Sunday, August 22, 2010


A few Saturday's back was an exceeptionaly fun day.  I went with my theater friends to see Shakespeare by the Sea - Twelfth Night.  We left my house at about 3:45 and arrived at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro around 4:20. 
The moment we stepped out of the car I felt as if we'd just traveled around the world...not because the ride was so long or because the company was so boring.  It just looked so different and something about it gave me the feeling I was a tourist.
We walked down to where the outdoor seating is and decided since it was still early (the show didn't start until 8:00), we'd wander around and see the grounds.  Lucky, as we were, we were walking past the Lighthouse when we were made aware that you can actually go inside the beautiful thing.  This is a lighthouse that was built in's older than me!  Yea...I like things that are older than me.  It was beautiful; filled with antique furniture, an old iron that could knock any misbehaving husband out for a few days, an ice chest (better known today as a refridgerator), beds, just about anything you'd need in 1874. 
We made our way up to the Lighthouse huffing and puffing the entire
way.  It's amazing what a few years will do to your stamina. The view was stupendous.  It made me wish that for just an hour I could step back into that time to get a full understading of how it might have felt.                  

After our lighthouse adventure we mosied down to the seating area again and met up with more friends, ate our dinner and then set out to see more of the grounds.  As Wendy tried to look for seeds in some of the flowers (just shows what age we've come in to), a family of racoons crossed the path and climbed up into a tree nearby.  Apparently that tree has some type of berry on it and this little family were hungry.
Berry Hungry Family of Racoons
We hung around and photographed the Racoons until they'd had enough and started to hiss at us.  I'm not all that educated on the lifes of Racoons but I somehow recall hearing that they carry rabies.  Needless to say, we were outta there!

There was time to sit, chat, and laugh before the show began.....
The show was wonderful; the group of actors fantastic!  I think it only fair to say, a good time was had by all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I knew it wouldn't take much more than the word "SHOES" to get your attention.
What is it about shoes that gets us all excited.  Why will we knock down the person next to us at a sale to grab a pair of shoes, not because we like them all that much, but because someone else looked at them and you can't take the chance that they are cute and you just haven't seen it yet; some things need time to grow on you.

I woke up this morning with shoes on my mind.  Strange? Yes, but there it was plain as day; shoes.  I don't remember dreaming about shoes.  I don't recall seeing any ad's about shoes.  I do recall thinking I'm not gonna let "so and so" walk all over me, but I don't think that could be it.  Why shoes?  There is a possibility I may have put my foot in my mouth recently, but I'm still not sold on that being a solid reason for having shoes on my mind.

As I look back through the years....a long way back, I wonder how many pairs of shoes I've owned.  Does anyone know how many pairs they've owned?  Let's see.....I still have a little white pair of walkers, most likely from before I was walking.  They're terribly scuffed up, but so cute.  I have a red pair of dance shoes I wore when I danced in the Disneyland Parade for the opening of Small World.  I have some old tap shoes, character shoes, ballet shoes, flamenco shoes....there's a theme here.
In my closet you'll find hiking boots (like when was the last time I wore those), Crocks, sandles, sneakers, flip flops (I've learned not to call them thongs anymore), plenty of heeled work shoes, and let us not forget the smashed up, worn out, things I call slippers (Cinderella would be embarrassed for me).  There might be 15 pair of shoes in my closet.  Most of which I don't wear, but there for security sake; I never know when I might need them. 

When was the last time I bought a pair of shoes....WOW! I think it was before going to Hawaii last July.  I bought two pair of sandles.  Prior to that, I don't recall.  Seriously.  I just don't buy shoes anymore.  I make the old ones last.  And style....HA!  What do I know about style?!  There was a time when I was the style queen.  My friend Denise and I would go shoe shopping at one of our favorite stores in the Stonewood mall.  The owner had shoes from everywhere...imported stuff.  Beautiful.  He'd let us put them on layaway, crazy I know, but we did it.  We'd pick four pair, put them on layaway and get them out within a month.  Those were the days!

Why I didn't save some of my shoes, I don't know.  Especially the platforms, they're back in style now.  I actually think I tried to save them.  Before moving into my current house and while cleaning out the old one, I pulled a barrell from the shed.  It was full of my old shoes.  When you move you don't want to take more with you than you absolutely have to so I tossed them.  Such a shame....

Shoes can say so much about a person, can't they?  They actually "tell on" us.  If we're clean, dirty, overweight, stylish, boring, casual, walk to one side, frugal, or lacking in personality.  So was that the reason I was thinking about shoes?  Could be.  I haven't had had much change in my shoe wardrobe for some time now...maybe it's time for a change.

Ok, well, I just justified my reasons for going out and buying a pair.  Hmmm let's see, where can I get the most for my money......................

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wheat Thins

I love Wheat Thins but I'd like your opinion.  Are they called wheat thins because they're thin in size or is it because if you eat them they help control your weight and you stay thin?  Cause I'm here to say that I cannot, seem to control myself when I start eating them.  I tell myself "I can't gain weight" even if I sit down and chow a whole box at a sitting.  I say it over and over...sometimes, even out loud.  Cause you know if you hear it, it's true... Right?

Like, let's say you wanna eat a whole cake...this is just an example, so don't think I'm speaking from experience...So you sit down with the cake and you say repeatedly "I can't gain weight, I can't gain weight".  Of course, you're saying it out loud because if you can hear it, it's true.  I can't remember where I learned that, but I'm almost sure it was at church...maybe not.

Well, I don't know but so far, I'm still not thin.  Maybe I have to eat a few more boxes of the stuff.  I'm just wondering if I have to eat them at one sitting or if I can stretch it out over, let's say.....2......hours.  Cause the thing is, I'm not going anywhere, not moving a leg or a finger until I see results.  Can you imagine eating a whole box and instead of sitting right there on the sofa waitng for thinness to come upon me, I get up and walk around....I could miss it.  You know chewing works off calories too so I'm beginning to see why eating a couple of boxes could be to my advantage.  Also, I've read that sleeping is a good calorie burner...that gives me a great idea for this evening.  I'm gonna sit down and cram a couple of boxes down my throat, which of course will be followed by a glass of water  because water is a plus when you're attempting to lose weight, (I don't know why they don't print that on the box) and then I'll take a little nappy and hopefully when I wake up, viola! I'll be thin. 

I'd like to meet the person who created Wheat Thins.  I imagine they're perty darn skinny...Oops! I meant thin.