Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good news AT LAST!

You know, I've been looking for work for what seems an eternity. I applied for so many positions to no avail. No calls, no interest, no job.

I'd all but given up hope when I get a call from a United Airline's Recruiter asking if I'd still be interested in interviewing for a position. Trying not to sound as if I could be there in 1.5 seconds if that was what it would take to get the job, I ask, "is this the position at the John Wayne Airport?", knowing full well, it is. She said it was and asked if I could be there at 10:00 a.m., December 21st. I ask if I can check my calendar because who knows, there is a slim possibility I'd have to, say, pay a bill or something that would totally coincide with an interview, so I check and confirm that I do show availability for that date and time. I am important, you know.

The 21st comes and, I go to my interview; resume in hand (second copy in my bag,just in case the President of the company would like to meet me too). I meet with the General Manager and his Administrative Assistant; both very lovely people. The interview questions are prepared in advance so each takes a turn asking, and then each write down my response. I'm the first of 8 scheduled for two days. I'm told that a decision should be made by Wednesday afternoon and a notice to the fortunate candidate will be given by Wednesday late afternoon, possibly Monday.

After the interview, I'm feeling quite confident but I've been there before. Never buy the first days outfit until you get the confirming phone call and arrive back at home from filling the gas tank, my motto.

Wednesday comes, nothing. Monday the 28th an email arrives. I eagerly open it and read those dreaded words "we have offered the position to another candidate". I'm crushed but believe me folks, it ain't the foist time. Back to the drawing board, I continue to fill out applications.

Wednesday, January 6th, I see a call coming through on my phone with a familiar phone number. Although I run the risk of it being a bill collector I answer the darn thing ready to take on the dragon on the other end...."I'll lie", I think, if they want money. Say "it's in the mail" or "darn, I thought I paid that already", rustle some paper around, open a file cabinet, walk hard across the wood floor to make them think I'm concerned...."Hello?...Hello?...Hello? I can't hear you"...nothing. I got my shield in one had, spear in the other and nothing. I hang up the phone and go back to whatever nothingness I was doing. The phone rings. I'd just hung up the armor and ...."Hello?...Hello?...Hello? I can't hear you"...nothing again! I hang up. 2 seconds and I receive a text from the recruiter "call me if your still interested". I tried to wait, I tried so hard but I just couldn't. I called back so quickly I doubt she'd even put the phone down. She knew it was me because she answered "I couldn't hear you. I think you put your phone on mute". She knows me. She saw my number and knew it was me. I felt like Sally Field at the Academy Awards "You like me". No! I didn't say it, but I wanted to. I wanted to cry, just like Sally, but I got myself together.

My Recruiter (notice she's now "mine"), explains that I got the email in error saying "it's a standard email that goes out to all (loser) candidates"...okay, she didn't say "loser" it just me or do you think that maybe the position was offered to someone else who maybe didn't make the final cut? Guess it doesn't matter. I went to a second interview with the General Manager who just wanted to "make sure". Everything musta' checked out because I'm under the microscope now the balls rolling with a background check and yesterday, Monday, I flew to San Francisco for finger printing.

Unless I've committed some horrific crime while wandering the streets of L.A. during some late night sleep walk, I think I'm gonna pass. I've been background checked and finger printed before...NO! Not for anything like that! I'm a massage therapist remember? All that stuff is required for each city you work in as a MT.

I'm totally excited. I know United Airlines is a great company to work for and the benefits are good and I can finally go to the doctor...well, soon anyway. Benefits kick in day 1. No waiting until the fifth hour of the 4th Thursday of the sixth month for benefit enrollment. Uh, uh brutha! This is day one, sign the papers, insured!

Thank you Jesus and all you nice people who prayed for me. Hmmmm, wonder if I should go shopping or wait for Andy of Mayberry to call with approval.


Rattus Scribus said...


That's great news!
United Airlines. Sure, I think I've heard of them. Low budget outfit out of Cucamonga.

Let us know what you'll be doing and when you start.

In the mean time, can I leave this bag with you while I go check something out?

Anita says hello and will leave a message of glory, honor and praise of her own.

We're so happy for you.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YAHOO!!!!! I prayed! I PRAYED FOR YOU! WOw. Finally is right. I am so glad for you! I wish you the best first day and go out there and enjoy. Praise God, indeed. Bisous, ANita

Me....bunny said...

better start hitting the gym...get in shape for jumping terrorists.