Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wheat Thins

I love Wheat Thins but I'd like your opinion.  Are they called wheat thins because they're thin in size or is it because if you eat them they help control your weight and you stay thin?  Cause I'm here to say that I cannot, seem to control myself when I start eating them.  I tell myself "I can't gain weight" even if I sit down and chow a whole box at a sitting.  I say it over and over...sometimes, even out loud.  Cause you know if you hear it, it's true... Right?

Like, let's say you wanna eat a whole cake...this is just an example, so don't think I'm speaking from experience...So you sit down with the cake and you say repeatedly "I can't gain weight, I can't gain weight".  Of course, you're saying it out loud because if you can hear it, it's true.  I can't remember where I learned that, but I'm almost sure it was at church...maybe not.

Well, I don't know but so far, I'm still not thin.  Maybe I have to eat a few more boxes of the stuff.  I'm just wondering if I have to eat them at one sitting or if I can stretch it out over, let's say.....2......hours.  Cause the thing is, I'm not going anywhere, not moving a leg or a finger until I see results.  Can you imagine eating a whole box and instead of sitting right there on the sofa waitng for thinness to come upon me, I get up and walk around....I could miss it.  You know chewing works off calories too so I'm beginning to see why eating a couple of boxes could be to my advantage.  Also, I've read that sleeping is a good calorie burner...that gives me a great idea for this evening.  I'm gonna sit down and cram a couple of boxes down my throat, which of course will be followed by a glass of water  because water is a plus when you're attempting to lose weight, (I don't know why they don't print that on the box) and then I'll take a little nappy and hopefully when I wake up, viola! I'll be thin. 

I'd like to meet the person who created Wheat Thins.  I imagine they're perty darn skinny...Oops! I meant thin.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I remember wheat thins.....but I went ALL THE WAY eating those with CREAM CHEESE! So I annulled any possibilities that these little goodies were meant to help us lose weight! BEAUTIFUL WRITING, as always!!!! Can you believe I need to go to school this morning for a meeting already? I have been spoiled by such a wonderful summer, but it's time to get back! Missing you.....Anita