Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

I almost hate when this happens....My husband wakes up and says "What a beautiful morning!". Now most people would find no problem with such a comment but if you know my husband, you know he has energy for four. A beautiful morning for him means energy gone wild.

The other reason I hate the phrase "What a Beautiful Morning" is that it reminds me of the musical Oklahoma.

I recall years ago when I first heard some of the music from Oklahoma, I just loved it. I was melodical, fun music. After a few years, that feeling wore off. It seemed like everyone had done Oklahoma to the point that the freshness was gone. I went to see friends who were sucked into doing the show because they knew so and so, who knew so and so (thank God, I always escaped).
For me, it just turned into one of those loved it, now hate it musicals.

As if it weren't bad enough that I'd seen every version of it imaginable, I was given tickets to see it in Hollywood. Oh, Yippie! Really, why on earth would anyone be doing this show AGAIN. A girl I was working with was so excited to go that I just couldn't say no.

So off we go thinking, okay, well maybe since it's in Hollywood and the gal who played Vicky Stubing on "Love Boat" was in the cast, maybe, just maybe it'll be worth the while.

Wrong! Unbelievably wrong. If anything went right in that show, I'd be the only one who didn't notice. Let's just say that the actress didn't know her lines; script or songs. The actors were totally lost on stage, the lights went out several times and here's the point at which I could no longer take it....the back drop came crashing down on stage nearly landing on the actress in the middle of one of her ear piercing, poorly interpreted songs. I actually got up and walked out, something
I rarely do regardless of how bad a production is.

You know, if the acting is bad you can sit through it with respect to the actors; maybe they're learning. If the music is bad, maybe you can deal with it, maybe. If the set is cheap, hey not every production is funded with thousands of dollars.

Ahh...maybe I just need to get over it already. But, I do have one simple request; should you get up one day and find the sky clear, the sun shining brightly, a tropical breeze, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, Macaw's singing in the background...don't call me with "Oh What a Beautiful Morning". Call and say "it's Gorgeous outside", "it's an incredible day", shoot you can even say...and I hesitate to go there but you could say "It's Beautiful Outside". Just don't ruin it by saying......well, you know.

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Bonjour ma cousine!

I finally found you! Your blog is gorgeous and you look terrific! I will follow you. I am so glad we connected again. Keep dancing! Mille bisous, Anita