Saturday, April 10, 2010

The kid that got the best of me

As a kid I was shy and mellow.  So shy that sometimes I'd go to my own cousins house and not warm up to them enough to play until right before we went home.  Now that I think about it, it was kind of sad. 

My next door neighbors to the left of us, had two girls about my age.  Teresa, being the oldest (we called her Tatsi) and Ana, my age.  Later on there were two other sibilings that came along but before then , it was just the 3 of us.  Teresa (Tatsi), was sick from the time she was born.  I'm not sure what she had but she was always frail.  She had little scars on her hands from surgeries she'd gone through and often times she couldn't play because she wasn't feeling well.

Tatsi was kind of spoiled.  No! she was very spoiled.  She had the last say, no matter what.  If she said we're gonna play house, we played house.  If she said "go home", you'd better believe I went home.  She was mean and no one ever fought her.  She called the shots and if you coldn't handle that, there was no place for you.

I can remember begging my mom to let me go next door to play with the girls.  She'd say, okay but don't come home crying.  I'd walk out the back, through our fence, around the corner through their fence and we'd get started with whatever it was Tatsi wanted to do.  If her cousins showed up, you'd better believe I was no longer wanted and there I'd go off to mama crying cause I was chased home.  My mom would get so mad, she'd say "don't ask me to go over there then!".

Well, one day I'm out in the back playing in my playhouse, all by myself setting up store.  I don't know if you did this when you were young but we used to save milk cartons, corn cans, soup cans, juice cartons...well, anything we bought at the store that could be emptied out, washed and used in the "store" was a valuble item.  Mom would let me keep anything for the playhouse store as long as I made sure to put it all away.  My playhouse, by the way, was one of the best ever.  It had a functioning door, windows with curtins, table and chairs, a porch and of course plastic dishes and cups.  Dad bought it before I was born; he was so sure I'd be a girl.

So back to the store....I've got my store set up and there were no customers because...I don't know why.  I guess the girls were in the house and my other girlfriends weren't around so I was playing store all alone.  For a while anyway.  After a period Tatsi shows up looking through the wooden fence where one of the planks had fallen out.  I dont' recall if I was happy to see her or not but there she was.  I'm busy doing storely things when she sticks her arm over and grabs one of my items.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she stole something from my store.  No exchange of the green whatsoever.  Just a swoosh, as the item goes from my store to her yard.  I admit I was a push over but I was not happy with little miss sick, always get my way girl. So I says to her "Hey!  That's my stuff you can't take it.  Give it back".  No item returned, she must have been in one of her moods because she stuck her skinny little arm right through the fence again and this time she took a milk carton.  Milk cartons are a valuble asset to a front porch store and no one, but no one should think you can just reach in and take one because you never get punished for anything and mommy let's you have your way.  I give a second warning and can feel the steam coming out of my ears but you know, some people just don't know when to stop and apparently they have no fear of the unknown.

Just so you know, in my life time, outside of spanking my kids, I've only hit another individual 3 times.  One, a bully at school who just wouldn't let up on me and 3 a guy who....well, let's just say he deserved it.

Did I leave out 2?  Hmmmm, I think I did.  Well, number 2....
I see that arm coming in for what looks like the 3rd and final time because all buttons being pushed I'm good and tired and ready to have at it.  All I can say is, girlfriend didn't see it coming.  I must have really given her the one, two punch because there it tooth less to brush.  Yep!  I knocked her tooth out.
More than likely it was lose already but regardless, little miss let me boss you around was ready for Halloween or looking forward to Christmas and getting her front tooth.

I don't remember what happened next; if we played together or not.  All I know is, for once I stood up to a bully who may never have hit me physically but her mean mouthed, sky high attitude finally got a feel for what it was like to be on the other end. 

Wow!  Was I mean?  I mean, she was sick...................Naw!  I wonder if, when my time comes and I see my life flash before me, that'll be one of the quick frames I'll see: Tatsi, tooth flailing through the air, covering her mouth and running inside "Marie hit me!".  Pray for me people.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG I remember your playhouse. I remember playing in it and Greg would come and tease us! I remember also having some plastic saxaphones that would blow bubbles when you tooted on them....yikes, what a memory! AND...I remember your neighbor well! I remember the plank missing from the fence and seeing their yard; it was large with big trees. You brought back so many memories, but I bet you will never forget that liberating moment! I remember my first and only fight in elementary school; I socked that girl so hard...I had had enough!

Great writing, hilarious and I bet it feels good to write it out?!!

Bisous, Anita

Me....bunny said...

Don't worry...she deserved it, I remember her. Sick or no sick is no reason to be mean AND her sister was mean too! there!


Debbie said...

That was a great story Comadre! And NO. You weren't mean! You didn't make her sick ... and she WAS mean ... and a brat. She had it coming. And Bunny knew her and said so too ... SO THERE.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh thank you, thank you for coming by for the masquerade and dream bday party!!! Don't you just love pretending? You must because we have the theatre bug in us that never dies!

Much love to you, and I can't wait to see you ALL!!!! Anita