Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Incredible to see God work in your childs life

As you look back on your childs life, you can clearly recall events that made you so proud of who they are.  It could be how they chose to deal with someone who wasn't treating them well or maybe the day they realized they could overcome a fear.  Maybe you've watched your child perform in front of a crowd or something as unbelievable as making their bed without you having to threaten their life to make it happen.

I've witnessed Karina do so many things to make me proud that I often wonder if she knows just how proud I am of her.  I try to tell her now and then just to make sure she knows.  I consider myself truly blessed to have such a well behaved child.   

Recently Karina decided to go on a mission trip to India with Revolution Church.  When I asked her why she wanted to go, her response was clear.  She said she felt she needed a spiritual challenge and would love the opportunity to share the Gospel and talk to other kids her age about the love of God.   Karina regularly attends her Youth Group at church and has consistantly invited kids from High School to join her.

I'm so very proud that when other kids have decided they're much smarter than their parents and have started listening to the peers "advice", she still comes to me.

Karinas trip is not one that will be easy.  Travel time to their destination in southern India will take 2 days.  They will be visiting villages where there has never been fresh water to dedicate water wells.  They'll visit orphanages and seniors in elderly care centers, provide medical and hunger relief to many in need and share God's love with tens of thousands of people by putting on a 3-night crusade. 

I so much want this to be a success for the team, for the people of India and for God.  My biggest delima is in the area of finances.  It costs $2,750 per person not including shots & malaria pills, passport and supplies. 

This is where you might want to come in.  As most mission trips do, I'm asking friends and family to invest in the success of her trip by either prayer, a tax deductible financial offering or both.    A website has been created for this purpose so if you felt led, please click on the link below and then follow your heart.
Donate to Karina's India Cause by clicking here

Thank you so much and please know that sending my daughter off to a foreign country is difficult.  It was with my older daughter Jenifer when she went too but I know this trip will not only be a blessing to the person traveling but also to those who will witness the testimony of a young girl who knows in whom peace can be found.  If it's taking this much faith and trust in God for me to allow my 16 year old daughter to go, imagine how much more faith and trust she has already placed in the Lord.  Incredible how we can learn from our children.

Thanks and God Bless.


Ruben Rivera said...


Anita and I were impressed when we met your daughter last summer. Karina truly is a special young person. We would love to contribute a little something toward her trip but it will have to be on our next pay cycle. Also, I tried clicking on your link but it didn't work.


Ruben Rivera said...

Is there still time to donate to the trip Karina wants to go on?

If so, I'd like to send a check.


Rob-bear said...

What a courageous and thoughtful young lady! Water wells are a life-saver for a lot of people.
Blessings and Bear hugs.