Friday, January 22, 2010

Gee Willikers - Letter to God

What's a girl to do....well, I know what to do I just don't seem to do it.

My husband is in Costa Rica on business.  Not a problem for him since that's where he was born and raised.  Business is going well and he's able to spend time with family and friends.  So I'm talking with him and he casually mentions he's lost 8 pounds.  Eight Pounds!  Not one, not two, 8Now, that just isn't right.  I probably gained eight while he's been gone, which isn't good because he's gonna come home to a lardo.

"Whereas the average man has 26 billion fat cells, or adipocytes, in his body, the average female has 35 billion.  Fat comprises 27% of an average woman's total body-weight but for a man comprises only 15%". fat-men-women.htm

Why oh why God, did you give women more body fat....naturally.  I don't plan on having any more kids and I don't live in cold country so why on earth God, do I have to have more natural fat than my husband.   I'm sure there's some logical reason and who am I to question your design, yet, I do!  Is there some way you can reverse your decision and make my husband fatter than me?  Any way?  And while I'm at it, is there any way you can make his derriere bigger than mine or at least close in size.  I'm a faithful follower and believer, I do everything I can to follow your word and treat others well but I fear your decision to give me all this unwanted, unnecessary fat makes me want to punch somebody out of pure selfish anger. Gee Willikers,  have mercy on me please, my husband is due home soon and  I don't want him to see that I gained the 8 pounds he lost.  Please bless me with extreme energy and desire to get off my bahunkass to exercise.  I'll pray more, I'll read my bible more, I promise I'll be good.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a compliment!

Friday night I went to my friend Monique's house to celebrate her father's 80th birthday.  This is a family I love and hold dear to my heart.  I know Monique because she is my Comadre Debbie's sister.

Debbie and I met in a high school drama class; I was a Senior and she a Sophmore.  I liked Debbie immediately because she was so expressive and outgoing.  In a drama class those qualities are a plus.  Funny thing though, Debbie could be a total crack up one second and then totally shy the next; not unusual in actors.  I think the thing that linked us in as friends was one day while doing an excercise we were asked by the teacher, Squire Fridell, to stand and make a facial expression that matched whatever mood he called out.  In the middle of all the craziness Debbie looks at me and simply says "I stand on gum" meaning she had a piece of gum stuck to her shoe.  That was it, we were besides ourselves, dying of laughter, outta control, gonna wet my panties laughing. We had great times in that class but my being a few years ahead of her in school I graduated and, as life would have it, moved on to other things.  We lost touch.

Cut forward a few years and I'm out on my front lawn doing whatever it was I'd do out there.  We had a huge Chinese Elm tree that had enough shade for the entire family to sit under.  It covered the whole front yard.  During the Summer I'd go out and water the lawn just to see my tree.  And if that weren't reason enough to hang out, we lived on a main boulevard so there was always traffic going by.  People would honk and I'd wave even if I didn't recognize them.  I could make a whole day of watching the traffic while sitting under my tree reading.

So, I'm out front when who pulls up but Debbie.  She saw me outside and stopped by to say hello.  It was so good to see her.  We chatted for a while, caught up and promised we'd get together.  We didn't.

Maybe a year later, guess who drives by again....she stopped we chatted, caught up and promised we'd get together again.  We didn't.

Can you say "Third times a charm"?  Another day, another time I'm outside and guess who drives by?  We chat, catch up on things and then promise to get together but this time, I ask "when?".  My dad taught me that we can say just about anything to anyone, make any promise in the world but until someone takes the step to make it happen, it ain't gonna.   So, question being asked, we actually made a plan.  The rest is history.  We  started hanging out for what would turn out to be a very, very, very long time.  We became family.  I knew her's she knew mine.

This Friday night I took Karina with me to the party.  The other kids are gone, JC is in Costa Rica so I sure wasn't gonna leave Karina home alone, besides, this is her Nina's daddy's birthday.  We ended up gathering in the kitchen, as all good gatherings do, and go from one subject to the next.  Inevitably we end up talking about our Salsa days, our fun times, dumb times, tipsy times, parties, well, you name it we talk about it.  Meanwhile Karina sits in a chair listening quietly.  I keep saying to her, don't worry honey, we'll go home soon, even though she doesn't complain, not once.

The last guests still at the house, we decide it's time to hit the trail.  We get in the car and start the 10 minute drive home when Karina says "Mom, have I ever told you that I really like you guys?".  I'm caught off guard and not sure what she's trying to tell me so she expounds, saying she had such a great time just sitting there listening to us talk about everything, not just the dancing part, everything.  She says she wishes it was "still like that" and that she would have hung out with us if we were her age.  She says people arent' the same as you guys were.  You just had plain, clean fun.

My daughter compliments me on my looks, my choice of clothing, my shoes, my music and even my company but it was the way she said it that made me feel the warm and fuzzies. It's a cool feeling to know that your daughter likes you enough, she actually wants to hang out with you.  I don't think a mother can ask for a better compliment than that.  Thank you Karina.  I like hanging out with you too.

Breakfast Club

New Years Day, Day one of the new year, while throwing together a meal in anticipation of my family coming by for dinner I got a hair brain idea.  I'd announce it later when the whole group arrived.

New Years Eve was somewhat quiet.  We went to a friends home where several people from our church gathered as a farewell party to one of our Pastor's and his lovely wife.  They came to us from New Orleans after having survived Katrina.  Had it not been for Katrina, we would never have had the opportunity and true pleasure of knowing them.  They actually ended up here in California because Pastor Christopher or "Topher" as many call him was raised in Downey, not far from our home.  They're returning to pick up where they left off after having having been called there to do the Lords work, met and married. 

We said our good byes and left the party early, around 11:40 arriving home in time to watch the new year ring in via replay of New Yorks Time Square.  It was Juan Carlos, Karina and I.  Just the three of us, there on the sofa, quietly watching.  The first time in many years Juan Carlos was actually home on NYE and not playing a gig.  Overwhelmed by the excitment, or should I say lack of, we went to bed early.

I woke up much later than normal new years day and didn't move.  I layed there taking advantage of the rare opportunity.  JC was ready for battle, remote control in hand.  He turned on the set and found the Rose Parade in full swing.  We watched until it replayed and we picked it up where it was when we first turned in.  One of the longest mornings I've stayed in bed for a very long time.

Parade done and over I rolled out of bed and into the kitchen.  Coffee and full on breakfast for all.  We ate, cleaned the place up and I immediately started preparation for dinner.  I'm not sure if the idea came to me because of the box of family pictures sitting on the floor awaiting my brother's arrival, or as a result of the unusually quiet previous evening.  For as much as I enjoyed seeing church friends and having quiet time on the sofa with my husband and daughter, I also felt overwhelmingly nostalgic. It's been such a long time since I've been to or had a New Year Eve party with dancing and laughter and craziness.  Not that a NYE without the craziness isn't fun, but I was raised with parties.  Every year, every few months, sometimes every weekend.  Something about family and friends gathering to just talk, laugh, dance, enjoy each others company, meet new people and of course EAT.  I shared my feelings with JC who agreed.  We decided then and there, next year, party at the Boza's, NYE.

Not being able to shake the nostalgic mood, I began to think back on holidays at our home as a kid.  The house was filled with family.  Never a dull moment.  How could I explain to my kids how magical it was.....better question, why should I have to?  Then wondering, will they have great memories of our holidays?  And that is when  I began to wonder when our family started spending less time together without noticing.  I know it wasn't a conscience decision, it just happened.  Work, friends, kids growing up and distractions all got us to a place where we put less and less importance on making the effort to gather often.

I went to my room, turned on the computer and sat there thinking, what can I do.  I realized there wasn't anything on the computer that would answer the question.  The only solution to the problem is to take action.

All in attendance, I waited until everyone was sitting and eating, took out a clean piece of paper, wrote down the 12 months and made stated my plea.   "Ahem....I'd like your attention please.  I've been thinking.  We as a family do not spend enough time together."  So far, so good, I had their attention.  "Maybe it's just me, but I think we "need" to do something about this and soon".  All heads nodd in agreement.  "I have this piece of paper with the months of the year written on it.  I'd like to pass it around and have each family pick from the first months, which they are willing to host a Breakfast".  I waited for reaction and within a few mere seconds the paper was being passed around, with everyone signing up and excited about our new "Breakfast Club".

Today was the first.  Rusty and Juliet hosted our first, 2nd Saturday of the month Breakfast Club.  Let me tell you, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  What a spread!  There were biscuits, pancakes, sausage, bacon, ham, hash browns, bite sized quiche, fruit salad, juice, coffee and little chopped up vegetables to make your own personalized omelete.  Even 10 year old Christopher contributed by making cheese with chicken quesadillas.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I ate too much and then hung around to talk and catch up on what had been happening over the last two weeks since we'd all seen each other last.  It was a blast.

Next month is at Michele and Carlos' house and I can't wait to spend another great day with my family.  I'm sorry for Michele and Carlos because Juliet and Rusty set the bar really high but the truth is, if they decide to serve toast and butter, it wouldn't matter (even though I do hope neither of them reads this and decides to do just that), the most important thing is that we get together. 

It took a quiet New Years Eve and just enough nostalgia to get the ball rolling but hopefully instead of a few emails or a phone call now and again we won't have another two months pass before we sit down to a meal, laugh, cry and reminisce.  Time passes far too quickly to miss out on the opportunity to hug.

So if you're planning on inviting me anywhere or dropping by, make sure it isn't on the second Satuday of any month, that day is taken, I've dedicated it to my family.  I can't wait for April, the Boza's month...I already know what I'm gonna do and NO, I will not tell.  I don't want anyone stealing my idea.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good news AT LAST!

You know, I've been looking for work for what seems an eternity. I applied for so many positions to no avail. No calls, no interest, no job.

I'd all but given up hope when I get a call from a United Airline's Recruiter asking if I'd still be interested in interviewing for a position. Trying not to sound as if I could be there in 1.5 seconds if that was what it would take to get the job, I ask, "is this the position at the John Wayne Airport?", knowing full well, it is. She said it was and asked if I could be there at 10:00 a.m., December 21st. I ask if I can check my calendar because who knows, there is a slim possibility I'd have to, say, pay a bill or something that would totally coincide with an interview, so I check and confirm that I do show availability for that date and time. I am important, you know.

The 21st comes and, I go to my interview; resume in hand (second copy in my bag,just in case the President of the company would like to meet me too). I meet with the General Manager and his Administrative Assistant; both very lovely people. The interview questions are prepared in advance so each takes a turn asking, and then each write down my response. I'm the first of 8 scheduled for two days. I'm told that a decision should be made by Wednesday afternoon and a notice to the fortunate candidate will be given by Wednesday late afternoon, possibly Monday.

After the interview, I'm feeling quite confident but I've been there before. Never buy the first days outfit until you get the confirming phone call and arrive back at home from filling the gas tank, my motto.

Wednesday comes, nothing. Monday the 28th an email arrives. I eagerly open it and read those dreaded words "we have offered the position to another candidate". I'm crushed but believe me folks, it ain't the foist time. Back to the drawing board, I continue to fill out applications.

Wednesday, January 6th, I see a call coming through on my phone with a familiar phone number. Although I run the risk of it being a bill collector I answer the darn thing ready to take on the dragon on the other end...."I'll lie", I think, if they want money. Say "it's in the mail" or "darn, I thought I paid that already", rustle some paper around, open a file cabinet, walk hard across the wood floor to make them think I'm concerned...."Hello?...Hello?...Hello? I can't hear you"...nothing. I got my shield in one had, spear in the other and nothing. I hang up the phone and go back to whatever nothingness I was doing. The phone rings. I'd just hung up the armor and ...."Hello?...Hello?...Hello? I can't hear you"...nothing again! I hang up. 2 seconds and I receive a text from the recruiter "call me if your still interested". I tried to wait, I tried so hard but I just couldn't. I called back so quickly I doubt she'd even put the phone down. She knew it was me because she answered "I couldn't hear you. I think you put your phone on mute". She knows me. She saw my number and knew it was me. I felt like Sally Field at the Academy Awards "You like me". No! I didn't say it, but I wanted to. I wanted to cry, just like Sally, but I got myself together.

My Recruiter (notice she's now "mine"), explains that I got the email in error saying "it's a standard email that goes out to all (loser) candidates"...okay, she didn't say "loser" it just me or do you think that maybe the position was offered to someone else who maybe didn't make the final cut? Guess it doesn't matter. I went to a second interview with the General Manager who just wanted to "make sure". Everything musta' checked out because I'm under the microscope now the balls rolling with a background check and yesterday, Monday, I flew to San Francisco for finger printing.

Unless I've committed some horrific crime while wandering the streets of L.A. during some late night sleep walk, I think I'm gonna pass. I've been background checked and finger printed before...NO! Not for anything like that! I'm a massage therapist remember? All that stuff is required for each city you work in as a MT.

I'm totally excited. I know United Airlines is a great company to work for and the benefits are good and I can finally go to the doctor...well, soon anyway. Benefits kick in day 1. No waiting until the fifth hour of the 4th Thursday of the sixth month for benefit enrollment. Uh, uh brutha! This is day one, sign the papers, insured!

Thank you Jesus and all you nice people who prayed for me. Hmmmm, wonder if I should go shopping or wait for Andy of Mayberry to call with approval.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Times of Innocence

Not long ago I came across a box of old photos.  I'd seen most of them except those in the slide show below.  I was so excited when I found out I was able to print them using my scanner. Hope you enjoy and thanks Bunny for posting your slide show.  Made me get off my rocker and finish mine.