Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not Again!

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a fun post.  Having delt with this myself, I can tell you that Pancreatitis is far from fun.  I've had it so I know first hand.

Karina, at about age 9, began having stomach problems.  Not exactly stomach but for the sake of this post I'll use "stomach".  So I'd take her to the doctor and he'd say "she's not getting enough fiber, she's constipated".  I wanted to punch that guy in the gut and say 'now does that feel like constipation to you?'  I didn't, but I still wish I had.

So for months, we made our little trek to the doctor and he'd say "What did you eat today? If she doesn't eat enough fruits and vegtables, this is what happens".  Okay so after I don't know how many trips the last thing I remember him saying was "If you're gonna keep bringing her back here because she's constipated but never change her diet, what would you like me to tell you?  It's your fault she's like this."  And I said 'bye, bye Doctor Stupid', out we went, never to return again.

I'm not a doctor but there have been a number of times when I went to a doctor and told him exactly what was wrong with me before they could do any labs.  Why? because I know my body and I listen to it.  But this joker was too dumb to listen to what the patient was saying.  He only knew he was right, or so he thought.  Big Jerk!

So, we found another doctor who, was nicer but still could not recognize that this was something other than bad fruit or too much candy.  I tried to explain what I thought it was from my own experience but could not be heard. Poop! We liked her too. 

Well as it turned out, after several visits to the doctor, being sent home with an "it's nothing" response, we decide to stay home and ride out the pain.  I was getting desperate as Karina's pain was increasing and there seemed to be no end in sight.  Finally in desperation and fear as I watched my little girl turn into a skeleton I took her to the ER where, not only was she admitted for Anorexia, Child Services were called on Juan Carlos and I because, and here's what the doctor said "I was raised with a step-parent too.  I know how terrible it is.  Your husband should not be hitting your child"......Hold the phone Miss Doctor Stupid Numero Dos.  First of all, neither of us are her step parents and second, we do spank our children if they really need it but the heal of your hand to the forehead as a joke has never, as far as I know, won a case in court for physical abuse.  This doctor was slightly off her rocker. 

So she admits Karina for Anorexia and I let her.  Why?  Because even though I knew she was a dim wit and would lose her case in court, all I really wanted was to get medical attention for my daughter who I knew was suffering with something other than malnutrition.  Holy!

After many, many tests, many, many doctors and a switch to a children's hospital, it's confirmed by a wonderful doctor who was intelligent enough to see that this was not Anorexia or anything of the sort.  It was an unusual case of Pancreatitis.  Yes, it's unusual for children but that does not mean it does not exist. 

Our wonderful doctor sends us to yet another hospital where the specialist does what they call an ERCP...don't ask....and removes these little stones from Karina's pancreas.  No sooner did she come off the drugs used during procedure when she's asking, "can I have some food?".  Let me tell you, Godzilla himself would have melted and spoon fed her.  She ate as if she had never eaten before and wanted more once she finished with the first plate.
If you've never had pancreatitis and would like to know what it feels like, simply take your everyday dinner fork, poke it into your stomach right below your left ribcage.  Twist the fork repeatedly while using a hammer to push it in as far as possible.  And then....... yes, it's that painful.  There is absolutely no position that makes it better and for as much pain as your in, you'd better not even look at a drop of water or crum of food becuase my dear, that fork will soon turn into a jack hammer.  PAIN!  So on top of being in pain, food is out of the question....for days.
Karina during a pain break

Well, that's where we are.  Back at the hospital after I don't know how many visits.  On drugs and holding on to the pounds by getting a healthy diet of Potassium Chloride, drip, drip, yummy, yummy.
If you have a heart, please pray for my little girl.  She's been hospitalized about 5 times, her fist stay 7 weeks long.  She been prodded, stuck, x-rayed, scanned and starved far too many times.  She's a good kid and manages to get through this everytime.  I wish I could do more for her but unfortunately I'll just have to pray that she out grows this terrible thing as I did, some time in my 30's.  I really pray she doesn't have to go through this for another 15 years.  Sometimes life is just not fair.  :-(


Debbie said...

POBRECITA. Can't imagine, but like you said in your text yesterday, thank God for drugs. Always praying for her. My dad as well. And he said he would light a candle for her.


Give mija a kiss.


bunny said...

Having had my share of stomach problems this year, I feel so bad for her but at least she's in the hospital and it's covered and she's on drugs...What hospital is she in?
poor thing.


Marie said...

shes at Whittier Presbyterian

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am praying dear one.....I wish I could whoose on over to Whittier right now..how are YOU holding up to all of this? I so remember seeing you in pain on occasion when yours would flair up during one of our visits...it was painful to see you and I do hope that she outgrows this a lot sooner. She is so brave. I love you both...Anita

Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Marie,
When I was a kid our family doctor kept saying (for a couple of YEARS) that my brother's colossal (scream out loud) headaches, and periodic fainting anywhere, anytime, were his sinuses acting up. When he started losing his eyesight my parents took him to a eye specialist who diagnosed a "brain tumor" right on the spot. By then there were actually three tumors each the size of an egg; and even though they weren't malignant, the increasing size and pressure (we were told) would have killed him in a month.

So one doctor's ignorance or laziness or lack of attention to detail nearly killed my brother. Thank God another doctor's expertise and concern saved him.

I have been praying for Karina ever since you emailed me about her pancreatitis. Seeing a picture of her in a hospital bed and knowing she's in pain after just having seen her happy and healthy when Anita and I went to California (remember she ate fine at the restaurant?) is really hard to take.

Our hearts and prayers are with her, and with you.


fawndear said...

So keeping your sweet daughter in my prayers. It's soooooo hard to find a good Dr. now. Especially one that will listen and not jump to early conclusions. My father-in-law is a Dr. and I was discussing my frustration with him on visiting numerous specialists who couldn't tell me a thing other than, try this and call me in three months if it doesn't get better. I finally gave up trying. My Dad in Law says that there's a reason they call it Medical Practice, because they are Practicing and don't always have the answers. It takes a special Dr. to find the answers though. So glad you finally found one to give you a correct diagnosis.