Monday, July 26, 2010

Not exactly what I had in mind but it'll do in a pinch

Geez! I forgot how long it takes to set up a new blog page. What with the Blog Background thief still at large, I had to pick something quick to try and make my blog as inconspicuous as possible.

Some of you out there are constantly giving your blogs facelifts. New pictures, new colors, new backgrounds, new, new, new....Me, I'm quite content to keep the same scenery. I mean, if you have time to do it, more power to you....I guess.
So I chose this one because it has plenty of color. I wasn't able to figure out how to make the photo of my dance shoes fit better so I finally just thought, "so". Really, that is what I thought. I've found that saying "so" helps release me of the pressure of having to do anything. "So", perty much says it all. It's almost like saying Amen...okay, well not quite but it's a good closing line word.... Theres something so final about "so". I mean what are you gonna do when someone says "so"? Challenge them? What more can you get out of about "so what?" That's taking it a step further.
And as usual, I've gone off on another tangent and forgotten about the original message of this post, so I should finish....but, on the other hand, I'd rather not.....SO!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, I hate to tell you, but your background doesn't appear! It is totally black.....when I first arrived on your page, I saw a flash of color whoosh by me, but then in a blink, it is gone! This is really, really strange that you were robbed of this, forced to change the whole thing! And you don't have time for this! I was thinking of redoing my look, but I am not sure I like the new templates that are offered. Oh well....GEEZE, I hope you can get this fixed once and for all!

How is everyone? Anita

bunny said...

Yeah...just blackness...but like you say...SO?


Debbie said...

i got a notice that my background is going to disappear on august 1. i have been trying to figure out how to put a new background ... i've done it twice, it was easy, now i can't figure it out. UGH.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I had the SAME thing happen to my background!! I have no idea what happened to it or where the heck it went, but it was gone! Drove myself craxy last night trying to "heal" it of its afflictions! I think I succeeded for now..


Love it!

Just found your blog and girl, I am a follower :)

I'll be back!

Lou Cinda :)