Saturday, April 10, 2010

I could just pinch him!

I'm talking about my nephew Christopher; he's the cutest thing.

Today being the 2nd Saturday of the month was breakfast club.  It was Stars turn to host and she was in top form.  We had Chorizo y Huevo burritos with bacon and potatos as additional fillers.  There were biscuts, juice, coffee and more juice.

My brother Rusty celebrated his 62nd birthday April 7th so I stopped by and bought him a nice cake to add to the mix.  I really wanted to make him a cake so that it would be a little more personal but ran into a little trouble.  First, I opened a yellow cake mix and found that the bloody moths had gotten to the box before I could.  I was just a little mad.....okay, I was stinking mad!  I wanted to throw it on the floor, stomp all over the package and then take a chainsaw to it....slightly dramatic, I know, so I changed my mind and walked it over to the trash can and dumped it.

I opened a second box and scoured it for any sign of insect, be it winged or otherwise, and found nothing.  Feeling relieved and back to normal, if there is such a thing, I poured the mix into a bowl and THEN, went about collecting the rest of the ingredients.  I know you're talking about me, I can feel it, and yes; you are supposed to check for ingredients first, but I knew I had them.  Eggs, water and oil.  No big deal; unless of course you have an antiquated refridgerator that is supposed to be in a small apartment and not in a home where 5 grown people need refridgerated items.  Our refridgerator broke down over a year ago and with things being as they are, we just have not replaced the fridge.  Instead, we moved the little apartment fridge from the studio into the house until we could afford to buy a "normal" sized unit.

So!  With my mix in the mixing bowl ready to be beat, as directed on the box and not my mood, I walk over to the fridge and pull out the Egg thingamajigee.  BEAUTIFUL!  There they sit, 6 frozen eggs.  Yes, FROZEN!  Perfect time to practice those flamenco steps if you ask my angered mood but then I'd have to clean the lousey mess.  So once again I cool myself off and then proceed to repackage the cake mix.  Sorry Rusty, no homemade boxed cake for you.

I could have run to the store and bought unfrozen eggs but due to the fact that we still only have one car (JC had a gig and Jenifer had just left to a party) which means at 8 o'clock at night I really would have had to run, I figured the solution was to
  • A) get up super early, find an open store, run home throw a cake in the oven and then take Karina to the church HUB in Los Alamitos where she was leaving for a day trip to Six Flags, drive back home in hopes that 1) the house had not burnt down 2) the cake hadn't stuck to the pan or 3) I could actually make it on time and throw the frosting on before I showered so that we leave right after my shower to pick up my Aunt Camille and then make it on time ............
  • B) Buy a pretty one.
You know which I opted for, don't you.

It looked just like this except it had peaches instead of kiwi and blackberries.

So, like I was saying...Christopher (my nephew) is so cute, I could just pinch him.  Here he is with his brand new bike.  He can't wait to ride to the beach with mom.

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Debbie said...

AWWWWW! I feel your pain. AND FRUSTRATION. Please say happy belated birthday to Rusty! I LOVE RUSTY. My dad always thought Rusty looked like Little Red Lopez ... the boxer. Anyway, Christopher is adorable. He totally has Star's face ... they're like twins! He's a cutie pie and I'm afraid he just may be a lady killer ... ay yi yi. Too cute!