Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls Night

It'll be here soon. I'm referring to "Girls Night" with my high school girlfriends. Anything could happen you know and that kind of scares me but I'm going anyway.

It's been 36 years since we graduated from El Rancho High School. Could that be! I actually had to take the calculator out and double check my numbers because it just seems like an impossibility. I'm so young, I'm so energetic and good looking and in great physical shape and...did I mention...a liar! Ok, so maybe I'm not any of those these days but I've got to come up with something to make me feel good because 36 years out of High School is painful.

I look in the mirror sometimes and wonder who the heck that woman staring back at me is. I wonder where the tire around my mid-section came from cause it ain't rubber. And I wonder if there isn't some kind of magic pill to make me look better. I did just see a web-site that promises, if you purchase and use their product you'll look younger. I had to stop the video because I was beginning to believe it might be true.

I work in a day spa and our estheticians swear by a particular line of skin care, micro current and microdermabrasion treatments. They promise renewal of the skin and wrinkle removal. Could it be? Do I dare? How much?

I've got one day from now until Saturday night to look good. To look like life is treating me well. To look like I'm all that I can be....OR....I could be honest. Naw....I'm gonna start working out right now.
I'll burn as many calories as I can, drink a ton of water, eat nothing but carrots, go to a sauna, have liposuction, a tummy tuck (a boob job while I'm at it), wear clothes that are too big, say I'm suffering from a rare disease...whatever it takes!

Or then again, I can just hope everyone else looks worse than I do.


Norma said...

Marie, Marie,

I love your honesty. and especially love your humor about life. You are one of the most beautiful, energetic ,caring person inside and out and it shows.
You look so amazing UM for a woman your age. Ha!
Have a wonderful time with your girlfriends and have all the good clean fun you can get our hands on.

I love were you wrote, " I wonder where the tire around my mid-section came from cause it ain't rubber."
That makes for a great Blog tittle, I might you that.

Love you my friend!

Marie said...

Great picture, Norma. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Love you right back.
P.S. How's our game going?

debbie said...

My love, God in his wisdom made it this way. He knew that if we looked as good as we did when we were in our 20's and had all the wisdom we have in our 50's there wouldn't be a man on earth who could handle it. Hardy har har.