Friday, January 10, 2014


During a visit from my cousins from Minnesota this past Christmas we sat down to watch a couple of DVD's my brother had put together using family photos and video taken when we were kids; the kind of thing that warms your heart, especially during a holiday reminiscent of those past.

At some point during our DVD frenzy and having viewed some footage of myself at about 4 or 5 years of age climbing into a T-bird and onto the lap of a kind looking gentleman who I can only recall as Fred, a friend of Auntie Camille, I retold my story of how I remember Fred as being such a nice guy and how he had given me my Bear.  How I remember that, I do not know.  In fact, I now doubt whether I actually do know.

Bear has been with me for such a long time.  Of all the toys my father slipped past me and into the arms of other children or more likely the trash bin, Bear managed to stay.  He's had the honor of sitting on many a new bedspread or off to the side on a chair or nightstand. I'll admit there were times he quietly sat in the closet just waiting for me to take him out, brush him off and find him that special place in my room again.

He's been subject to the drool of many a baby whose mother arrived at our home without a toy in hand.  And when I was much younger, I assure you Bear found himself battered and thrown against the wall for the sick pleasure of my brothers who never considered the effect on Bear whatsoever.  In fact, I can tell you that about 5 years ago, one of my brothers upon visiting me, came across Bear and felt it necessary to re-enact the crimes of his youth by throwing bear to the wall full force in an unforgiving display of immaturity!

My poor Bear.  I fear I have, in my confusion, lied about your story for so many years, it's time to come clean.  You see, I have been sorting through photos for some time now and today came across a photo that I have seen many times but never really studied at length.  

If you take just a moment to analyse this photo, you will see for yourself how one brother emotionless holds me down while the other is red handily pulling bear from my grip; his tongue hanging out of his mouth is proof of how difficult a task it was for brother. I have no doubt this was the beginning of the many abuses Bear would be submitted to but also explains how he never complained when I stuffed him in my closet, sometimes months, maybe even years at a time.

I apologize Bear and admit, the story I fabricated about Fred giving you to me was never meant to strip those years of faithfulness away from you.  This photo was taken in 1956, probably years before Fred ever arrived on the scene.  I suppose I was trying desperately to forget the years you were silently subjected to the two hoodlums who are probably at fault for the eyelashes you are missing and the bite someone took to remove the end of your tongue not to mention how often they threw me to the ground, tickled me until I begged to be freed lest I pee on them, jumped from behind doors to scare the living daylights out of me and found pleasure in tackling me to the ground in the backyard treating me as if I were one of the guys. Poor us, Bear, poor us.  

As I look at you today, you seem to be at peace with the fact that much of your fur is missing.  I hope you forgive me for leaving you with such ugly scars from an inexperienced hand at 
unstitching you, throwing you in the washing machine and putting you back together without the least bit of concern of whether you wanted your tail refilled or not.  

Ohhh, that you could talk to me Bear.  But then, who knows what you'd say...what you'd tell...WHO you'd tell!  For now Bear, enjoy your spot of honor resting in the comfort of my pillows.  And just remember, silence is golden...One bad word and it's back to the closet!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Love the color Purple

Many, many, moons ago I worked at a reception hall on Pine Avenue in Long Beach.  This wasn't any ordinary reception hall.  This place had gone through major restoration as have many of the old buildings in Downtown Long Beach.

The owner had gone through great pains to keep it's original decor and color.  The expense, I'm sure, was huge but the new owner in his determination to keep the building as original as possible worked long hard hours working with the city and all their demands.  Indeed, it was beautiful inside and out but required constant maintenance.

How I landed a job there, I don't recall but my duties were to see that the place was kept clean, deposits were paid in advance, the caterers followed strict rules, wedding parties were set up and cleaned up within the proper time limits and of course, anyone renting any of the rooms were to be kept under control.  The latter could prove to be one of the most difficult tasks by the owners standards of control which, in my opinion, was too controlling.  I did my best without completely ruining the parties fun.

Some days, with the constant running around, I'd be near the point of taking my heels off to get myself up and down those two flights of stairs.  But the only time the shoes actually came off was when I was seated directly behind my desk with no one in sight.

One day I decided to wear a heel a little lower than normal as I knew I had a lot of tearing down/setting up to do and thought they might prove to be more comfortable.  On days when the schedule was as heavy as this, I worked very closely with our head maintenance guy, both of us running up and down the stairs together, apart, crossing paths and sometimes bumping into each other.  So this day it was no surprise that he and I met at the top of the first landing had a quick chat and decided to head down to the office together.  Being the gentleman he was, he allowed me to take the lead.

To this day, I still don't recall what our purpose was in heading down those 2 flights of stairs but I can tell you, the 'trip' was one of the fastest I'd ever made in reaching the bottom.  As I took the lead in my usual chatty manner something in those shorter than normal heeled shoes caught hold of the top stair. What followed next?  Let's just say I could probably teach Slinky a thing or two about how to take the stairs.  I literally rolled and rolled and rolled, came to a small landing, attempted to get up...but quickly discovered I hadn't yet recovered my balance and began the second set of rolls. Barnum and Bailey, here I come!  I could hear the fellow behind me screaming 'Marie! Marie! Marie!' and trying desperately to stop me by grabbing my clothes, hair, arm...well, anything he could.

I'm sure you have great concern for me at this point in my story so let me assure you, there is no need.  I was in hysterics.  Not from fear, or desperation.  More that of someone who had just witnessed the funniest stand-up routine ever.  I just could not get my own image out of my head. My thoughts ran to the Tasmanian devil and Bugs Bunny.  Those crazy cartoons where someone is rolling down stairs and appears as a ball of string.

I get to the middle of the second flight and start to slow down.  The thought quickly comes 'at last, I've stopped' but oh, how wrong I was.  My encore performance is a repeat of the earlier; 'Marie! Marie! Marie!', grab, grab, grab (we've now got this down without the boring rehearsal period except we failed to run through the final bow).  I finally stop sitting straight up, ala Raggedy Ann, with legs wide open.  After a few seconds of uncontrolled laughter I hear the sigh of relief of the poor gent who made every attempt to rescue me, look up and realize I'm facing straight out to Pine Avenue at the biggest window known by man, showing the world my purple panties and tousled hair. 

I get up, check myself for blood and find none.  I think, my nylons must be torn to shreds; nothing. I move around expecting something to hurt, not a pain.
My would be rescuer asks 'why on earth were you laughing so much?' to which I respond 'haven't you ever seen Bugs Bunny?'.

Later that day and through the days that follow, I'm asked by many people who work in the building if I'm ok and how I survived such a crazy fall.  To this day, I don't know how I made it without any sign of injury.  I have nothing to show for my spontaneous, never to be repeated, performance.  My only response then and now is that laughter can get you through just about anything.

Now, I wonder what ever happened to those purple panties??

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Love Christmastime

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of year.  As a child I can remember the excitement leading up to Christmas.  The television announcements of the upcoming Christmas Specials always added to the excitement.  If I got my hands on a tv guide I'd mark all the specials to be sure not to miss them.  Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer were a must as were the thrilling musical specials with Judy Garland, Carol Burnett and Andy Williams.

Christmas Eve our entire family would gather at our house early afternoon. We'd sit around the kitchen table making tamales, talking, laughing, the adults drinking and us kids drooling at the prospect of getting the first bite of a tamale.  It was a joyous time to be sure.  

I cannot imagine what Christmas would have been without family and the love we shared each year.  The older I get, the more those memories warm my heart.  Not a year goes by when one of us doesn't take us back there for just a few minutes with a rememberance of how lovely those days were; the cooking, the smells, the music, the laughter, the love.

I pray you too have fond memories of days gone by, but more, I pray that this season you find yourself in the midst of family and friends.  That you share love and joy with someone who may not have and that next year you will add this Christmas to your book of memories not soon to be forgotten.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The saying goes "Time flys when you're having fun".  But we all know it's just a saying and time flys whether fun is involved or not.  Everyone knows that if you're in a bed fighting the flu, or in the first hour of an 8 hour work day, time does not fly.

I can tell you, first hand, that when you're in a hospital bed with indiscribable pain, being given morphine to try to control the pain and after 15 minutes, with enough morphine to last at the very least 45 minutes, the morphine stops being effective, time doesn't fly and take my word, it IS NOT fun.  Not even a little bit.

And just so's you'll see where I'm coming from, I'm gonna tell you in detail what happened to me.  So put your jamies on, get a nice cup of tea, pull up a chair and get comfy. 

Ahh-hummmmm...Okay, so in 2000 I had a hysterectomy.  The doc left some parts in but basically he made sure I would never be with child again.  Considering I had a fibroid as big as a 6 month fetus in there, I'd have to say it was a good thing.  The day after the surgery, and assurance to the doctor that I had indeed passed gas, I was released and went home to recover.  Yippie, time off from work, ain't it swell, ain't it great, gonna have the whole world on a plate, blow a kiss, take a bow, honey everything's coming up rose............................Eeeeek, NO! What The.....Pain!  EMENSE PAIN!! UNbearable Pain.  Gonna rip your head off if you try to be nice to me once more, pain!

I'm laying in bed with terrible, terrible pain all day thinking "I can beat this".  Beat what?  I don't know.  It's just a pain that, well, child birth was a laugh; both when I was born and when I gave birth to my daughter...I grab my husband by the colar and I say "you know that perscription the doctor gave me after surgery?  The one I never used?  GO HAVE IT FILLED NOW!".  He was probably gone for about 1/2 an hour but I was quite sure he'd flown to the East Coast to fill it.  By the time he gets back, I nearly swallow his hand trying to get the pill in my mouth.  I wait and wait and...wait... Nothing.  These pills should have sent me flying to another planet, that's how strong they are but they do N O T H I N G.  I'm at the end of my rope so I say, you need to get me to ER right now!!!

Now understand, this is a man who has difficulty dealing with other peoples discomfort, especially if that person just tried to swallow his hand...I can tell he's afraid that something is going to happen to me but he's more afraid that once he gets me in the car, something will happen and he won't know what to do.  So in trying to cope, he say's let me just get a coke and a book and maybe my ipod...I'm just at the point where I'm feeling extremely Lorena Bobbit-ish when my sister in-law steps in to save the day.  If she's afraid of anything, you'd never know.  She's like Sylvester Stalone in Rambo, she's determined to get the job done and shirt or no shirt, she's gonna do whatever it takes standing up, no less.

She gets me in the car and puts the pedal to the metal.  We're going so fast I'm sure I heard a sonic boom.  We are flying!  We're moving so fast NASA is on the phone to the white house calling in a national emergency (or maybe those pills were finally working). 

Well, long story short, it turns out I had a gangrened gall bladder and the closer they looked they realized a nasty stone had torn through the gall bladder but could not be retrieved as it was no where to be found. The entire episode was NOT fun, which brings me back to "Time Flys".  In this case, it DID NOT.

Why am I so wordy???

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Well it worked the first time...

The other day while my daughter was at a vocal rehearsal I remembered many, many years ago when I was singing with a small group.  The leader had been part of a recording group that had a couple of hits on the radio and then just seemed to disappear into thin air.  This guy had such an incredible sense of self worth (perhaps too much) that when he asked me to join his group, I jumped on it.

One day while rehearsing a ballad, Mr. Important counted the song off and from the first note the whole thing seemed to go in the wrong direction.  The drummer was doing his thang, Mr. Important was on key board going south and the bass player seemed to be into a groove totally unrelated to the song we were playing.  The oddest thing was, no one stopped or even acted as if anything was wrong.  Everything screamed for me to stop but the guys who were showing signs of having gone temporarily tone deaf with absolutely no sense of musicality just kept going.  They looked so pleased with themselves...what was a girl to do but sing.

"What song was that anyway?"  

We finished the song, looked at each other and burst out laughing.  After nearly peeing our pants, we decided to play back the recording just for kicks.  To our surprise it sounded really cool.  We couldn't have charted it that way had we tried.  We found ourselves completely in love with us.  We didn't know how we did it but we loved it.  Well, someone had someplace to be so we ended the rehearsal; probably not a good idea as a few days later we had a gig at a local park and would not be able to fit a rehearsal in before then.  Mr. Important still radiant from our beautiful disaster added the song to the list without so much as consulting the rest of us.

At the time I was dating a guy who had his own band.  I'd gone to see them play on several occasion's and found them...well...amusing.  He could sing but wasn't the best.  Their sound was a bit old style to me but you know, he was cute and passionate about his music so I told him I liked the band.  It was the right thing to do.  He knew I was a vocalist/dancer/actress and had never seen me perform in any way except on a crowded dance floor having fun.  I felt really strongly that it was time for him to see me shine and persuaded him to come see my band.

The day of the gig was a little hectic.  As usual I had far too much on my plate; an early morning dance rehearsal and then a run home to shower and change before making it to the park an hour before our performance.  As soon as I saw the stage I was beside myself.  The stage was small...really small.  They had overbooked performers in case there were no shows but as it turned out EVERYONE and their mothers showed up.  Musicians were expected to use whatever drums were there and only a few minutes were allowed in between the switch of groups.

After waiting entirely too long in the hot sun for our shot to play we were told we would have less time than thought.  We jumped up on that stage and within five minutes were ready to go.  The first number could have been better but we wrote it off to having to wait so long in the heat, wiped the sweat from our brow and counted out the next tune after which we felt perty good.  Time only allowed for four numbers so after the third Mr. Important thought it was time we shared our beautiful mistake, called out the song and before anyone could suggest otherwise, boom....we were into the first couple of bars.  Difference was, we sucked this time through!  SU..UH..KED!!  The weird rhythms that sounded so cool the first time were just not working.  It was pure pandemonium.  Nothing we could have done would have made it good, or worse for that matter.  It was so bad I thought I would throw up.  I sang, I'm sure of it because I remember the sound of panic in my voice.  I considered fainting onto the grassy area just to get me off that stage and provide the perfect excuse for why we sounded so bad but because the space was so tight I would have just landed on the instrument in front of me leaving me with my panties out there for everyone to see.

Needless to say, compliments from my crush were few and forced and though we dated for a while, it didn't work out.  I was actually less crushed about having to break it off with my 'crush' than I was for the fact that he never really got to see me perform under 'normal' circumstances.  Ahhhh, his loss.  This story is my side, I've often wondered how his side would sound.  My guess is, better I never find out.    

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The View from my Window

Today as I write, I am sitting on the second floor looking out the window.  Immediately outside I see a pine tree and across the street...well, I'm not a tree expert so I have absolutely no idea what type of tree it is but it has beautiful little white flowers all over it that blow through the air with the light wind of the day.  It's magical.  It looks so lovely as those little flowers glide on the breeze and fall to the ground. Of course when you get out of the car you step on them and they stick to your shoes and you track them in the house and you realize what a royal pain in the butt those stupid little flowers can be.
Wow!  I started out nice.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Last Summer my daughter and I visited my lovely cousin in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The days leading up to our visit were filled with anticipation.  I'm sure we all have fond memories of early days spent with cousins.

Some of my favorites:

  • Visits and week long stays at my cousins house.  Sometimes just for the fun, other times because my parents were travelling to Mexico. It was exciting to be in a different neighborhood.
  • We were both shy and took a while to warm up to each other.
  • I still recall the backyard that was as normal as any other, if you can call having a display of cars moving through a city of buildings,over a bridge, and through a tunnel on a treadmill generated by running water, normal.
  • In my minds eye I can still see Auntie in the kitchen, donning an apron.  In the morning we were served and expected to drink our ponche.
  • The image of my uncle sitting at the organ, playing his favorite songs and the sound of the keys clicking as his fingers seemed to jump from one to the next effortlessly.  I grew up on these songs, most times with Mom, Dad and sometimes Auntie singing along.
  • How could I ever forget Auntie sitting at the sewing machine in her own world as she made us girls Barbie clothes; stockings, hats, rings, earrings, necklaces, bras, panties, elbow length gloves, evening gowns, boas and bathing suits...we were the envy of any girl who'd ever even heard of Barbie.
  • And those afternoons laying on my cousins bedroom floor as I begged her to draw one figure after another.  I was so amazed by her talent, even then.
  • I shall never forget the playhouse my uncle constructed for my cousin.  It was the envy of the neighborhood girls, with several rooms in it.  It was tough getting in under the low laying ceiling yet the perfect escape from any adult who even considered entering.
  • And the memory of climbing on top of the flat roofed garage with my cousins niece and nephew will never be lost.  For all we knew, we on top of Mt. Whitney, we were conquerors, that is until we got caught.
  • I have a clear recollection of my cousin visiting our house.  We walked to Ed's Liquor Store; I nearly had to pry words from her until she warmed up and we discussed with anticipation what we would purchase from our trade; soda bottles for candy.
  • The hours spent in my backyard playhouse.
  • Fond memories of Easter baskets and Christmas gifts, patented leather shoes and fancy dresses.
  • Watching as Dad and my uncle worked to enlarge yet another room to our house and Grand Openings to celebrate each.
  • The smells of sitting in our family kitchen.  Everyone working the assembly line to make the biggest olla of tamales and menudo known to man.  Sometimes just for the heck of it but more often than not, to feed the crowd that would gather for a party planned for no particular reason except to party.
  • The hours spent sitting around the kitchen table listening and learning as the adult talk went on and on until we fell asleep no longer able to keep our eyes open.
  • The joy and excitement of my aunt, uncle and cousin moving to our city; the fun was just beginning.
  • Playing cards in the backyard patio with beans for the winning.
  • The proud moment when we heard my beautiful, cousin had been named 'Homecoming Queen'.
  • The crazy episodes Anita and I experienced as young adults; taking dance classes together, driving! Stepping onto a theater stage as actresses, crazy musical theater workshops, trips to Dillions in Westwood, walks on Hollywood and Vine, buying Capezio dance shoes in Hollywood, daring to take dance classes in Los Angeles and of course my cousin waving hello to people she knew as we drove down the freeway (who could be that popular?)
  • I will never forget our USO auditions and announcement that we had made the company to tour the Orient and entertain the troops together.  And little surprise that as we toured Cousin would come upon people she knew from home.  Who else besides a movie star would have such popularity?
  • And then the announcement of Anita's wedding to Ruben; a schoolmate of mine from Middle and High School.

So many memories not mentioned, or forgotten.

As my daughter and I made plans to meet in Houston after her trip to Costa Rica to stay with dad for a few weeks, I wondered if I could live through the wait.  It had been 3 years since our last visit and 14 before that.  Silly of me to be so childish and think a few days of waiting could be so difficult.  But they were!

I met Karina in Houston as planned.  We were travelling stand-by but got on the flight as scheduled.  I will never forget the first sight of my cousin when we spotted each other near the baggage claim carousel.  The excitement was so high I stood waiting near the carousel for quite some time before noticing that our luggage had been taken off and left for pick up at the far end.  We were talking away as if we had to get it all in in a few minutes or it would be gone.  Meanwhile, Ruben sat waiting in the car.....

Karina and I spent three full days with Anita and Ruben.  We talked, walked, laughed and cried.  Then we laughed until we cried.  We sang, we danced and we ate.

We went sight seeing and took photos.
  We even did a photo shoot of Karina dressed as Audrey Hepburn.  


We had such a wonderful time of reminiscing, catching up on the current events of our lives and enjoying the beauty of their home, oh how I dreaded leaving.   I wanted to say 'I'll be back next week', and wish it were that easy.

And now, I find myself in anticipation of a new visit...just for a few days, but I can hardly wait!

It's happened...

She's driving!

The fact that my daughter now drives is so exhilarating.  I know most parents fall into habitual worry when their teens begin driving....Not.Me!  My daughter driving simply means I get to watch an entire television show, or wash and dry a full load of clothes, or even take a nap without the interruption of that dreaded phone call "can you pick me up now?".  Oh, how I dreaded those words.  Just the thought of them make my nostrils begin to twitch.

I should have been grateful to hear my daughters voice when she was calling asking for a ride home but really, some days I'd have to make four to 6 trips dropping her off, picking her up, taking her here, taking her there.....  Believe me, you cannot have a normal life when you have an active teen.  And the simple fact that she was doing nice, clean, fun activities didn't make it any easier.

Do I sound ungrateful or naggish?  (that's my word and you can't have it)  Do I?  I don't mean to, but I went through this driving the kid around thingy for 2 girls, almost back to back.  Do couples these days having 4 children separated by only 2 years have any idea what they're in for when those little buggers get into their early teens?  Any idea?  NO.  Of course not.  Having four children that close in age means one thing and one thing only, at least a decade of chauffeuring your teen and their friends.  A DECADE people!  May as well just sell the house and buy a motor home!

Just minutes ago I get a call "Mom, are you hungry?".  I love it.  I don't have to go anywhere, don't have to drive to the store or make myself lunch.  How stinkin' much better can it get??

She's driving, she's driving, she's driving........Now on to new worries.......
Life really isn't fair.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How long is a 10 minute drive home? Long Enough!

Last night as I drove home from dropping my daughter off at school I began mentally recapping my day.  After thinking through all I was able to accomplish (and still not accomplish anything of importance) I actually asked myself out loud if maybe I wasn't exaggerating just a little to justify feeling like I deserved to go home and just plop myself onto the living room sofa and stay there until the next day, if I so desired.  Of course that thought led me thinking that I should also be hand fed grapes while being dowsed with exotic perfumes from around the world….and just let me stop here before I tell you more and you discover what a truly crazed individual I really am.

Back to the drive home, I made it through a red light by the skin of my teeth and popped out of Egypt and into reality just in time to discover that I was still here in Garden Grove; no grapes. 

Anyway…I’m am here (in Garden Grove) and I've come to terms with my current sitchiation.  That is to say, I’m living in a highly populated Asian community; approximately 31%.  Of that 31%, I’ll exaggerate once again and say that at least 29% of them live at my apartment complex.  And I exaggerate when telling you this to prove that I am aware I’m doing it, and I don’t exaggerate solely while talking to myself.

Still chit chatting with myself, I wonder how many people live in my complex?’   And there’s just no point in wondering on a 10 minute drive home without searching out answers, so I do a mental body count.  I know the brain is a very strange thing but about now I’m realizing mine is particularly strange.  How did I go from ‘bye honey, see you later’, to counting bodies?  But, that’s where I am; I count 85 to 88 people (infants included).

As a manager you wear many hats; a counselor, a friend, a mean old broad, the grounds keeper, the parking police, the trash woman, enforcer of rules, the key keeper, a grouch, a translator, a peace keeper, a babysitter, a package delivery holder and a mom.   

And if that weren't enough, I also work part-time for United Airlines, and to keep myself in this crazed mental state, I sell AVON...Ding, Dong!

Okay, now you know the percentage of Asians in my community, how many bodies live at my apartment complex and what I do with my time.  You’d think that having thought all this, I’d be home, but I’m not.  How my mind hasn't just shut down to put an end to this nonsensical thinking or better yet, how I haven’t crashed into another car due to my lack of focus, I don’t know but I’m not done yet. 

Having realized that only 29% of the Asian community reside at my complex, curiosity begins to nudge at me asking who the heck the other 61% are.  I argue with myself that it’s not important but the thought just won’t rest, so…there are Hispanics, Thai, Syrians, Egyptians, Italians, Vietnamese, Koreans and THANK YOU JESUS, Americans.  This means that within the walls of 37 apartments, there are approximately 7 countries, besides the United States represented, with a good 7 languages being spoken here daily.    

And that is how I stay awake while driving home after dropping my daughter off for her night class.  And don’t think I didn't eat those grapes.  I did.  They were red, seedless, frozen grapes and I’m not sure, but I could have sworn I could hear Arabic music playing somewhere off in the distance…, just where are those perfumes...  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In need of Living Room Furniture

This is a fact, not an posting for the classifieds.  My Living Room sofas suck.

I bought them about....hmmm, maybe, Yikes! Ten years ago....which explains why when you sit down, you need a good set of climbers tools to get out.  I know you're probably thinking I'm exaggerating. Take my word, I'm not.

I think it's probably easier to drop to your knees and roll to the closest, stablest piece of furniture, grab on and pull yourself up.  I've done it, don't laugh!  There is the option of grabbing on to someone standing nearby but keep in mind, if that someone isn't firmly planted with heels dug in, the two of you could end up in the abyss, lost for all eternity.

There certainly isn't the same traffic (meaning people) going through my house as there once was, but my house is lived in.  The thing is, if you're not careful you could end up living in my sofa surviving off popcorn and chips for the rest of your life.  If that sounds bleak, not to worry, there is the periodic rubber band or TV control that go missing and to feed your daily mineral needs dimes seem to get sucked in by the dozen.

I tried pulling the cushions out the other day to see if my daughters ring had fallen in (along with everything else);  I nearly had to disassemble the entire sofa to remove them.  The wires from the box spring (if that's what it's called) were sticking out through the material and were holding the cushions captive.  It was similar to when you get your hair tangled up in a round brush while blowing drying; a rat's nest is easier to decipher.  After a good long wrestle a Rock Star, cup of coffee and overdose of vitamins I was able to pull those suckers out.  I still have the bruises on my forearms, if you don't believe me.
Just in case.

The other night after everyone had gone home I decided to sit down and watch one of those "I Survived" episodes where there are several people telling their stories of having been victimized in some terrible way and through shear determination make it out alive.  Suddenly I realized I too had a story to tell, I just wasn't sure if I'd live long enough to get through to the network that does the filming.  See, I got just a little to comfortable in the sofa and before I knew it, one thing led to another and I found myself up to the neck in cushion and box spring.  The popcorn had already been vacuumed out for the month so my chances of survival were looking slim.  If it weren't for the fact that I didn't want my daughter to be humiliated when reporters came around to get the facts, I may have never found the strength to climb, hack and crawl my way out.  Sure there was a bloody mess afterward, but the exhilaration of knowing I'd done it was beyond any other feat I've ever achieved.

I'd show you a picture of my war wounds from that night but there is just no way to prepare you for the shock so I think it be best to leave it to your imagination.  Let's just say that old box of Flintstones band-aids came in handy..Bam Bam!  

I considered taking a picture of the sofas to show you but soon realized the camera was missing.....not worth looking. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weeding in more ways than one

Yes, I finally did the weeding in my little patio.  I've been saying I was going to do it for at least 2 weeks now.  I wish I had taken a picture to show you the "before", but, I forgot...
I put off pulling the "weeds" because they were really pretty.  I don't know what it is but it grows out long and tall and looks really lush.  I kinda felt like I was in the middle of a meadow every time I walked out my back door.  But alas, I was not.

So it took an hour to clean up; an hour for thought.  It was 3:00 when I started and about 4:15 when I finished filling two big 'ol black plastic trash bags.  I was terribly busy today so that hour stooped over was back breakingly healthy, because everything else I did required me to sit in front of the computer.

So I'm pulling weeds and I think that maybe pulling the weeds is symbolic of what and where I am at this moment of my life. After almost 20 years I'm very close to being divorced.  Just months away.  After five years of too much tolerance, divorce was the only solution.

There's a whole lot I won't say but I will say this, you can plant a really beautiful garden that flourishes with proper watering and care but sometimes there are things, under the top soil, things that look really good from the top.  Those uncovered things slowly destroy whats beautiful.  You can pull the undergrowth out but if you don't get past the top soil and to the roots, the problem never goes away and before you know it you're pulling weeds again.  It can go on for years, if you let it.

I never meant those weeds to grow out so much that they covered all my other plants but I was fooled by how nice they looked; it made me feel good.  I never wanted my relationship to end either...but the root went so deep.  I tried to end it but it wasn't until I realized only a court could help that I was finally able to make it happen.  Sad but true.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morsels of Joy

How many times have you read a blog of a friend recalling an event from their childhood?  I'd be willing to guess, more than once.  Me, I've written about plenty of escapades from childhood.  Those days when we first learned how to make friends, how to take turns in a game of jacks, how to fight over a doll and act the next day as if it never happened.

Our childhood friends played a huge part in how we interact as adults.  I can tell you that some of the tolerance I have now as an adult is hugely due to dealing with a neighbor girl who was sick and spoiled.  Everyone, out of  sympathy for her poor health, allowed her to dominate play time; I learned to follow.

A very close childhood friend was left home alone a lot; I learned to care.

I remember a boy around the corner who played with the girls and was somewhat sissified, I learned to accept those who didn't fit the mold.

And then there was the family next door. This family moved into the neighborhood shortly after ours.  It was a new track of homes built in what once was an orange grove. When my parents first purchased the house only my two older brothers were born, my sister and I hadn't been released from the confinement of mom's ovaries yet (but I'm sure we were cute even then).  The family next door had two sons and a daughter.  By the time I came around, they had already had their second daughter leaving us one short.  No one saw it coming but my parents competitive edge came out seven years later when my sister (referred to as the Consolation Prize by my dad) was added. It was a proud day for my parents knowing the Jones' had nothing on us; Score 4-4.  And what did I learn from this you might be wondering; competitiveness,  because a few years later I learned that just when you think your on top someone comes along and steals the gold; the neighbors added one more for a final score: 5-4, Neighbors. Humility. We tried.

Both families stayed in the neighborhood but as with most, us kids began to take off in different directions. All the years of playing and fighting, falling off bikes, church picnics, birthday parties, sleep overs, skating, swimming, board games, patio discussions, Easter egg hunts, Christmas and New Years Eve parties and making tamales seemed to fade away.

My dad passed away.  Their dad passed away.  My mom; then theirs.  By this time we'd completely lost touch.

Thank God for memories.  They help us hold on to the past that made us who we are.  They keep us from forgetting where we came from and if we remember the positive stuff, they help us to direct our own children in how to grow, tolerate, support, love and appreciate.

And oh right, here's where one of those little morsels of joy come in.  Yesterday I had lunch with Karen; The "Tie Breaker".  We found each other on Facebook, and I know you're not surprised.  I think we can all say thank you to FB for someone.

A while back I went a huntin' on FB looking for any sign of the Ezree's and Bingo!  Found one. Totally excited, we talked about getting together; a reunion but, time went by and nothing happened.  This Christmas my brother, Rusty, who is the family gynecologist...Oops!, I meant genealogist, put some CD's together with family pictures.  Seeing as how the Ezree's were at our house almost as much as we were, they were in quite a few still shots and some of the film.

The Consolation Prize and the Tie Breaker don't make much of an appearance in either the photos or the film because they were really young when most of my dads horrific photography and movie making was in full swing.  I guess the excitement wore off at some point and all equipment got shoved into the closet, never to emerge again...Until, I got married and had a family.  At that point I threaded the movie projector found a white wall and showed the kids how stinkin' cute I was as a kid.  Unfortunately my bedroom walls were really textured so we all looked a bit frankensteinish.  

Yesterday's lunch felt way too short but it was fun.  Besides the fact that Google Maps is not to be trusted and we ended up being 15 minutes late when after exiting the freeway we thought we would be 10 minutes early, it was a joy to sit with Karen and catch up on some of the goings on's over the last 15 years.  We ate like...well, like Pigs, and promised to get together again soon to do more catching up.  I can't wait.

Life is full of little morsels of joy, sometimes you just got to search for them because they might not come looking for you.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm home alone.  Something new to me.  It's not like I have a house full of kids living at home.  No, I only have one who lives here, but it's rare that I should be here alone with no one knocking on the door.  Unusual for an apartment manager.

My daughter is far, far away, which makes me a little sad but I know she'll be home Tuesday the 16th.  She's way over on the other side of the world.  India to be exact.  About 13 hours time difference.  She won't be coming home tonight and because it's Friday, hopefully most tenants are out enjoying their Friday night or indoors resting from a week of work.

So I figured, what better time to write.  Almost got distracted but decided not to let anything get in the way of a little time for me.  I showered, changed into something comfy, smeared myself crazy with lotion and sat down at the computer with wet hair.  WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING!!!  YES!

I've been on GO and GO fast, for the last month or so, waiting for this moment.  This one.  Right here and now.  It's a little odd now that I'm here.  I keep thinking I should be doing something else, not that I want to, but when you spend so much time on the go you have to re-train yourself to stop.  I stop all the time but it's usually because I've fallen asleep.  Sad, isn't it?

As long as I'm here, I think I should write something.  Maybe something clever.  Something funny.  Something deep.  No, something utterly ridiculous........Darn, ain't that the way.  I have the time but I'll be darned if I can think of anything to write!

I'm getting mad; I can't think of anything to write.  Maybe if I talked to someone I'd get some ideas.  Speaking of which, why the heck has no one called me?  Doesn't anyone care?  Doesn't anyone want to spend time with me?  Is it something I said or did?  Maybe it's my hair; I knew I should have colored it lighter.  It could be my clothes, I haven't bought any clothes for a long time now.  I'm out of style and those few pounds I gained have turned everyone off.  I've been eating too much garlic lately, my breath is probably horrendous...oh, jeez, I forgot to polish my toenails and everyone has noticed.  It might be that the last time I hung out with any friends I was boring.  I need spice up the conversation, learn a new language, get a new look, pick up an instrument............Whoaaaaaaaaa!   Maybe this time alone stuff isn't such a good idea after all....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Incredible to see God work in your childs life

As you look back on your childs life, you can clearly recall events that made you so proud of who they are.  It could be how they chose to deal with someone who wasn't treating them well or maybe the day they realized they could overcome a fear.  Maybe you've watched your child perform in front of a crowd or something as unbelievable as making their bed without you having to threaten their life to make it happen.

I've witnessed Karina do so many things to make me proud that I often wonder if she knows just how proud I am of her.  I try to tell her now and then just to make sure she knows.  I consider myself truly blessed to have such a well behaved child.   

Recently Karina decided to go on a mission trip to India with Revolution Church.  When I asked her why she wanted to go, her response was clear.  She said she felt she needed a spiritual challenge and would love the opportunity to share the Gospel and talk to other kids her age about the love of God.   Karina regularly attends her Youth Group at church and has consistantly invited kids from High School to join her.

I'm so very proud that when other kids have decided they're much smarter than their parents and have started listening to the peers "advice", she still comes to me.

Karinas trip is not one that will be easy.  Travel time to their destination in southern India will take 2 days.  They will be visiting villages where there has never been fresh water to dedicate water wells.  They'll visit orphanages and seniors in elderly care centers, provide medical and hunger relief to many in need and share God's love with tens of thousands of people by putting on a 3-night crusade. 

I so much want this to be a success for the team, for the people of India and for God.  My biggest delima is in the area of finances.  It costs $2,750 per person not including shots & malaria pills, passport and supplies. 

This is where you might want to come in.  As most mission trips do, I'm asking friends and family to invest in the success of her trip by either prayer, a tax deductible financial offering or both.    A website has been created for this purpose so if you felt led, please click on the link below and then follow your heart.
Donate to Karina's India Cause by clicking here

Thank you so much and please know that sending my daughter off to a foreign country is difficult.  It was with my older daughter Jenifer when she went too but I know this trip will not only be a blessing to the person traveling but also to those who will witness the testimony of a young girl who knows in whom peace can be found.  If it's taking this much faith and trust in God for me to allow my 16 year old daughter to go, imagine how much more faith and trust she has already placed in the Lord.  Incredible how we can learn from our children.

Thanks and God Bless.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a Quack up!

A couple of weeks ago on one of my regularly scheduled days off I walked outside, as I do every morning, work or not.  No work doesn't mean I get to sleep in....well, maybe a little; getting up at 7:00 a.m. as opposed to 4:45 a.m. makes somewhat of a difference but, on the days I stay home I feel it my responsibility to take my daughter and nephew to school since my sister takes them on the days I work.

So on this particular morning although I was able to wake up later, I still walked through the regular routine;  crawl out of bed, head to the bathroom, get dressed, grab keys and head out to the laundry room to unlock the door.

As I'm walking out the front door I spy through my peripheral vision some unusual, low lying movement.  If your first thought was Superman....maybe even Spiderman, please head back on down that road to reality; there is no such thing....okay, okay I admit that was my first thought too. 

After the wave of fear subsided and I managed to get my shoes back on I realized that what I saw was none other than a couple of ducks looking for someplace to chillax, do a little back stroke; take time off from the regular routine.  Just two love birds getting a little R & R.  Where the heck was the rest of the flock anyway? 
I guess even duckies need a little time alone.

I remained frozen thinking any movement would send them flying off to the Hawiian Islands...Next stop: Honolulu!  Not so.  The little buggers hardly gave me a second glance. 
I'm wondering if you think me silly to sound so excited about two little duckies swimming in a pool.  If you don't, I do.  See, for some reason, seeing those little duckies and immediately after thawing out, I created a dialog that went something like (and spoken in a Daffy Duck voice):  Him: Beautiful weather we're having, don't you think luv?  Her: Yeth my darling, juth beautiful.  Him: Then howth about a thwim Thweetheart?  Her: Abtholutely, lead the way dear.

This was not the first time I'd seen ducks up close and personal so I can't use that for an excuse for the exthitment.  No, I think it was just that, since we moved into the apartments, although some very interesting events have taken place with the humannoids around here, I haven't seen anything in the way of animals or pets lately.  The last, say, 12 years we lived with our two dogs and since they're gone and all I have as a replacement are barking tenants (if you hadn't heard that story, read my Apartment Living post) I suppose I'm just a little lonesome for the company of a friend that will listen to me, even when I'm a grouch, and not feel the need to give their 2 cents. 

So!  There you have it.  I might be living 11 miles from the beach or any other large body of water and not expect to see my fine feathered friends in my back yard but apparently ducks are not all that particular of where they take a dip.  As long as they can go for that morning swim, that's all that matters.  Quacks me up! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Small World Isn't it..........

A few days ago I read the blog of a long time friend of mine, Juan Talavera, cleverly entitled Juan's Blog.  Juan often does recaps of his busy schedule just to let everyone know where he's been, what he's up to, and his upcoming auditions.

Juan is a Flamenco dancer in the true sense of the word(s).  He started dancing at a very early age and unlike some of us, never stopped.  I dare not say his age without his permission but I will say, he's a tad bit older than I, and I'm 55.  Sorry Juan.

When I started dancing Flamenco many, many years ago, Juan was one of the people I took classes from.  He lived nearby so we frequently drove together to classes and shows.  I would say we became friends, not the kind of friend that is inseperable; not at all, but we did spend a decent amount of time together.  I admired his talent then and still do today.

So back to Juan's blog.  For some reason, in his last blog he talked about one of his early teachers "Corina Valdez".  I don't recall him ever sharing that bit of information with me before or I'd have done what I did while reading his blog; I dropped my jaw in surprise.   Corina was my first teacher too.  Big surprise. 

Through one of Corina's shows I was first introduced to Flamenco.  I still recall Arlene (a non-related cousin type) dancing a Spanish number in what's called a bata de cola.  The video below isn't Arlene but it'll give you an idea of what the bata de cola looks like.

For many, many years I wondered if the day would ever come when I'd have a chance to learn Flamenco.

After reading that Juan studied with Corina I left a comment that I too had studied with her and gave a little background of how Cornia and I are non-related.  Her sister was married to my mom's uncle.  In the Mexican culture, that means she's a non-relative treated as a relative.  Whatever.  I'm totally confused and not sure what I wrote but....does it really matter?  My point, if there ever was one, is that Juan and I were around a lot of the same people. 

Juan and I travelled to Spain together....did we actually travel together Juan?  Doesn't matter, we were in Sevilla and Madrid at the same time.  We went to a disco in Sevilla and showed up at 9p.m., far too early, had to leave to get a bite to eat and then returned after 11p.m. and were still early.  I believe it was later that evening that we took a cab with a friend I'd made in a dance class.  He took us to a club where the gypsy's hung out and danced Sevillana's.  I must say, they (the gitanos - gypsy's) intimidated us, but we stayed for a while.  Oh how I wish I'd had a video camera....

I remember a night in mid October when we were caught in the rain.  I don't know if Juan remembers but,  I had an umbrella and tried to share it with him, he's a tall guy but being the kind hearted person I am I was determined to keep him dry.  He grabbed the umbrella I'M SURE thinking he would keep us both out of the rain but due to his height, and quick stride, he stayed dry and I....well to say that my hair got frizzy would be an understatement.  Thanks Juan!

After a few months I returned home and Juan stayed on.  It was his first trip to Spain after having danced for many, many years.  Since then I think Juan has returned maybe five times.  I have too, in my dreams.

I just want to say that if you ever, ever need a Flamenco dancer; to take classes from or to perform, you must, must, must visit Juan's website  And if you're not in need of a dance class or dancer,visit his website anyway.  Juan was one of the original members of "El Cid" on Sunset which was originally a movie studio. 

Juan Congratulations on your many years of dancing.  Keep up the good work, you're an amazing dancer and man.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Apartment Living

Well, I admit; it's just a little nicer living in apartments when you're the manager in that I got to pick out my carpet, I have nicely painted walls instead of the standard Navajo White, I have the only garage with a door that leads to my patio and into the kitchen, the Crown Molding adds a special touch and the cost of living is answering your door at unusal times and having pushy sales people call at 6:45 A.M., looking for the Housekeeping department.

Today my daugher asked "do these people ever stop bothering us?" and I responded, "yes, when we start paying rent".  In other words, get used to it honey, ain't gonna happen.  The front door say's "Manager", i.e. "bother at will".   I mean seriously, why would I answer my door with an attitude when the benefits are beyond what I could have imagined?

I must admit, some very unusal things have happened here.  I have a tenant who barks when he's mad.  I know this because he came to my door with his complaint.  I stood and listened and then "tried" to explain what I was doing to resolve a problem when the tenant who happened to be inside with me thought it necessary to come to my aid.  She was wrong, of course, but I appreciate the fact that she wanted to show her support....unfortuantly, her style and mine are quite different.  The tentant outside the door thought it necessary to tell me what to do and so the two began a "discussion" of their own...I kept asking the one inside to let me handle the situation but those motherly instincts had already kicked in.  The next thing I know the tentant outisde barked...aahaa, barked. Just like a know, woof, woof, woof.  If that isn't crazy enough she barked back.  For a few seconds I thought maybe it was a full moon.  I waited in anticipation to see if either of them would grow facial hair but it never happened.  My daughter was sitting on the sofa watching and later told me she was ready to call the animal shelter...ok, that's a lie but she was ready to call the police.

It was something out of a bad book.  So stupid you wanna just put it down but just interesting enough to keep you there.  After a few barks, I stepped back up hoping neither of them would bite me in the ankle and asked them to sit, which of course was followed by a treat...another lie.  I did manage to get in between the two and four fleas later was relieved when the two were ready to let me take my position again and speaking in English was able to calm them both down, no belly scratching involved.

The next day the female dog called to say she was sorry; that she could never do what I do.  To which I responded of course, grrrrrr...ate!  Thought I was gonna growl, didn't you!  I tried to make her feel a little better by saying that we all have our own method and mine is to try to avoid argument, and listen before allowing myself to be drawn into a no win situation.  She said her husband told her to mind her own business but I think he sat her down and calmed her by squashing a few fleas. 

I appreciate the fact that she wanted to come to my defense.  I do, really.  I think she mistook my patience as weakness.  But all I was doing was allowing him to voice his complaint without him thinking I didn't care what he had to say.  I admit, I didn't enjoy the way he thought he needed to voice his complaint; some people think that yelling is the best path to wining but once I was able to get them both to calm down, he quietly listened to what I had to say and then left on his merry way.

It could be he was embarrassed as hell....if hell get's embarrassed...or maybe his wife was whistling for him, not sure.  All I know is he walked away, lifted his leg at the first tree and left me in peace for the rest of the evening.  Now I know why he never came with his wife when she was deciding if she wanted to apply to rent.  God bless her.

Yes, managing apartments has it's benefits...I'm just glad we don't allow animals on our property.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm baaaack............

It's been a long time since I've blogged.  I've had every intention of writing but something has kept me down.  Maybe the intensity with which every day has every hour filled.  Possibly the move from my home to apartment manager.  Or it could just be the ups and downs of my daily life.  Whatever the reason, I've not blogged and I miss it immensely.

This morning I awoke at 6:30 and decided I had no particular reason to get up; except that the laundry room needed opening.  With all the selfishness I could muster up in me I decided "the heck with it!"...I laid down and settled in for a few minutes more of shut eye only to wake again at 7:15. 

Knowing that there are a few people who wash Sunday mornings, I threw my jeans on and headed over to the laundry room to open up.  The wind was blowing so strong but it was a warm tropical wind...yes, here in California..I actually strolled over and enjoyed the warmth of the breeze.

I came back in and decided to read my emails and found one from my very good friend, Debbie, of  That was it!  I moved on to my cousin Anita's blog

I won't be writing much this morning; have to study some songs and get ready for church and Worship but, now that my schedule has changed and I'll have more time on my hands I plan on getting back to blogging.  It'll be such a joy to get back to doing something I love.  I can almost hear Tye from Extrememe Home Make Over saying "Welcome Home, Marie, Welcome Home".

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow! It's been over a month since I posted anything...

Things are a little crazy right now but I saw this video at church today and really felt the need to share it.  ENJOY!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A few Saturday's back was an exceeptionaly fun day.  I went with my theater friends to see Shakespeare by the Sea - Twelfth Night.  We left my house at about 3:45 and arrived at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro around 4:20. 
The moment we stepped out of the car I felt as if we'd just traveled around the world...not because the ride was so long or because the company was so boring.  It just looked so different and something about it gave me the feeling I was a tourist.
We walked down to where the outdoor seating is and decided since it was still early (the show didn't start until 8:00), we'd wander around and see the grounds.  Lucky, as we were, we were walking past the Lighthouse when we were made aware that you can actually go inside the beautiful thing.  This is a lighthouse that was built in's older than me!  Yea...I like things that are older than me.  It was beautiful; filled with antique furniture, an old iron that could knock any misbehaving husband out for a few days, an ice chest (better known today as a refridgerator), beds, just about anything you'd need in 1874. 
We made our way up to the Lighthouse huffing and puffing the entire
way.  It's amazing what a few years will do to your stamina. The view was stupendous.  It made me wish that for just an hour I could step back into that time to get a full understading of how it might have felt.                  

After our lighthouse adventure we mosied down to the seating area again and met up with more friends, ate our dinner and then set out to see more of the grounds.  As Wendy tried to look for seeds in some of the flowers (just shows what age we've come in to), a family of racoons crossed the path and climbed up into a tree nearby.  Apparently that tree has some type of berry on it and this little family were hungry.
Berry Hungry Family of Racoons
We hung around and photographed the Racoons until they'd had enough and started to hiss at us.  I'm not all that educated on the lifes of Racoons but I somehow recall hearing that they carry rabies.  Needless to say, we were outta there!

There was time to sit, chat, and laugh before the show began.....
The show was wonderful; the group of actors fantastic!  I think it only fair to say, a good time was had by all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I knew it wouldn't take much more than the word "SHOES" to get your attention.
What is it about shoes that gets us all excited.  Why will we knock down the person next to us at a sale to grab a pair of shoes, not because we like them all that much, but because someone else looked at them and you can't take the chance that they are cute and you just haven't seen it yet; some things need time to grow on you.

I woke up this morning with shoes on my mind.  Strange? Yes, but there it was plain as day; shoes.  I don't remember dreaming about shoes.  I don't recall seeing any ad's about shoes.  I do recall thinking I'm not gonna let "so and so" walk all over me, but I don't think that could be it.  Why shoes?  There is a possibility I may have put my foot in my mouth recently, but I'm still not sold on that being a solid reason for having shoes on my mind.

As I look back through the years....a long way back, I wonder how many pairs of shoes I've owned.  Does anyone know how many pairs they've owned?  Let's see.....I still have a little white pair of walkers, most likely from before I was walking.  They're terribly scuffed up, but so cute.  I have a red pair of dance shoes I wore when I danced in the Disneyland Parade for the opening of Small World.  I have some old tap shoes, character shoes, ballet shoes, flamenco shoes....there's a theme here.
In my closet you'll find hiking boots (like when was the last time I wore those), Crocks, sandles, sneakers, flip flops (I've learned not to call them thongs anymore), plenty of heeled work shoes, and let us not forget the smashed up, worn out, things I call slippers (Cinderella would be embarrassed for me).  There might be 15 pair of shoes in my closet.  Most of which I don't wear, but there for security sake; I never know when I might need them. 

When was the last time I bought a pair of shoes....WOW! I think it was before going to Hawaii last July.  I bought two pair of sandles.  Prior to that, I don't recall.  Seriously.  I just don't buy shoes anymore.  I make the old ones last.  And style....HA!  What do I know about style?!  There was a time when I was the style queen.  My friend Denise and I would go shoe shopping at one of our favorite stores in the Stonewood mall.  The owner had shoes from everywhere...imported stuff.  Beautiful.  He'd let us put them on layaway, crazy I know, but we did it.  We'd pick four pair, put them on layaway and get them out within a month.  Those were the days!

Why I didn't save some of my shoes, I don't know.  Especially the platforms, they're back in style now.  I actually think I tried to save them.  Before moving into my current house and while cleaning out the old one, I pulled a barrell from the shed.  It was full of my old shoes.  When you move you don't want to take more with you than you absolutely have to so I tossed them.  Such a shame....

Shoes can say so much about a person, can't they?  They actually "tell on" us.  If we're clean, dirty, overweight, stylish, boring, casual, walk to one side, frugal, or lacking in personality.  So was that the reason I was thinking about shoes?  Could be.  I haven't had had much change in my shoe wardrobe for some time now...maybe it's time for a change.

Ok, well, I just justified my reasons for going out and buying a pair.  Hmmm let's see, where can I get the most for my money......................

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wheat Thins

I love Wheat Thins but I'd like your opinion.  Are they called wheat thins because they're thin in size or is it because if you eat them they help control your weight and you stay thin?  Cause I'm here to say that I cannot, seem to control myself when I start eating them.  I tell myself "I can't gain weight" even if I sit down and chow a whole box at a sitting.  I say it over and over...sometimes, even out loud.  Cause you know if you hear it, it's true... Right?

Like, let's say you wanna eat a whole cake...this is just an example, so don't think I'm speaking from experience...So you sit down with the cake and you say repeatedly "I can't gain weight, I can't gain weight".  Of course, you're saying it out loud because if you can hear it, it's true.  I can't remember where I learned that, but I'm almost sure it was at church...maybe not.

Well, I don't know but so far, I'm still not thin.  Maybe I have to eat a few more boxes of the stuff.  I'm just wondering if I have to eat them at one sitting or if I can stretch it out over, let's say.....2......hours.  Cause the thing is, I'm not going anywhere, not moving a leg or a finger until I see results.  Can you imagine eating a whole box and instead of sitting right there on the sofa waitng for thinness to come upon me, I get up and walk around....I could miss it.  You know chewing works off calories too so I'm beginning to see why eating a couple of boxes could be to my advantage.  Also, I've read that sleeping is a good calorie burner...that gives me a great idea for this evening.  I'm gonna sit down and cram a couple of boxes down my throat, which of course will be followed by a glass of water  because water is a plus when you're attempting to lose weight, (I don't know why they don't print that on the box) and then I'll take a little nappy and hopefully when I wake up, viola! I'll be thin. 

I'd like to meet the person who created Wheat Thins.  I imagine they're perty darn skinny...Oops! I meant thin.