Friday, May 29, 2009

I Hate falling asleep during a movie...ugh!

More and more lately, I fall asleep while watching a movie. While it isn't the worst thing in the world, especially with technology and the ability to rewind these days, it bugs the heck outta me.

It starts with a simple flutter of the eyelids and before you know it, you feel like your on the free fall at Knott's Berry Farm. Thankfully you catch yourself before hitting bottom (of whatever it is your gonna hit in a dream) but not without snapping your head up in a panic. You look around to see if anyone caught it and then go about acting as normal as anyone can who has a fine hairline of saliva just about to make it's way from your chin onto your shirt.

Before you get this gross picture of saliva hanging from my chin in your head, know that I don't drool. No, really, I don't. A few people in my family do (I wont' name names) which is why I'm familiar with the act. I myself witnessed it during one movie I was able to stay awake through.

As a kid, I recall being entertained by my father and uncle as they fell into the sleep zone. It would happen directly after a family dinner. The men, of course, mosey into the living room to relax and "watch a movie", while the women clean up the kitchen (which is another blog all together). They settle in for whatever it is they're going to watch and then proceed to take turns in the zone. It was always entertaining to see the drunken eyed look on their faces as the first person would walk into the room. Their heads would pop up and the eyes would roll back ever so slightly while they made every effort to look as wide awake as possible. This followed by a shift in the seat as if one could not possibly be asleep and shift at the same time, were all the signs that someone was about to snore.

Never, no NEVER in my life did I think I could possibly fall victim to this dreadfully embarrassing act. Yet, here I am 54 years old doing the head flop. It's ridiculous. I'm 100% awake at the moment booty makes contact with the seat, yet within minutes I'm down for the count. There's just no sense to it.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I've been doing this since childhood, you know that don't you!!! Well, it hasn't changed. You describe well what Ruben and I experience every night after work! Ruben is great at it...he has the romote control in his hand with his finger in perfect position to rewind. He is sleeping and then suddenly he awakes to perfectly click the rewind; this is amazing to watch. Me? Same old same old...I just zone out after my last sip of tea and I sleep all through the explosions and loud noise from his movies. We are now in the zone of our elders!! Bisous, Anita

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'll name names....Thelma.
Remember when we used to tease her about it? Now it's a sweet memory.