the same scenery. I mean, if you have time to do it, more power to you....I guess.
So I chose this one because it has plenty of color. I wasn't able to figure out how to make the photo of my dance shoes fit better so I finally just thought, "so". Really, that is what I thought. I've found that saying "so" helps release me of the pressure of having to do anything. "So", perty much says it all. It's almost like saying Amen...okay, well not quite but it's a good closing line word.... Theres something so final about "so". I mean what are you gonna do when someone says "so"? Challenge them? What more can you get out of about "so what?" That's taking it a step further.
And as usual, I've gone off on another tangent and forgotten about the original message of this post, so I should finish....but, on the other hand, I'd rather not.....SO!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not there yet...

I'm still not sure what took place exactly, and I'm not where I need to be with my blog look but I'll be back tomorrow to see if I can't get a little personal feel to it.  Such a cryin' shame. tisk, tisk.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What the heck!!!

Okay, fess up whoever you are! I'm mad as heck and I'm not gonna take it anymore. I wanna know who stole my background. How can you have a blog without a background? How?

If you're envious of my blog background, I'm really sorry but that's no reason to steal it. Seriously, there are a ton of blog backgrounds out there, so why did you have to take mine. I'm a simple person. I do no one harm. I get mad like anyone else now and then but that is no reason to rob me of my background. I feel violated.....

And what am I supposed to do? Is there such a thing as a blog background police? Do I go to Detective Wallpaper? Do you think CSI would take my case? How about 20/20, they're always looking for a new story. Maybe they'll help me. 60 Minutes might show some interest if I beg but why should I have to go to such extremes?

And another did you manage to steal my photobucket video? You are a sly one, aren't you.....I'm just not all that sure I like the floating notification you left in its place. It doesn't belong. I know this much about you, and I'm sorry to say it but ... you have no taste! Who leaves a sign of what they've taken illegally?

Whoever you are, please return my background...I have nothing to offer in return except a thank you but I can promise it'll be sincere and non-accusatory if you return it without making a big scandal. I'll give you until tomorrow evening after which time I'll probably cry a little, throw some dirt on myself and then move on and over the grieving process by looking for a new background. It hurts me to think I'll have to go with another layout but sometimes life just throws a hardball our way and we have to do what we never thought we were capable of.

So tomorrow,7 o'clock P.M. Return the background or I'm sticking out that stiff upper lip and moving on. If you’re out there and you're reading this, you dag nabbit thief, keep an eye out over your shoulder Miami Vice, L.A. Vice, Sergeant Friday, Barney Fife and the rest are looking for you. (Okay, I just had to get that last threat in) I'm so disappointed.

Background Less in L.A.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not Again!

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a fun post.  Having delt with this myself, I can tell you that Pancreatitis is far from fun.  I've had it so I know first hand.

Karina, at about age 9, began having stomach problems.  Not exactly stomach but for the sake of this post I'll use "stomach".  So I'd take her to the doctor and he'd say "she's not getting enough fiber, she's constipated".  I wanted to punch that guy in the gut and say 'now does that feel like constipation to you?'  I didn't, but I still wish I had.

So for months, we made our little trek to the doctor and he'd say "What did you eat today? If she doesn't eat enough fruits and vegtables, this is what happens".  Okay so after I don't know how many trips the last thing I remember him saying was "If you're gonna keep bringing her back here because she's constipated but never change her diet, what would you like me to tell you?  It's your fault she's like this."  And I said 'bye, bye Doctor Stupid', out we went, never to return again.

I'm not a doctor but there have been a number of times when I went to a doctor and told him exactly what was wrong with me before they could do any labs.  Why? because I know my body and I listen to it.  But this joker was too dumb to listen to what the patient was saying.  He only knew he was right, or so he thought.  Big Jerk!

So, we found another doctor who, was nicer but still could not recognize that this was something other than bad fruit or too much candy.  I tried to explain what I thought it was from my own experience but could not be heard. Poop! We liked her too. 

Well as it turned out, after several visits to the doctor, being sent home with an "it's nothing" response, we decide to stay home and ride out the pain.  I was getting desperate as Karina's pain was increasing and there seemed to be no end in sight.  Finally in desperation and fear as I watched my little girl turn into a skeleton I took her to the ER where, not only was she admitted for Anorexia, Child Services were called on Juan Carlos and I because, and here's what the doctor said "I was raised with a step-parent too.  I know how terrible it is.  Your husband should not be hitting your child"......Hold the phone Miss Doctor Stupid Numero Dos.  First of all, neither of us are her step parents and second, we do spank our children if they really need it but the heal of your hand to the forehead as a joke has never, as far as I know, won a case in court for physical abuse.  This doctor was slightly off her rocker. 

So she admits Karina for Anorexia and I let her.  Why?  Because even though I knew she was a dim wit and would lose her case in court, all I really wanted was to get medical attention for my daughter who I knew was suffering with something other than malnutrition.  Holy!

After many, many tests, many, many doctors and a switch to a children's hospital, it's confirmed by a wonderful doctor who was intelligent enough to see that this was not Anorexia or anything of the sort.  It was an unusual case of Pancreatitis.  Yes, it's unusual for children but that does not mean it does not exist. 

Our wonderful doctor sends us to yet another hospital where the specialist does what they call an ERCP...don't ask....and removes these little stones from Karina's pancreas.  No sooner did she come off the drugs used during procedure when she's asking, "can I have some food?".  Let me tell you, Godzilla himself would have melted and spoon fed her.  She ate as if she had never eaten before and wanted more once she finished with the first plate.
If you've never had pancreatitis and would like to know what it feels like, simply take your everyday dinner fork, poke it into your stomach right below your left ribcage.  Twist the fork repeatedly while using a hammer to push it in as far as possible.  And then....... yes, it's that painful.  There is absolutely no position that makes it better and for as much pain as your in, you'd better not even look at a drop of water or crum of food becuase my dear, that fork will soon turn into a jack hammer.  PAIN!  So on top of being in pain, food is out of the question....for days.
Karina during a pain break

Well, that's where we are.  Back at the hospital after I don't know how many visits.  On drugs and holding on to the pounds by getting a healthy diet of Potassium Chloride, drip, drip, yummy, yummy.
If you have a heart, please pray for my little girl.  She's been hospitalized about 5 times, her fist stay 7 weeks long.  She been prodded, stuck, x-rayed, scanned and starved far too many times.  She's a good kid and manages to get through this everytime.  I wish I could do more for her but unfortunately I'll just have to pray that she out grows this terrible thing as I did, some time in my 30's.  I really pray she doesn't have to go through this for another 15 years.  Sometimes life is just not fair.  :-(

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's a mystery to me....

Today was the first day in quite a while that I visited my Facebook page.  I didn't intentionally keep away, I just hadn't made it a point to visit....well, I take that back.  I suppose if I don't tell you and you find out, you'll think I'm lying.  I have FB on my cell phone.  I'm not a FB fanatic or anything of the sort, it was during a crazy whim that I decided to add it and everynow and then while sitting at a doctor office, on the shuttle from work to the parking lot or when I get a good piece of gossip and need a way to validate it, I use my phone.  Come on now, you've got to admit, it's not a bad idea.

So, as I was saying, today I visted my Facebook page.  I watched a video a beautifully voiced bass baritone friend of mine posted of himself, visited the Rio Hondo College page, jotted a quick hello to Meredith and was on my way out when I see one of those people you "might want to be friends with" thingys on the side.  I had to take a second look because it was a very dear friends son.  That in itself is not strange.  What's strange is that I have no idea, NONE, how any one, or in this case any "thing" (meaning FB) would know that I know this young kid. 

My first thought was 'Hmmm, maybe I became friends with his mom or dad and don't remember'.  So I went through every single face in my friends list and they weren't there.  I'm thinking this is kinda creepy.  I mean, are people from my past gonna start popping up on my FB  sidebar?  This is a Twilight Zone moment.  Who knows I know this kid?  Who?  Is someone trying trap me into sending him an email and then make it look ugly like I'm one of those sicko's so they can have me thrown into jail while being taped by one of those after prime time shows that airs on tv?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  This is a real mystery.

I don't wanna make a big thing about this but...I just don't understand.  I went back to my page to see if he was still there and he was gone.  Gone.  Just....gone.  And in his place people I knew in High School.  How the heck did they show up? 

Listen people, FB, FBI, CIA, whoever you are...I did nothing...I'm innocent...and I stand my ground.  You cannot destroy me.  You cannot break cannot, you cannot, you can.....NOT!  But just in case, I'm locking my doors, pulling the shades and getting a pitbull.  Are they expensive?  It doesn't matter, I'm getting one and I've heard them yelp on tv when a burglar sneaks into the back and hits it or whatever it is they do to make a dog yelp.  I know that sound so don't think your gonna get me or my dog!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

If you didn't already know...

Last weekend was one I'd waited for, for quite some time.  You see, my cousin and her wonderful husband flew in from Minnesota....yes, way over there where if you don't freeze during the winter, your able to take a vacation to a warmer part of the world, like good old Califor.NI.A

Let me just say that it was a visit I wished would never end.  We met on Friday, which was long in coming because they flew in on the 19th.  Of course there was Ruben's side of the family to visit with and friends they hadn't seen for years and then....having saved the best for last (my opinion only), Friday the 25th rolls along.  Six days, count 'em 6 days, later it's my turn.  And heck yes, I was excited.  My daughter, Karina, had heard so many stories of the famous Anita, she just couldn't wait.  She kept telling me how excited she was to meet my cousins. 

Friday arrived and at approximately 11:42 my door bell rang.  I tried to play it cool but I nearly bore through the hardwood floor in my living room running to the front door.  As I answered I had to fight back the desire to shake my head in order to believe that it was actually them standing before me.  We sat and talked, and talked and well, you know....Let's just say that talking must run strong on our side of the family because Anita already had larengitis and Ruben, he's not shy for words.  Had I been thinking in advance I would have installed one of those little thingys that have in the meat department of the local grocery store so we could pull numbers and make sure we all had a chance to speak.  I'm sure Karina had plenty to say too but her bad luck, she speaks slowly.  Too bad kid, that's all I can say.  Out of shear sympathy we did allow her at least 4 words every 15 minutes....poor little thing, it was the least we could do.

Saturday, it was Breakfast Club and then some.  My long time friends Bunny from I'm Just Sayin', and Debbie from From Venting to Viggo were there along with the rest of my family...I say the rest because like it or not, Debbie and Bunny are family.  They've known us far too long to be anything but. 

Breakfast was to start at 10:00 a.m. and although we were starving, okay so we weren't and I just felt the need for a little drama; the truth: although we normally start at 10:00 oclock on the button, we waited patiently for the guests of honor to arrive.  I passed out wipes so we could wipe the drool off our chins as we sat and smelled the awesome breakfast my brother Rusty and his wife Juliet prepared for us.  And then, and then, they were there, here, with us...whatever!  You get my drift; we could eat!  No!  I didn't mean that...
Bloggers Debbie, Marie, Anita, Bunny and Ruben
After 15 minutes of hello's we finally grabbed our plates, served ourselves and sat down for coffee, food and chat.  We ate and ate, and ate, and ate....and talked and talked.  We switched tables, switched chairs, changed rooms, changed shoes, laughed, cried, told old stories, talked about junior high, high school, dorks, school fights, being kids, being adults, books and then as if it had never happened we started all over, chat, talk, laugh, switched tables and on and on it went.  I admit, my feet hurt.  I switched from the left to the right and then again so often it looked as if I were in the middle of a salsa dance.  And then after what is typically a 3 hour gathering, we realized 12 hours had passed and it would have to end. 
I really didnt want to leave but we were all tired.  Plumb tuckered out.  All I can say is, next time, we're meeting at a hotel with a dance floor a live Salsa band, a restaurant with buffet and of course beds for resting.   Sure would make the 12 hours a lot easier.  But I'm thinking we could do a weekend trip, why not!  I'm all rested up and raring to go!
Juliet, Aunt Camille, Erick, Bunny, Michele, Danny, Debbie, Anita, Ruben, Marie
Rusty, Christopher, Donte, Karina (Not pictured Carlos and Juan Carlos, sorry boys)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today's news

This morning Juan Carlos and I sat down to, that's not the news...after we had breakfast I cleaned everything up and waited a while to wake Karina as she was out a little late because she went to the band banquet last night.

Around 10a.m. I woke her up so she could eat something and get ready for a rehearsal with a little performing group she's just joined.  She asked for french toast so I gladly made it, even though I'd just finished cleaning.  I sat down with her because, I like to take that time to sit and chat with her.

We talked about little things and I sat and watched her eat, delighted at how she enjoyed her meal.  I could tell she was in deep thought but didn't quite know what it was and figured she'd tell me eventually.  She stops, puts her fork down and looking me straight in the eye says "Mom, can I tell you something?"  Far be it from me to say no, so I said "sure, if you want".  She starts out with "I hope you don't get mad, but last night xxx asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.  Are you mad?" 

The last time she asked me if she could be someone's girlfriend she prefaced it with "You know how much I like xxx right?  Well, he's gonna ask you and dad if I can be his girlfriend".  I was delighted at the idea that that conversation had taken place before the big decision was made.  They'd decided that they would never be alone, never go out alone and would only hold hands.  His parents were aware that he was going to ask her and that he wanted to talk to us first.  So, we went through the warming up of the idea, and then waited for the day.  We all talked and decided it would be okay.

So the guy who had the whole thing worked out and talked out before he would accept her as a girlfriend eventually invites her over his house (with his parents and siblings there) and the relationship was on it's way.  This is a kid who goes to her youth group, I know his parents and so I talked to them and we were all in agreement that it would be ok.  Fast forward two weeks later, he calls her and breaks up with her over the phone because seeing her once or twice a week is not enough and he just can't take it.  So much for all the talk buddy.  My little girl is heart broken.

So here we are at the kitchen table and she tells me, doesn't ask, just tells me she said yes to this guy.  I already know him because he's been going with her to youth group.  And seeing as how I always give a group a kids a ride to group and then home, he asks me to go in and meet his mom.  Ahhh, I'm thinking this guys got something up his sleeve.  Us mom's know this stuff.

So, what am I to say?  I start with "no, I'm not mad, but .... and I tell her that the same rules apply, no going out alone, no hanging out at school alone, no, no, no....".  She sat and listened and then said "I know mom".  This is when I tell her how proud I am that she's so honest with me because I am AND because I just wanna cement the idea in that I'm not gonna let my guard down and she shouldn't either.

I asked if she'd told her dad, knowing darn well she hadn't, and she said no, but I will.  Now I ask, what do you do with a 15.9 year old who wants to have a boyfriend, is open with her parents about the whole thing and always trys to do the right thing?  You can hardly say no.  I mean, I guess I could but what would that accomplish?  I dont' want her sneaking around, but I'd rather she didn't have a boyfriend either.  If I say no, she just might stop being as open with me....I really don't want her to sneak about. 

He's a nice kid, not exactly who I would have picked for her but look what happened with the guy I would have picked!  And here's the interesting thing; he'd asked her before but she said no because she still wasn't over the first kid and Thursday night on the way home when I gave one of her other guy friends a ride home he asked me, how should I break up with a girl who I'm seeing when I shouldn't have started going out with her in the first place.  Karina pipped in and said "you didn't even know her that well when you started seeing her.  You should have gotten to know her before you asked her to be your girlfriend".  He says "I know, that was dumb cause now I don't want to hurt her but the truth is we're not compatable".  Karina tells him make sure you don't do it over the phone, be a man about it and face her, after all, it was your mistake.  Geez!  I'm impressed.  Of course she was speaking from experience.

I don't think I'm ready for this.

So, there's the news.  My daughter has a boyfriend and that's that.  Don't you hate it when you get a taste of what your parents had to go through.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before and After.....

What, you ask?  A reunion of my college theater friends. 

Next Saturday, May 1st, we'll be getting together for a picture reunion.  This doesn't mean only pictures will be there, we, the bodies will be there but we're all taking pictures from shows and travels we did/took together.

I'm scared.  Seriously scared.  See, unlike anyone else, I've aged and gotten "chunky", I've turned into someone's mom and it makes me look old.  Darn!  As my comadre and I have been known to say "remember when we used to walk down the street and guys would look at us".  Those days are G.O.N.E., gone.  If they look now it's because they're simply dumb founded at how we were able to get into our pants without tearing them at the seams.

I know, just know, just know that all my friends stayed young looking, wrinkle free and beautiful.  Even the ugly ones, they're beautiful now.  Albiet through the magic of plastic surgery, I don't care, they're beautiful.  I've lost my charm.  I've lost my figure.  I've lost my mind!  How can I raise the money, get counseling, have surgery and recover before next Saturday.  How can I, how can I, how, how, how?

Okay, maybe I'm not all that worried.  It's just that lately, I look in the mirror and see jowels.  I swear they weren't there last year.  I was looking at a magazine and saw a bull dog.  I immediately reached for the phone to call a lawyer because I thought someone used my picture without my signing a release.

Do I sound crazed?  I'm quite normal, I'm just not ready to start looking old and I seriously don't think it happened until just 3 days ago.  Before then, I looked hot.....kinda.  Especially if you squinted when you looked at me.  Now, today, here, you could stand on your head and I'd still look old.

What to do?  Well, I'm gonna go face the music.  Which is not to say I'm not gonna buy a girdle or color my hair, have my eyebrows threaded and my nails painted.  Shoot, I might even buy new underwear cause you never know, what if I have an accident there and someone see's my underwear.  All kinda accidents happen at our age you, like...well, have you ever sneezed unexpectedly and ....oh, never mind.  I can't bring myself to say it, but you know what I'm talking about.

One time my family was at a picnic and one of the kids made me laugh unexpectedly....I made a bee line for the bathrooms.  It was my first experience with the weak bladder thingy.  I was shocked.  I thought something was desperately wrong and that's when I first discovered I was aging.  I still curse that day.  The first of my old age experiences.

Don't worry, I'm not digging my grave yet but I wish I could have appreciated my youth when I had it.  I wish I could have appreciated the smaller bum I once had, or the wrinkle free face.  I don't get it, they come up with gadgets for everything, why can't they design something to hide wrinkles?  A girlfriends sister and brother in-law used to put preperation-H on their faces.  I found out one day when I went to their house and the subject of wrinkles came up.  They all started laughing except me.  I guess I had a suspicious look on my face, not knowing what they were laughing at so rather than let me stand there in the dark, they told me about their preperation H treatments.  Maybe I should run out and buy some of that but, will people recognize the scent and then think I've been kissing butt?

Wish me well.  I'm scared but I can do this.  I'll just smile and hope they don't notice the wrinkles and if they do, I'll lie.  I'll tell them I'm a victim of some strange new disease......I can lie.  I can, I can, I can.

You guys are crazy!  You had me all worried about what people would think, how they'd point and laugh.  How I'd be the only one with wrinkles and extra padding on the bottom side....side, side....back side and front side.  I'm not sure what you had my friends made out to be but if they laughed, they hid it well.  It's nice to know they had enough respect for the aging process to accept me like I am.

I had a BLAST!  We laughed, we cried, we saw slides of old shows, we ate, we drank.  But most of all, we knew it was there...the old feelings all came back.  It was as if we'd seen each other just yesterday.  If I have any complaints, it's that one evening was not enough.  I felt like I got only a few minutes with each person and after over 20 years, a few minutes just ain't enough.

The great thing is, we've reconnected and believe me, time was not wasted.  People are getting together to hang out, see plays, go to the movies,'s great.  Facebook pulled through for us by providing the perfect tool with which to seek out and connect with people we'd lost touch with.  Everyone looked great and it was an evening I'll never forget.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a bully...

Growing up, on of my bestest friends in the world was Sheron Lupita Garcia.  Sheron lived across the alley and cati-corner to my house.  She moved into that house when we were in the 3rd grade and wasted no time getting to know what kids lived in the neighborhood.

We were not directly related, but her family was related to someone on my mom's side of the family so we just preferred to consider ourselves cousins to spare explaination of how we knew each other.

Sheron was an only child and spent a lot of time at my house because her parents were often out leaving her alone in the house.   So many times she would call late in the evening and say my mom and dad aren't here, can I come over.  Of course my parents always agreed that she should so I'd walk out the front door to the curb to wait and see Sheron running down the alley, her long lanky legs carrying her as quickly as they could.  As this was pre-cell phone, she'd always leave a note for her parents so they'd know where she was when they came home. 

Sheron was used to doing things her way because she didn't have any siblings to consider.  And because I was always the push over, we often did what she wanted to do, even if it wasn't what I wanted to do.  I guess you could say I let her push me around.  Go on, say it.

One summer my parents bought a small pool for my sister and I.  Michele is 7 years younger than I so when Sheron and I would ask if we could walk to Ed's Liquor, at the end of the street, my dad would say "you can go, but you have to take your sister with you".  We hated that! Not because I didn't like my sister, but you know, when you're 11 and your sister is 4, it just doesn't seem fair.  So, for me it was a drag but for Sheron, well, my sister was just a nusance.  So back to the pool....Sheron comes over one day and we're walking in the back yard when my sister comes running in our direction.  Well, I guess Sheron was just not in the mood for my sister so she picks her up and throws her in the pool.  Oh no you di'int!

Granted the pool was small, but hoooooold on just . a . minute!  I was not happy. I was never overprotective of my sister and in my family we had to learn to stand up for ourselves but come on now, it was so uncalled for I wanted to punch Sheron right in the face.  No, she isn't one of the three people I've punched in my lifetime.  I just remember fuming at the thought that she would do such a thing.

My sister was one of the cutest little kids I have ever seen.  She had this cute little round face with big beautiful eyes and she was, as still is, so well tempered.  As her older sister there were times she got on my nerves because that's what little sisters do to big sisters.  But for someone to come into our domain and do something like that was just uncalled for. 

I don't remember how it worked out but of course after a while Sheron and I went back to being friends and she'd call late at night and come running down the alley like a crazy kid.  She'd talk me into walking to Mr. Ed's Liquor when I didn't want to go and of course she'd help me convince my parents that we needed to go to Skateland on Saturday afternoons.  She was an influence of sorts in my life.  Sometimes she could get me to do things that no one else would have been able to get me to do.  She'd get me to talk about boys, or more often list to her talk to boys because she was boy crazy.

After middle school Sheron's parents divorced and she moved in with her dad.  We lost touch for a short while and then after we graduated from high school she would stop by the house now and then until one day when she moved back into the house her mother still owned and had rented for years.  It was great to have her back and she'd still call me in the evenings but now she'd ask if I wanted to come over while her husband was out playing drums somewhere.  We picked right back up where we were except that, I didn't feel like I had to do everything she said anymore. 

Sheron has been a great friend through the years.  She calls or sends me a birthday card every year without fail.  And not too long ago we met at her cousins house for an evening of rememberence.  It's so great to know that after all these years and time apart we can still pick up as if we'd never lived far from each other.

That's what real friendship is.  Calls late at night when you need to talk to someone.  Phone calls that may come only once a year at birthday time.  Old ragged pictures of Sheron and I playing the piano with our toes that bring back the best memories of our youth, even if they do include your little sister looking waterlogged.

Thanks for being a friend Sheron (I'd add our piano picture but my computers arent working at the moment).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The kid that got the best of me

As a kid I was shy and mellow.  So shy that sometimes I'd go to my own cousins house and not warm up to them enough to play until right before we went home.  Now that I think about it, it was kind of sad. 

My next door neighbors to the left of us, had two girls about my age.  Teresa, being the oldest (we called her Tatsi) and Ana, my age.  Later on there were two other sibilings that came along but before then , it was just the 3 of us.  Teresa (Tatsi), was sick from the time she was born.  I'm not sure what she had but she was always frail.  She had little scars on her hands from surgeries she'd gone through and often times she couldn't play because she wasn't feeling well.

Tatsi was kind of spoiled.  No! she was very spoiled.  She had the last say, no matter what.  If she said we're gonna play house, we played house.  If she said "go home", you'd better believe I went home.  She was mean and no one ever fought her.  She called the shots and if you coldn't handle that, there was no place for you.

I can remember begging my mom to let me go next door to play with the girls.  She'd say, okay but don't come home crying.  I'd walk out the back, through our fence, around the corner through their fence and we'd get started with whatever it was Tatsi wanted to do.  If her cousins showed up, you'd better believe I was no longer wanted and there I'd go off to mama crying cause I was chased home.  My mom would get so mad, she'd say "don't ask me to go over there then!".

Well, one day I'm out in the back playing in my playhouse, all by myself setting up store.  I don't know if you did this when you were young but we used to save milk cartons, corn cans, soup cans, juice cartons...well, anything we bought at the store that could be emptied out, washed and used in the "store" was a valuble item.  Mom would let me keep anything for the playhouse store as long as I made sure to put it all away.  My playhouse, by the way, was one of the best ever.  It had a functioning door, windows with curtins, table and chairs, a porch and of course plastic dishes and cups.  Dad bought it before I was born; he was so sure I'd be a girl.

So back to the store....I've got my store set up and there were no customers because...I don't know why.  I guess the girls were in the house and my other girlfriends weren't around so I was playing store all alone.  For a while anyway.  After a period Tatsi shows up looking through the wooden fence where one of the planks had fallen out.  I dont' recall if I was happy to see her or not but there she was.  I'm busy doing storely things when she sticks her arm over and grabs one of my items.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she stole something from my store.  No exchange of the green whatsoever.  Just a swoosh, as the item goes from my store to her yard.  I admit I was a push over but I was not happy with little miss sick, always get my way girl. So I says to her "Hey!  That's my stuff you can't take it.  Give it back".  No item returned, she must have been in one of her moods because she stuck her skinny little arm right through the fence again and this time she took a milk carton.  Milk cartons are a valuble asset to a front porch store and no one, but no one should think you can just reach in and take one because you never get punished for anything and mommy let's you have your way.  I give a second warning and can feel the steam coming out of my ears but you know, some people just don't know when to stop and apparently they have no fear of the unknown.

Just so you know, in my life time, outside of spanking my kids, I've only hit another individual 3 times.  One, a bully at school who just wouldn't let up on me and 3 a guy who....well, let's just say he deserved it.

Did I leave out 2?  Hmmmm, I think I did.  Well, number 2....
I see that arm coming in for what looks like the 3rd and final time because all buttons being pushed I'm good and tired and ready to have at it.  All I can say is, girlfriend didn't see it coming.  I must have really given her the one, two punch because there it tooth less to brush.  Yep!  I knocked her tooth out.
More than likely it was lose already but regardless, little miss let me boss you around was ready for Halloween or looking forward to Christmas and getting her front tooth.

I don't remember what happened next; if we played together or not.  All I know is, for once I stood up to a bully who may never have hit me physically but her mean mouthed, sky high attitude finally got a feel for what it was like to be on the other end. 

Wow!  Was I mean?  I mean, she was sick...................Naw!  I wonder if, when my time comes and I see my life flash before me, that'll be one of the quick frames I'll see: Tatsi, tooth flailing through the air, covering her mouth and running inside "Marie hit me!".  Pray for me people.

I could just pinch him!

I'm talking about my nephew Christopher; he's the cutest thing.

Today being the 2nd Saturday of the month was breakfast club.  It was Stars turn to host and she was in top form.  We had Chorizo y Huevo burritos with bacon and potatos as additional fillers.  There were biscuts, juice, coffee and more juice.

My brother Rusty celebrated his 62nd birthday April 7th so I stopped by and bought him a nice cake to add to the mix.  I really wanted to make him a cake so that it would be a little more personal but ran into a little trouble.  First, I opened a yellow cake mix and found that the bloody moths had gotten to the box before I could.  I was just a little mad.....okay, I was stinking mad!  I wanted to throw it on the floor, stomp all over the package and then take a chainsaw to it....slightly dramatic, I know, so I changed my mind and walked it over to the trash can and dumped it.

I opened a second box and scoured it for any sign of insect, be it winged or otherwise, and found nothing.  Feeling relieved and back to normal, if there is such a thing, I poured the mix into a bowl and THEN, went about collecting the rest of the ingredients.  I know you're talking about me, I can feel it, and yes; you are supposed to check for ingredients first, but I knew I had them.  Eggs, water and oil.  No big deal; unless of course you have an antiquated refridgerator that is supposed to be in a small apartment and not in a home where 5 grown people need refridgerated items.  Our refridgerator broke down over a year ago and with things being as they are, we just have not replaced the fridge.  Instead, we moved the little apartment fridge from the studio into the house until we could afford to buy a "normal" sized unit.

So!  With my mix in the mixing bowl ready to be beat, as directed on the box and not my mood, I walk over to the fridge and pull out the Egg thingamajigee.  BEAUTIFUL!  There they sit, 6 frozen eggs.  Yes, FROZEN!  Perfect time to practice those flamenco steps if you ask my angered mood but then I'd have to clean the lousey mess.  So once again I cool myself off and then proceed to repackage the cake mix.  Sorry Rusty, no homemade boxed cake for you.

I could have run to the store and bought unfrozen eggs but due to the fact that we still only have one car (JC had a gig and Jenifer had just left to a party) which means at 8 o'clock at night I really would have had to run, I figured the solution was to
  • A) get up super early, find an open store, run home throw a cake in the oven and then take Karina to the church HUB in Los Alamitos where she was leaving for a day trip to Six Flags, drive back home in hopes that 1) the house had not burnt down 2) the cake hadn't stuck to the pan or 3) I could actually make it on time and throw the frosting on before I showered so that we leave right after my shower to pick up my Aunt Camille and then make it on time ............
  • B) Buy a pretty one.
You know which I opted for, don't you.

It looked just like this except it had peaches instead of kiwi and blackberries.

So, like I was saying...Christopher (my nephew) is so cute, I could just pinch him.  Here he is with his brand new bike.  He can't wait to ride to the beach with mom.

Was I supposed to see that?

Years ago I went out with a girlfriend for a night of dancing Salsa.  We weren't sure where we wanted to go when we left the house and so we ended up at a local spot called the Quiet Canyon.  The Quiet Canyon wasn't necessarily the hottest spot in town for salsa but if you wanted to just hang with the regulars and not drive far from town, it would do in a pinch.

My girlfriend happened to be a fellow Flamenco dancer and to tell the truth I wasn't all that sure she could dance salsa, not that I had any real reason to question her ability, but Salsa and Flamenco really are two worlds apart.

Once we got on the dance floor I saw that Claudina was not bad at all.  She could definitely hold her own.  We danced and danced and then we danced some more, coming up for just short periods to grab a quick drink or glass of water.

During one of our breaks we stood to the right side of the dance floor near the bar and chatted. As we stood watching people dance, I turned to look behind me, just curious to see who was around...possibly a new dance partner.  Just behind us stood one of the band member's girlfriend.  I happened to know her, not well, but I knew her and her boyfriend because not only had I been in a Salsa band with Juan Carlos, but because Juan Carlos frequently introduced me to many of his musician friends.

We waved a quick hello and then I turned back to Claudina to continue on with our conversation.  After a few minutes I'd finally caught my breath and felt like I was ready to hit the floor again.  I glanced back over my shoulder to see if my friend was still there, just to give a little wave that I was moving on.  As I turned I saw something fall out of her mouth and onto the floor.  I wasn't sure but something told me by the look on her face and the rapidity with which she covered her mouth that a tooth may have been on the run.  I turned around quickly so that she wouldn't know I'd seen the mishap.

You should know that I can't stand to lose anything.  I'd rather miss out on a party, a wedding, a dance, a reunion...just about anything than leave the house with a lost or missing item.  When I drop something like a contact or whatever it may be, I find it.  I have the determination of 10 people when it comes to finding lost somethings.

So when I saw this thing fling on the floor, I knew, knew, knew I had to stick my two cents in.  I quickly explained to Claudina what I thought may have happened.  She, of course, did exactly what I didn't want her to do; she started laughing hysterically.  I somehow kept a straight face but I will admit, I was jiggling on the inside.  I was torn knowing that I might embarrass my friend but I knew beyond a doubt I could find IT.

I did a quick side glance and could see my friend still had her hand over mouth talking to her friend trying not to look like she was desperately looking for anything.  I couldn't take it, I was sweating for her.  I said to Claudina "that's it, I can't take it, I'm going over there".  I was on a mission.

I walked up and said "Hi.  Ahhh, I don't want to embarass you but I noticed...ok, well, I saw your tooth fly out and I also noticed you haven't been able to find it.  I find everything so if you wouldn't mind; I'd like to find it for you".  Covering her mouth she smiled and said "if you think you can, sure".

I bent over and before she could count 1, 2, 3 I found it, picked it up and put it in her hand.  With her hand still covering her mouth she smiled and said "thank you so much".  I could feel her relief as her boyfriend walked up for a short break. She must have explained to him what had happened because as Claudina and I finally turned to walk away he mouthed a great big "Thank You!" to me.

It was an interesting night.  It's not often you get to go out, dance and save someone's tooth from the dance heel of death.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Last Monday I took Karina to the oral surgeon to have one of her wisdom teeth extracted.  It hadn't been giving her problems, as you might have imagined.  Her orthordontist requested I have it removed as it was laying down and showed possibilities of pushing her teeth once her braces are removed.

Yes, we've been sucked into the "Gotta have a perfect smile if your gonna succeed" way of thinking, as has every other teenager and adult walking the face of the earth.  Isn't that what it's all about anyway?  Excuse my sarcasim but I can remember when even the Movie Stars themselves had crocked, and even yellowed teeth.  Now a days, I don't think you can get onto the silver screen unless you have straight, white, pearlies.  I suppose if you're playing a villan, you might get away with it but if you have any intention of playing a love interest, or just about any other part, you'd better have pearly whites!

So because Karina's tooth was impacted, they had to put her under.  I'm not sure what they gave her in order to knock her out, and I'm sure they told me because they always do; I'm just not very good at remembering names of drugs or mediations.  All I really know is, she was gone.  Knocked out.  Asleep.

About twenty minutes after I left her with the surgeon I got a call to go back with her in recovery to help her wake up.  I walked up and one of the attendants began saying "Karina, wake up! Come on, open your eyes..." He began walking away and told me to talk to her as much as I could so that she could wake up.  She had the strangest look on her face, almost as if she had no idea who I was.  Uhh, Welcome to La, la land.

The dental assistant and I took turns annoying her to try and keep her a wake. As she started to come out from under the anisthesia she had me laughing.  Apparently the big piece of gauze she had in her mouth to absorb the blood must have felt like a piece of gum because I'd say "Karina, don't chew on the gauze, bite down on it", to which she'd reply "oh, sorry" and then continue to chew.  I'd repeat "Karina, don't chew on the gauze, bite down on it" to which she would respond "oh, sorry" and then chew. 

Then she asked me to video tape her so she could remember what she looked like.  I started the video on my camera and within seconds she asked "why are you taping me?"  We carried on this crazy conversation that was composed of her slurring something and my saying "What?", for the longest time.  Her chewing, my saying stop, and her, sorry.

I watched her, thinking, what a terrible thing it is that some kids, after having a surgery, will experience the first of a long affair of drug abuse.  I say this because during the period Karina was being hospitalized regularly for her pancreatitis, she loved the morphine.  Mostly because it eased the pain but being a kid, sometimes she'd say...whoooo, I'm starting to feel good.  It really was scary.  The good part was that they would give her a little "pump" in which she could self medicate if she felt she needed it.  The little gizmo doesn't allow anyone to overmedicate but, I kept an eye on her anyway.

Thankfully Karina is very involved in our church's youth group.  She's starting to sing with the youth worship team and every week makes me a bus for whatever school friends she manages to talk into visiting her youth group.  Last night there were three kids who all live locally.  The youth leaders are very proud of her fearless attitude when it comes to inviting friends to attend and I'm praying that she gets a bigger high out of seeing new friends attend her youth group and learn about Christ, than what she gets out of those crazy drugs that take away all the pain.  After all, isn't that what God does for us if we give him the chance.

If you keep a prayer list, add my daughters name to it that she might continue to seek Christ and the desire to lead others to Him.  Also pray that she not forget this months study of sexual purity where she received a purity ring.

In this day and age where kids are so confused and looking for happiness in all the wrong places, I pray all teens are turned on to the love of God by someone.  Anyone.

Love to you all and Happy Easter! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breakfast Club

Last Saturday morning I was up early; it was my turn to host
Breakfast Club 

We had huevos rancheros, tamales, menudo, rice, beans and last but not least, pan dulce.  I know, I know, a little heavy for breakfast but seeing as how we start at 10:00a.m., by the time we actually sit down and eat everything, that's breakfast and lunch all rolled into one.  Who needs to eat again until early evening unless your a total glutton.

The food was good but the company was better.  Aunt Camille was a little late.  By the time she arrived I was just too full to lift the camera for another shot.  Sorry Auntie.

Its a shame Juan Carlos, Matthew, Jenifer and Carla couldn't make it, it made for a small group.  They missed out...but then again, hmmm...I got more.  OMG what a terrible thing to say!  I'm shocked at myself....A meal shared is a good time for conversation and catching up on whats next on our plates, if you'll pardon the pun.  If your family doesn't already have a scheduled time to meet, I highly suggest you consider starting one.  Time goes too quickly and we become too involved in our everyday lives.  Before you know it, a month or so have passed and we haven't as much as shared a quick phone conversation or two. 

I honestly don't think this came about just because I'm getting older and more sentimental, although that may have something to do with it.  I was listening to Dr. Dobson's show one day, before he retired, and there was a family on his show who were talking about how they, the entire family (cousin's and all), meet at one house every Sunday for a meal.  Can you imagine that?  I can't because on my dad's side, I have about 40 first cousins.  But there's nothing to stop my family from gathering.  We're a small enough group that we can all fit in one house around one table.  It's a nice time and you never know what's on the menu.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now that I can....I can't

You read right.....Now that I have flying privileges I don't have any time to travel. And by that I mean, I have no paid vacation time.

At my old job I had a months worth of vacation time because I'd been at the company for 10 years (which probably has a lot to do with why they walked me). Although I had a months time available, I had two problems: 1) No money to actually take a vacation and pay for flight, hotel and food and 2) I used all my vacation by staying with Karina in the hospital.

I have a job now but it doesn't pay well and I'm only part-time creating problem 1) No money, 2) Karina has been free of pancriatial pain for over a year now but I have no vacation time.

This probably sounds like I'm I'll admit, I am. I know that I've been blessed in a big way now that I have a job with insurance should Karina get sick. Oh no....I'm trying but I can't stop it.....Buuuuuut! .... I STILL HAVE NO VACATION TIME!!!

Something about this just ain't right. Funny thing is, everyone at work knows I started only January 25th and yet many have asked me if I've traveled yet. I know many people take short weekend trips so I suppose I should do that but that brings me back to the ever present problem 1) No money. If you've noticed, this seems to be a continual problem, always in the number 1 position.

What a crying shame, eh?!

In case it's crossed your mind, I'm not trying to get sympathy. Not at all...I just need to dig out of the hole I've been digging into for the last two years.

The other day Carlos and I were talking and he said "remember when I used to have a lot of work and clients and guys working with or for me?” just days before Karina said "mom, remember when we used to have money?” You know what, I do remember. We've never had money to blow, but we somehow managed to have a little fun without feeling like we didn't know where our next dime was coming from and I think I'd feel even worse about this whole thing if it weren't for the fact that I hear other people having the same conversation.

So! Where the next dime is coming from, I don't know. But, somehow it's a little comforting knowing we're not there alone. Other people are wondering the same thing and with everything we're seeing, natural disaster related, I still feel darn blessed to have what we have. So maybe tomorrow we won't have our home, we still have health and family (don't worry, this doesn't mean I plan on moving in with any of you).

There are people, just recently faced with natural disaster, who not long ago had a home to go to. Maybe they were in a desperate financial situation but they had family. Had. So many children left without homes or family. Parents who have no idea where their children are, relatives totally separated. Those are desperate situations.

I'm wiping my tears now. I just need to remind myself every now and then that things look bad but it could be much worse.

I suppose that if I'm going to wipe my tears I'd better stop talking to myself too. I got myself all worked up and all I really wanted to say was, now that I can take a vacation due to my reduced price to fly, I'll have to wait until I have vacation time. The mind can be a terrible thing when you let it get away from you.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wisdom....contributes to big buttedness

"With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, Good grief, look how smart I am!"

I didn't write this, but I must agree....MUST! 
So, as it turns out, I'm much smarter than I thought! My butt makes my intelligence equivalent to a Harvard degree. In fact, I think I should be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gotta go.  Need to write a letter to President Obama before it slips my mind and ends up on my butt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010



Pass the butter.............

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How do you say....ummmm...mind your own business?

Our home, much like my parents home, has often been a "resting place" for many while waiting to go on to other things. For some reason we attract people who are in need of a pit stop. Not that I consider us the pits, by any means and I hope you agree.

We must exude a desire to be of assistance, even though we ourselves are in great need of assistance.  We've had many people; even small families stay with us for short periods of time.

If you've ever done this, you know first hand that it isn't always easy. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. Even within your own culture it's difficult to co-exist in a home where grown adults who have already established their own way of daily life are living under the same roof. It doesn't matter who, if you've ever been in your own home, suddenly not having reign is a difficult thing. Some work at fitting into another household, others just don't.

WARNING! If you're considering moving in with another family or adult, do not rush in. Pray, ask God for guidance and wisdom; and I don't say this jokingly.

I'm sure your wondering what in tarnation (always wanted to use that word) would make me blog about this. Well, let's just say that we recently had a visitor who within the first two days of a "visit", (not a situation where this person would be taking up residence with us, merely visiting for four days) this person first rearranged my curio cabinet (day two) and then while my husband and I were getting ready for a day at work (day three), decided to, without my permission, rearrange my kitchen. Oh yes, I did say without permission and rearrange my kitchen in the same sentence.

This same person, who obviously has a mental disorder, attempted to tell me what was good for my family and I, and TRIED, to do it based on scripture. All this while "visiting". Let me say to you.....If I was not a Christian who lives her life knowing that at the end I will be judged by my actions, I would be on the run. Not from my home, dear friends....but from the law. Everything within me, every ounce of my being considered dropping this "person" off a bridge that had no water below it. I'm certain, and I thought this through, you could more quickly put one out of any physical pain if they hit cement as opposed to water.

I still question whether anyone with the capacity to interfere with others lives in such an annoying way can even be considered human. I prefer to think of this similar to human being, thingy, as alien. Not alien as in from another country, but alien from another world. I believe the only reason "it" is here on earth is that the planet from which "it" came could no longer tolerate "it's" behavior and decided that we humans might possibly be able to tame it, seeing as how we've lost all sense of values or respect for other beings. I hasten to say this but, I totally understand how one can get to that point for I have arrived.

Until now, I considered myself a loving, caring, considerate woman. I thought I had a good heart. I'm not so sure anymore. I feel my blood pressure rise. The hairs on my neck (which were not there until this week when I became animalistic) have grown by inches. I search through scripture, praying all the while, that there are footnotes to the 10 commandments in which the Lord says "situations in which one may kill and excused from all blame". I hear that small still voice saying "Marie, my child, DO IT!" It's God, I know it is.

Maybe you're thinking this sounds a little extreme just for some simple moving around of furniture. There's more. I just feel that to tell you more would put me in the position of vulnerability. You'd wonder what the heck is wrong with me, instead of "it" for allowing such antics in my home. I wouldn't blame you because, if this were not happening to me, I'd be saying "kick it out before it takes over your family"; I would. "It" tried.

The four day visit turned out to be one day short of 2 weeks. But it didn't leave town...oh, no. It suckered another fool into renting a hotel room, lending "it" a cell phone and a car.

Maybe you're thinking I'm jealous of the "she it", or felt threatened of my relationship with my husband because of "it". I promise you, my husband in his own words said to me "if "it" (okay, he said she) was the last woman in the world and I the only man, man kind would cease to exist because there's no way under the sun I could procreate with that thing!". And he had the look of fear in his eyes.

Well, I don't know about you but I feel much better now. You know how they say, you don't have to act out, just get it out on paper and in doing so you free yourself from that which binds. Although I must admit, I’ve suddenly developed this obsession with tall bridges.