Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I was cool.......I was!

Today my friend Bunny posted some "old" pictures of our group of friends from high school on Facebook. First of all, who ever thought at 50 sumpin, us girls would be communicating through FB (that's the cool thing to call it, you know) and my, OH! my, did those pictures take me back.You have to see the picture of me, really.

Could I not have picked any bigger glasses?  
Those puppies were huge.
It's no wonder they even stayed on my nose.
I remember when I finally got those glasses because it was a big ordeal.  A year earlier I'd gone to pick out glasses and of course, mom and dad went with me.  The wire rims were my first choice and mom was fine with it but dad, on the other hand, was not.  I wanted them really bad because like any other teen, I wanted to be cool but according to him they were "hippy glasses".  Now tell me, look at the picture, do I look like a hippy?  Of course not.  But to my dad, wearing, as we used to call them, "John Lennon glasses" would probably make me a pot smoking, LSD taking hippy.  You just know I would have sold my soul to the devil, had I bought those darn things.
A year fly's by and mom and I go back for my yearly eye exam. Sure enough, my prescription got stronger and darn if I didn't have to pick out a new pair of glasses.  Lucky me, dad couldn't make it and mom was a push over.......Oh yeah! John Lennon glasses, here we come!
With little or no coaxing my mom let me get them.  Mom was much cooler about that stuff than dad was.  Maybe she was like me and understood that at a certain age, especially in your teens, it's really important to feel like you fit in.  She also understood that my glasses would not change me, outside of making me cooler than I already was. Something that just could not be helped.
Well, believe it or not, I still have those glasses and you would not believe the lens on those things.  This was before the polycarbonate lens (Bunny, correct me if I'm using the incorrect terminology) so the idea that the bridge of my nose actually held them on is just crazy.  It might explain why I have little, if any, sense of smell left after toting those things around for a few years.  I was constantly pushing them back up on my nose to keep them from falling off my face.  But regardless of just how heavy they were I was cool, and that, my friends was the beginning of my coolness.  Thank you Mom.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I remember those glasses on you! You were cool and my cool cousin! I had the octagon shaped ones and well, you know who picked those out for me.....YOU LOOK GREAT AT ANY ERA!! Have a great day, Anita

Bunny Missbrenner said...

Seeeee, I told you. They were cool and yes polycarbonate would have made them 50% lighter and you probably needed an periodic adjustment, but to me...they marked a period in time that captured a special memory.

Leslie said...

I love this blog! You def were the coolest, like Horse Shack! =)