Saturday, July 3, 2010

If you didn't already know...

Last weekend was one I'd waited for, for quite some time.  You see, my cousin and her wonderful husband flew in from Minnesota....yes, way over there where if you don't freeze during the winter, your able to take a vacation to a warmer part of the world, like good old Califor.NI.A

Let me just say that it was a visit I wished would never end.  We met on Friday, which was long in coming because they flew in on the 19th.  Of course there was Ruben's side of the family to visit with and friends they hadn't seen for years and then....having saved the best for last (my opinion only), Friday the 25th rolls along.  Six days, count 'em 6 days, later it's my turn.  And heck yes, I was excited.  My daughter, Karina, had heard so many stories of the famous Anita, she just couldn't wait.  She kept telling me how excited she was to meet my cousins. 

Friday arrived and at approximately 11:42 my door bell rang.  I tried to play it cool but I nearly bore through the hardwood floor in my living room running to the front door.  As I answered I had to fight back the desire to shake my head in order to believe that it was actually them standing before me.  We sat and talked, and talked and well, you know....Let's just say that talking must run strong on our side of the family because Anita already had larengitis and Ruben, he's not shy for words.  Had I been thinking in advance I would have installed one of those little thingys that have in the meat department of the local grocery store so we could pull numbers and make sure we all had a chance to speak.  I'm sure Karina had plenty to say too but her bad luck, she speaks slowly.  Too bad kid, that's all I can say.  Out of shear sympathy we did allow her at least 4 words every 15 minutes....poor little thing, it was the least we could do.

Saturday, it was Breakfast Club and then some.  My long time friends Bunny from I'm Just Sayin', and Debbie from From Venting to Viggo were there along with the rest of my family...I say the rest because like it or not, Debbie and Bunny are family.  They've known us far too long to be anything but. 

Breakfast was to start at 10:00 a.m. and although we were starving, okay so we weren't and I just felt the need for a little drama; the truth: although we normally start at 10:00 oclock on the button, we waited patiently for the guests of honor to arrive.  I passed out wipes so we could wipe the drool off our chins as we sat and smelled the awesome breakfast my brother Rusty and his wife Juliet prepared for us.  And then, and then, they were there, here, with us...whatever!  You get my drift; we could eat!  No!  I didn't mean that...
Bloggers Debbie, Marie, Anita, Bunny and Ruben
After 15 minutes of hello's we finally grabbed our plates, served ourselves and sat down for coffee, food and chat.  We ate and ate, and ate, and ate....and talked and talked.  We switched tables, switched chairs, changed rooms, changed shoes, laughed, cried, told old stories, talked about junior high, high school, dorks, school fights, being kids, being adults, books and then as if it had never happened we started all over, chat, talk, laugh, switched tables and on and on it went.  I admit, my feet hurt.  I switched from the left to the right and then again so often it looked as if I were in the middle of a salsa dance.  And then after what is typically a 3 hour gathering, we realized 12 hours had passed and it would have to end. 
I really didnt want to leave but we were all tired.  Plumb tuckered out.  All I can say is, next time, we're meeting at a hotel with a dance floor a live Salsa band, a restaurant with buffet and of course beds for resting.   Sure would make the 12 hours a lot easier.  But I'm thinking we could do a weekend trip, why not!  I'm all rested up and raring to go!
Juliet, Aunt Camille, Erick, Bunny, Michele, Danny, Debbie, Anita, Ruben, Marie
Rusty, Christopher, Donte, Karina (Not pictured Carlos and Juan Carlos, sorry boys)


Debbie said...

I TOLD YOU WE COULD TALK FOR TWO DAYS! LOL! it was the best day - loved it. Rusty and Juliet really put on a beautiful spread and played excellent hosts. I think your idea of having a party with a salsa band and rooms we could to take naps in and then return is great idea!



bunny said...

Wheres star? This is the only picture you have of where debbie is NOT talking We had a wonderful time and everyone looks the same ~wink~. ...till next time.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I think I will always float on air when I think of this perfect reunion. Twelve hours felt like only three, and we really couldn't get enough of each other. I must have sat with Rusty in his office for a good solid hour and a half just talking about his geneology project which I think is an awesome idea, and then there was sitting with you....there is still so much to unfold between us about our hopes and dreams and more....then Debbie and Bunny, STAR and Michele....she was so lovely to see and talk to. Ruben so enjoyed himself and he said he had the best conversation with Michele. Auntie was wonderful, and again, there was great joy in the whole day. I WAS EXHAUSTED THE NEXT DAY! You know, our family has always been blessed in so many ways, and I think that there has always been such a heart for each other. I am speechless and I only wish I could have seen Gregory. Give him my fondest regards and we most certainly have to do this again in the very near future. Next year immediately after my school lets out, I will be going to France for a week to chaperone the fifth graders, but we need to arrange another trip out after that and what a hoot it would be to arrange another meeting. Oh dear, I could go on and on here!


Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Marie,
Anita and I had a wonderful visit with you, Juan Carlos and Karina, and then the reunion the next day with the family and bloggers. It was a truly special time in my life and one I'll never forget. Anita was literally in heaven to see you, her Auntie and the rest of her family.

Next visit, I promise we'll plan for much more time with you all. It wasn't the best of arrangements, as we we only had 8 REAL days (10 total but I don't count the days we waste getting early to airports, layovers, flying, waiting for pick up, getting to destination, etc, etc: E.g., day one we didn't get in to San Francisco until 4:30pm; another day was spent going to Ontario airport, going to my brother's in Corona, no car rentals there (believe it or not most went out of business), driving back to the airport to rent a car, and driving to mom's in Whittier where we were going stay for the whole trip; our "10th/last day" we left California at 6am so I don't count it at all).

Nevertheless, I really should have done a better job of planning our 6 days in Southern Cal for more time with you. I think your idea of having a reunion/party where everyone can go is brilliant, instead of having to drive all over So Cal to see everyone separately: my brother in Corona, my mom in Whittier, my dad in Anaheim (they don't see each other so those are different days), Penny in Orange, Edie somewhere else, etc, helping my mom with things she can no longer do, etc.

If it's any comfort, please know that our visit to your home on Friday and the Saturday reunion was for us the most extend pure quality let-your-hair-down time we had with anyone.

Juan Carlos is a talented wonderful man, and Karina just captured our hearts. Please give them both our love.

Also, please thank Rusty and Juliet for the amazing food and hospitality. Juliet is a wonder.

You are a treasure. Please know that our home is always open to you. It's beautiful in Mn in Spring/early summer. We'd have a lot of fun.