Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Juan Carlos Boza....Happy Birthday to you!

Cinco de Mayo around our house really is party time. And it has absolutely nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo as everyone else knows it. It's Juan Carlos' birthday and oddly enough, he got a slow start on it this year.

Typically he starts reminding us of his upcoming birthday at least a month in advance. This year, for some reason, he hasn't talked much about it. Could it be the added years that have slowed the reminders, or is it just the busyness around the house and studio? Not sure, but as you can see, May 4th was a pre-birthday dinner.

Karina and I went to visit my Comadre, Debbie, and left the house without making dinner. Sorry guys. Upon our return, I walk into the house to the smell of shrimp on the barbi. And to my surprise, there's our friend and fellow musician Oswald Bernard cooking for the boys. He's been promising to cook for us for some time now because he joins us for dinner frequently and maybe feels like I may not like it. But it doesn't bother me, he's family.

Unfortunately for me, I don't eat seafood so I just sat and watched. Well, the boys seemed to enjoy the meal and I got out of cooking. Of course, I did get the pleasure of cleaning up but I'm not complaining, I got a little time away from the house and a night free from the stove. Maybe I should try to put some guilt into Oswald....It's nice having someone else cook for a change.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tell him bon anniversaire! Anita

Marie said...

Thanks, Cous. I will.

Norma said...

Happy belated Birthday Mr. Boza!