Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a Small World after all

So yesterday I go to work at the Spa where I started last week. During the interview process the owner and I got a little chatty and discovered that she's exactly two days older than I. I thought it was darn interesting but didn’t' take it any further. Just thought "what a coincidence" and moved on.

Yesterday afternoon I'm at work doing some paperwork when the owners daughter walks in and asks "Mom, why do you have this picture here? It's so old." Of course, being a woman AND nosy, I ask to see it. The daughter hands the picture over and as I look at it, I blurt out "I KNOW YOU".

Turns out, my new em
ployer and I went to high school together; go El Rancho Dons! We didn't hang out together but we definitely knew each other, and although we didn't know each other well, I knew her friends, she knew mine. What a laugh!

We sat th
ere and talked about "old times" and some of the fun things that took place during those years. Like, the day we had a "Walk Out" at school. At the appointed hour (which was very hush, hush), we all walked out to the front of the school and sat on the curb in protest of girls not being able to wear jeans to school. And the guys were out there too, you know, any excuse to get out of class. Of course the press showed up and eventually we were allowed to wear jeans. Sweet Success!

We swapped stories about school friends, climbing out of bedroom windows, music and
reunions. As the owner tells me about one of her friends, she says, "you know the one you massaged yesterday". Crazy! I knew this girl in school too but didn't have even a clue that I was massaging an ex-classmate.

Life is nuts, isn't it. We're
coming up on 36 years since we graduated. It's no wonder I didn't recognize either of them.
Not everyone can
look as youthful and gorgeous as me!


Rick Bambrick said...

... you are gorgeous! Your hubby is a lucky man!

52 - you are joking, I would have guessed much, much younger! I think it is the hispanic blood - it keeps us young looking!

Us Latino(a)s age well!

Norma said...

Thanks right Rick, I Ditto what you said and more...

Marie Darlin, You look marvelous. I love you first Blog story and can't wait to read more about you and your daily life. So hurry up and Blog another one Chica.

scmusicals said...

yay! welcome to the blogosphere. =)