Saturday, October 3, 2009


Thursday eveing as I was driving to pick Karina up from RevX, the church youth group, I drove past the 91 and 605 freeway junction.  That particular spot always smells of stagnent water.  I'm not sure what goes on there but it smells something awful.

Although I was alone in the car, I immediately started laughing and called out Fuchie!  For anyone who doesn't know, fuchie is a word I've heard since I was a kid and I imagine it comes from the word poochie, which means smelly. I guess it's a Mexican word, meaning a word in Spanish but used by the Mexican community.  So I'm in the car alone but I had to say it anyway.  

Just a month prior I drove past the same spot with 3 teenaged girls in the car and they all yelled out the same thing; "Fuchie" and then immediately went into hysterics pointing fingers at each other as if it were one of them causing the stench.

The other evening after dinner (thank God), the subject of passing gas came up.  See Matthew, our 23 year old, just moved in with us and until we were able to move the two girls back into their room together, Karina was sharing a room with him.  She said, and I quote, "I don't mind sharing a room with Matthew, his farts don't smell that bad."  Matt quickly responded, "that's cause I don't fart much".  The conversation was open for discussion at that point, so Carlos chimes in saying we all fart in our sleep and then begins to make fart noises, with his mouth, saying that he and I do concerts at night and we rarely hear anything because we're asleep. Here's a grown man, making different toned fart noises with his mouth to show how it might sound.  I lost it.  I couldn't help but laugh because this is a man who until about five years ago would never even mention the word fart much less focus on making different sounds to amuse his children.  What happened? 

So as I'm driving along, all alone, laughing, I start to think of all the comedians in the world who have spent entire monologues on the subject.  George Lopez frequently works them into his act as has George Carlin, Eddie Murphy...well, all the funny guys.  What in the I am writing about it and maybe it's cause I still cannot figure out why we must discuss it at all.  It's a gross, disgusting subject yet, the second it comes up people of all ages and races start to laugh.

And why are we laughing? 

What happens in a persons life that they find it necessary to discuss and point the blame onto someone else.  Why can't we just be like dogs....we even blame dogs when someone leaks one out, poor little things.  Do you think they laugh about it.  Or maybe they blame each other....better yet, I wonder if they blame us for their exhaust.  I just don't know.

Us human's are a strange bunch aren't we?  Something smells bad, we quickly look to blame someone.  I say we start a movement...we'll call it Proud Farters of America.  We'll just relieve ourselves anywhere, anytime and not be ashamed.  We can distribute fart literature and have fart concerts...okay, maybe that one should be up for discussion...but how about parades, parties, and a national day of farts.  There are gay parades aren't there? Why shouldn't we have our own? The only way to get past the shame is to bring it out in the open.  Let it to speak. 

All those in favor say aye!

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Bunny Missbrenner said...

I've given up running to an isolated area or denying it around people...Now, I warn people(family members) by announcing that I have gas or just say excuse me. They're way more important things in life than trying to hide