Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No birds or bunny's allowed!

Memorial Day. Juan Carlos and I chatted about what we should do with our day. The kids were home. Why we even had an extra kid; my nephew Donte. That meant we could accomplish at least one of the projects on our list of things to do. And Juan Carlos will be the first to tell you that the most important reason for having kids is that you have someone to do the chores you don't want to do (that's a mans thinking for you). So we decided to take advantage of the fact that the kids didn't have plans and make plans for them.

JC and I made breakfast for us all and then, of course, had the kids clean. While they cleaned, we went out to the back yard and got out all the tools to start our little project of planting vegetables. We've had it planned for quite some time now but it just never seems to happen. Since we had the day off, we figured it was the perfect day. We dug a little planter along the back wall and then spent the next 2 1/2 hours pulling the grass roots out. Not an easy task but we had a strong, determined group.

Karina had the task of trimming Muñecas hair so she had no idea what we were doing most of the day because Muñecas hair looked really bad. I'm not sure but I think she was trying to pass for a Jamaican Maan. She's began growing dreadlocks for quite a few months but we didn't notice what a great job she'd done until a few weeks ago. After Karina's hand at dog grooming, we now have what looks like a poodle in the back yard. We've gone from Jamaica to France in just a few short clips of the scissors.

After finishing up outside, we all went inside for a shower and nice family meal with prayer and thanks for those who have and continue to fight for our country and the freedom we so much enjoy.
One week later we had our first sprout of the sweet white corn and three days later there now appear to be 3 or 4. They're still hard to see, but they're there.

We put up temporary wire fencing to keep the dogs out but eventually we'll get something nicer to replace it. Until then, I'm just happy we were able to get the job done and happier yet that it was a family affair.

Well, gotta go fire up the Barbi. I've got visions of sweet corn and butter dancing in my head.


Norma said...

Um, I've got visions of a friend Blessing me with some of that sweet corn one day!

I love how everybody worked as a team. and that's why GOD gave us children so they can help the old folks. Ha!

I love your little blue circles on the picture, Your too funny my friend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

How fun! Do you get bunnies in your yard? I have a gaggle of rabbits that visit every day! You have a lovely garden! Bisous, Anita

Marie said...

OH my. Don't I wish I had bunnies in my yard. You've forgotten how housing is in L.A., I see.

I only wrote that because I live in a fairy tale. I see cartoon where the bunnies and birds are eating up the garden and that's about as close as I get. ;0)