Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Karina!

If a "blast" is something that comes from dynamite, I'd say we had dynamite party this past Saturday. It was 50's themed and to prove it, we twisted, shouted, limbo'd, hoola hooped and blew bubbles. We laughed, we fell, we hugged and we planned to do more of it in the near future.

A good 5 and a half years ago we had a 50's party when Jenifer turned 15. It made such a great impression on Karina, then 9 years old, that she couldn't wait for her 15th birthday to do it again. I was sure she'd forget about it and think of something different to do, just goes to show how little I know. She wanted the 50's theme and she wasn't backing down.

We dug out the old, but still good, decorations which actually multiplied when Jenifer used them for a High School dance. Being as what we bought for her party at home were not enough, the school gave her money to buy more; lucky us because they would have thrown them away if it hadn't been for my thrifty, intelligent, quick thinking daughter who bagged them and put them in storage. Yahoooo! I love a good savings.

And who says you can't have a mixed age group and have a good time? Who, I say who?!! While the younger group may have gathered and separated together some of the time, a whole lot of the time we were all dancing and enjoying the various games together. My guess is, the young were laughing at the old and the old were laughing at...well, the old.

I twisted and I'm not referring to the dance floor. Getting into bed that night I thought for certain I'd never again see the light of day. Thank the good Lord I had the sense to hold the Limbo stick instead of trying to Limbo. From what I saw of others, they'd probably still be trying to pick me up from the floor. I'd have the heel of my shoe in one of my ears, I just know it. And of course, I'd probably be in a full body cast because if I even attempted to arch my back as far as others did, I'm sure that I'd have caused such an uproar that half the guests would have been hospitalized along with me from ruptured muscles, something that happens when you are forced to laugh uncontrollably. I actually think it should be used as a form of torture. We'd probably save this country a whole lot of time out of courts and money spent.

My Pastor is the only person I've ever seen Limbo while holding and drinking a soda (show off!). This is a man who stops at nothing. I've seen him break dance during a Sunday sermon and live to tell about it yet, after a 15 year old's birthday party he's forced to give his entire message seated on a stool. Pray for him, please!
This photo was just the beginning.
These people were bent so far back I believe they could see the next days sun rising.

Stay tuned...as soon as I get the Limbo video edited a bit, it'll be posted for all to see. It's never quite as good as the real thing but I know you'll be impressed by the way I hold the limbo stick. Hey! I moved my feet while I held it, I'm not a total loser.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You my dearest are an exceptional writer; I am not saying that as if I had the license to judge good from bad writing, but as a reader who laughs, chuckles and reflects as she reads. Hey, do I have your permission to mention you on my blog? I am proud of you, always have been, but I want to expose your wit to my pals. I also want to give you a crown AND...you have a stunning photo of you posed in a flamenco costume. Do I have permission to use this on a post about you? I must say, your daughter is a stunner. She takes after her mum. Grosses Bises, ANita

Marie said...

Thank you, Anita. Once again, thank the good Lord for our differneces as I've always thought the same of you.

And yes, of course, use whatever you want.

Thank you for your kind words.

Hugs from afar,
Your Cousin

Anonymous said...

This was the most fun party I've been to in a long time! Seriously! You it planned so perfectly and all the kids had a great time. Looking at Karina's picture, it is a little sad to me that she is already a young lady. Time goes much too fast.

Leslie said...

I love this blog! It's good to see that there are other pastors out there that don't worry about appearances! You can be a christian and still have fun! I have to agree with the fellow above. You are a fantastic writer!