Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a bully...

Growing up, on of my bestest friends in the world was Sheron Lupita Garcia.  Sheron lived across the alley and cati-corner to my house.  She moved into that house when we were in the 3rd grade and wasted no time getting to know what kids lived in the neighborhood.

We were not directly related, but her family was related to someone on my mom's side of the family so we just preferred to consider ourselves cousins to spare explaination of how we knew each other.

Sheron was an only child and spent a lot of time at my house because her parents were often out leaving her alone in the house.   So many times she would call late in the evening and say my mom and dad aren't here, can I come over.  Of course my parents always agreed that she should so I'd walk out the front door to the curb to wait and see Sheron running down the alley, her long lanky legs carrying her as quickly as they could.  As this was pre-cell phone, she'd always leave a note for her parents so they'd know where she was when they came home. 

Sheron was used to doing things her way because she didn't have any siblings to consider.  And because I was always the push over, we often did what she wanted to do, even if it wasn't what I wanted to do.  I guess you could say I let her push me around.  Go on, say it.

One summer my parents bought a small pool for my sister and I.  Michele is 7 years younger than I so when Sheron and I would ask if we could walk to Ed's Liquor, at the end of the street, my dad would say "you can go, but you have to take your sister with you".  We hated that! Not because I didn't like my sister, but you know, when you're 11 and your sister is 4, it just doesn't seem fair.  So, for me it was a drag but for Sheron, well, my sister was just a nusance.  So back to the pool....Sheron comes over one day and we're walking in the back yard when my sister comes running in our direction.  Well, I guess Sheron was just not in the mood for my sister so she picks her up and throws her in the pool.  Oh no you di'int!

Granted the pool was small, but hoooooold on just . a . minute!  I was not happy. I was never overprotective of my sister and in my family we had to learn to stand up for ourselves but come on now, it was so uncalled for I wanted to punch Sheron right in the face.  No, she isn't one of the three people I've punched in my lifetime.  I just remember fuming at the thought that she would do such a thing.

My sister was one of the cutest little kids I have ever seen.  She had this cute little round face with big beautiful eyes and she was, as still is, so well tempered.  As her older sister there were times she got on my nerves because that's what little sisters do to big sisters.  But for someone to come into our domain and do something like that was just uncalled for. 

I don't remember how it worked out but of course after a while Sheron and I went back to being friends and she'd call late at night and come running down the alley like a crazy kid.  She'd talk me into walking to Mr. Ed's Liquor when I didn't want to go and of course she'd help me convince my parents that we needed to go to Skateland on Saturday afternoons.  She was an influence of sorts in my life.  Sometimes she could get me to do things that no one else would have been able to get me to do.  She'd get me to talk about boys, or more often list to her talk to boys because she was boy crazy.

After middle school Sheron's parents divorced and she moved in with her dad.  We lost touch for a short while and then after we graduated from high school she would stop by the house now and then until one day when she moved back into the house her mother still owned and had rented for years.  It was great to have her back and she'd still call me in the evenings but now she'd ask if I wanted to come over while her husband was out playing drums somewhere.  We picked right back up where we were except that, I didn't feel like I had to do everything she said anymore. 

Sheron has been a great friend through the years.  She calls or sends me a birthday card every year without fail.  And not too long ago we met at her cousins house for an evening of rememberence.  It's so great to know that after all these years and time apart we can still pick up as if we'd never lived far from each other.

That's what real friendship is.  Calls late at night when you need to talk to someone.  Phone calls that may come only once a year at birthday time.  Old ragged pictures of Sheron and I playing the piano with our toes that bring back the best memories of our youth, even if they do include your little sister looking waterlogged.

Thanks for being a friend Sheron (I'd add our piano picture but my computers arent working at the moment).


Debbie said...

That was a great story Marie. I found myself smiling as I read it ... and wanting to punch Sheron in the face as well! How dare she throw Michelle in the pool! p.s. do I know this girl?


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I remember this girl faintly...long brownish blond hair? Oh, I remember someone but this person I am thinking of was always a bully....

bunny said...

Aw yes, the wonderful memories of childhood girlfriends and the DRAMA!
Sharon wasn't really a bully just a little girl without siblings to knock her around once in a while...lol Next time you talk to her tell her "hey" from me. I didn't know you guys were related sort of..interesting.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning! Thanks for coming to my SPRING post! We finally have spring, although for us in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we are at least 2 weeks ahead...global warming....I don't know, but it is strikingly gorgeous outside with our crab apple trees in bloom and the rabbits and ducks and geese coming out to play!

Can't wait to see you! Anita