Sunday, May 10, 2009

And a good time was had by all......

I got home at 3:30 a.m. this morning. That's how much fun the reunion was with my high school girlfriends.

If you read my pre-reunion post, you might remember how concerned I was with my current state of appearance. Of course most of that post was merely mocking how we sometimes worry about what people will think of our aging selves. And then again, a bit of it was out of truth. I'm not quite as shallow as my post reads...or am I? Lord, I hope not.

I was late to the event. Last to arrive, last to leave. It so happened that the spa (my place of employment) was overbooked with beauty treatments of every nature. Daughter's taking mother's for a day of pampering and husbands treating wives to what they know they so deserve. So after my last appointment, I drove as quickly, as I legally could, home for a quick shower and change before meeting up with the girls.

On my way home I get a call from my husband, pleading with me to deliver a laptop to his first "gig" of the evening. A friend "needs it" and is leaving for a trip out of country. "But I....honey, but I.....tonight is my....okay! I'll be there in a while". So much for being on time to the reunion that started at the same time I walked out of my job.

And as if that's not bad enough, my 14.11 year old sends me a text "Jenifer took me". And I'm saying to myself, "Jenifer took me where?...Jenfier took me what?...WHAT? What is she saying?" Thank the good Lord for blue tooth capabilities, I made several calls (you know I wouldn't be texting while driving....Come On! It's illegal!). Turns out Jenifer gave her a ride to her friend Amber's house where the whole group of pimply faced, hormone ridden teenagers will be rehearsing the waltz for Amber's quinceaƱera. Oh joy! The dilemma now is that she will need a ride home. I send several texts and place several calls to find that she has no ride home and although I had asked that she have this all worked out and invite a girlfriend to come spend the evening with her....somehow it's back on me. You're surprised aren't you.

Unfortunately for my daughter, this was all resolved by my getting impatiently angry and actually yelling at her on the phone "Just take care of it! How often do I go out and did I not ask you to make arrangements?", silence followed by guilt! I'm a bad mommy. Jenifer, sitting in the next room over getting ready for a night out with her boyfriend, walks in and say's "mom, just go and have a good time, I'll take care of Karina".

So I leave my house with frustrated guilt and one side stop before the reunion. I could go on and tell you how I had to drive back and forth, due to a lack of parking space at my husbands gig and bla, bla, bla....but that's way too far off subject.

I finally arrive at the party 8 o'clockish. Yes, two hours late. By now, everyone has eaten and ready to party. I feel cheated, but, life happens. We take a few pictures and gather in the tv area where we commence to swap stories old and new. While sitting there listening I realize how much we'd all gotten to know each others families. Although the years have come and gone, we've somehow managed to keep in touch. Lives have changed in more ways than we ever thought imaginable but we still care and share concern for one another. We remember each others mom's and dad's, uncles and aunties, brothers and sisters and let us not forget ex's. We laugh with, at and for each other. And of course, no reunion would be worth the drive if we didn't talk about the ridiculous situations we got ourselves into and out of. Isn't that what youth is for anyway.Last time I looked it was 10:45, it's now 2:45....we hate to leave, but we are tired. Our eyes show it much more now then they did even 10 years ago. So we make promises to get together more often. I hope we do....we've already got a date lined up for June and I can't wait. These girls are like sisters to me. Crazy sisters true, but sisters none the less.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

How fun! Was Debbie there too? Thanks for visiting me. Yes, my mom was a "one and only." I miss her deeply and I often think of my Auntie Thelma. What a pair of fine women. Bisous, Anita

Norma said...

Marie I am so glad you made it and had a wonderful time with wonderful friends. Your so lucky.

Anonymous said...

I got home and did the usually bedtime ritual stuff and then I couldn't sleep. I was wide awake pass 5:00 am. I knew I was gonna have a hangover cuz I was already feeling the effects at Marsha's.
It was fun though. What I did notice is that we are all the same, but, we are all more tolerant and openly concern for each other. I don't mind getting long as we all do it together....forever.....(tear)bun

Marie said...

I agree, Bun. And thanks again for getting the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog. I'm glad u were determined to get to my home. It sounds like it wasn't that easy for you. You should of taken the whole shot.He He... Good to see you and hear about your family. I can't believe it's been that long since we graduated high school. Looking forward to seeing u in June.
Take Care...Love, Marsha...