Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Darn good thing I like to laugh......

Because last night, I took a fall. I wasn't alone or in a dark place where no one could see me. No...I took a fall in front of a whole group of women. And let me tell you...it was hysterical!

I remember watching someone fall about 20 years ago. And I remember it well because she did it in slow motion. It was like watching a sports game on tv when they sloooooooow the action down so you can get the full impact of what happened. The facial reaction, the eye's searching for help, the body acting like it knew what it was supposed to do but not able to function properly. I laughed until, well, honestly, until I almost did pee pee in my panties.

Last night, I go to a Bunco night for the first time. I'm not much of a game player but this is a group that meets once a month so I figured, hey, I can do that. I didn't know everyone there but I love to meet new people, so I wasn't too worried about it, and figured it would make for an exciting time.

So as Bunco goes (well, with this group anyway), when you throw a particular hand, you yell it out and a little bag with money in it suddenly becomes yours. The bag fly's around the room the entire evening and whoever is left with it at the end of the night.....you got it....gets to take the money home. Woo hooo!

Lucky me, I got a...well, I'm not sure what you call it so I'll call it the un-Bunco. I yell it out and sure enough, the bag comes flying to me. By the time I get it in my hot, sweaty little hands, someone else had already thrown an un-Bunco. This means I have to relinquish my little money bag. I'm confused. Do I give it up or turn and run out of the house, never to return. I had to think quick.....What would Jesus do? Too many woman, I decide to go with honesty. I half way turn in my chair and kind of toss that little bag over my shoulder to the table where the un-Bunco was thrown. And this is what happens when you're too lazy to get up turn around and walk the entire 2 steps it would have taken me to get to the table....in very, very slow motion, I feel the chair going down...and guess what? Ahaaa. I'm in it....I feel as if my life is flashing before my eyes, my children were little, my first car, my last bow on stage, my first patent leather shoes...my arms are flailing way over my head trying to grab What? The air? I look like a twisted, evil tornado, the Tasmanian Devil himself, the room is spinning, my legs are trying to follow orders from the brain but it's too late, the guests freeze in anticipation of my back breaking, hospital bound fall from greed. BUT i haven't hit the ground yet! Oh no, I finally get my head turned toward where most of the woman are sitting and see their faces, as they watch the only live action they've seen since the Olympics...and then THUD! I hit the ground. Only a sixteenth of a second has passed, and that's when I lose it. We all lose it! Uncontrolled tears of laughter abound. Can you believe they laughed at me!

It took a while to regain composure. And THAT is why I lost. I'm sure the pot (money) was for me. If it hadn't been for that fall, I'd have walked out that door with a total $20 to my name.

Next month, I'm not falling and that $20 will me mine! Mine, I tell you..............


kristi said...

Im sorry Marie for laughing at you....ok no Im not...it was FUNNY!...I was sitting in the right spot!....Enoough about you falling,I am glad you were there last night and I hope you did have fun, and I hope your back is ok,we want u to come back, so I can take your money...:)

Marie said...

Oh, I'll be back. You better save up cause you'll be broke by the time I'm done with you!