Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you remember or do you think you remember

The other day my daughter was telling me about something she remembers from her childhood.  She went into great detail and I was honestly impressed that she had such a great memory.  She does really.  There are times she recounts a dream, in it's entirety.  I've learned not say anything to her that I don't want her to remember because, she will.  My sister is the same; she remembers things that most people don't even notice happened right before their eyes.

I remember stuff too you know.  Like the time I colored on the wall in the living room behind my dad's red chair.  You know why I remember?  Right!  I got one of the very few spankings I ever received. 

I also remember a night I found myself laying on the bathroom floor telling my Aunt Camille she didn't love know why I remember?  Ahh,ha she spanked me too.  I guess your not supposed to tell people who love you that they don't cause if you do they're overcome with this crazy desire to spank you.  I remember that Auntie!

I also remember being about 8 years old, sitting on the back porch of my parents house.  I was wearing a white button down shirt and some old brown cowboy boots (whose were those anyway?).  I was eating white bread with refried pinto beans on it.  The memory is so clear.  Oh! Maybe that's because I have a picture of it.....and there, my friends is the key.  Not that all memories come from old photos but, I wonder if I'd remember much of anything from my childhood if there weren't pictures to trigger the memories.

I don't know about you but my family has so many pictures.  My parents had pictures that go waaaay back.  Way, way back.  It's a beautiful thing too.  My brother Rusty (Daniel A. Leonard V)has done a wonderful job of putting some some of those pictures on a webpage (it's a geneology); click on his link and check them out by clicking on the highlit names.  I'm actually quite surprised he didn't put more pictures on there.
Daniel A. Leonard 2nd
In the 40's, my mom and her cousins used to take the best pictures.  Looking at them makes me wish I could have been there.  I loved the clothing and the poses they chose.  They'd all climb on top a car and strike a pose or theres the picture in someone's living room with them posed around the piano.  Just makes you wanna jump into the picture cause looking at it you can almost feel the mood.
I remember the pictures my dad used to take of us when we were kids.  Most of us wore flat tops....Oh, wait, that was no flat top, that was my dad cutting our heads off.  His artistic abilities must have been somewhere else because it wasn't in picture taking.  Then again, maybe he just didn't like what he saw and did a little editing.  Thanks Dad, you really could have told me the hairdo needed some changing.

For a while there I stopped taking as many pictures...what a mistake!  They're like family gold.  No family should be without them.  So if by some chance you've put the camera in a drawer or closet, get that sucker out and start snapping away.  It's less expensive these days and so much easier to get to.  Do it!  Your family memories are slipping by you if you don't.  The kids need to see the pictures and videos of themselves so they can remember just how cute and dorky they once were.  Sorry, I was probably thinking of one of my elementary school pictures with my hair standing up in the middle of my head.  Can't look at it without laughing and neither can anyone else.

Go on now, go make some memories!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh, you have taken me down memory lane here. As I look at the piles of photos that my mother left me, I always think how much our family must have loved photography, each other, or just the novelty of photography! THERE ARE OOODLES of the best photos....and the best part, is that when I was young, my mother would often tell the stories behind the photos. These people who I never met, were vivid ghosts that lived and remain alive in me! Grandma for example....I never knew her, but I feel that I do because of my mom's storytelling. Photos and folklore, pictures and stories; they all go together and the kids will be the next generation in this circle of life that started with our grand elders, passed down by our parents to us, now passing it down to Karina's and Danté's generation. How precious. Give a big kiss to that darling girl of yours! And many hugs and kisses to you dear cousin!!!


bunny said...

I am with you on this one. It's so easy to sent photos to be processed.
I send them to Walmart...19 cent each. For Meredith's birthday, I ordered a book of all the pics of the boys and it was very reasonable and came out nice. Something she'll have forever and look at from time to time....and wish they were still


Rattus Scribus said...

Hi Marie.
Your post surfaces so many memories of my childhood. Most people would think I made it all up if I told them, and of course everyone in the family seems to remember certain things differently, especially if they're not the hero in the story. Please tell Rusty hi, and that I loved his web page.

I just posted a very short piece on Rattus Scribus about some really cool lights we recently found. Check out the pictures.

Please give my love to Karina and Juan Carlos. We miss you.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest cousin,

Thank you for popping over today to visit the fairy in the linen closet!!! You know, when I was little, I used to love to open the linen closet in the old house that I lived in Los you remember that old house? The linen closet was lined with cedar and everytime I smell cedar, it takes me back to those days when I would open up the closet hoping to find something enchanting. My mother kept all my old drawings and old toys in that space.....I still haven't grown up!

Thanks for humoring me and coming to my crazy world! I LOVE YOU! Anita

Twice as Nice said...

Are you using cutest blog on the block? We lost our background too. I think they got rid of some of them so you can no longer have them. When you first click on your blog it shows a back ground but then it goes away. Just a thought as to why.