Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doomed to be bruised?

A few weeks ago while looking for keys, or something or other, I pulled the little drawer open where we often throw "stuff". It's a very small drawer so only small "stuff" goes in. I don't even recall the object we were looking for but I do remember it was imperative that we find it as quickly as possible.

With Juan Carlos and Karina standing by waiting to see if our missing object might turn up in that tiny little drawer, I quickly yanked it open to have a peek. Unfortunately for me, the drawer came all the way out of the slot and during one of those rare times when I have no shoes on, it fell smack onto the big toe of my right foot.

Tears, minutes and a bruised toe later we all agreed that the "missing object" was not in the drawer and that I should have shoes on. A little to late to make a difference, but I've been wearing shoes in the house since. I'm not one to go barefoot all that often anyway but if that day was the day to begin a new habit, it was quickly broken.

A few days later while at work, I stooped to pick something up and upon straightening back up, quickly found that a door had opened above me. The crack I heard on my head sounded much like that of a bat to a ball and the pain that followed was enough to bring tears to my eyes, again.

Sound like I'm on a roll? I am.

The door to our bedroom bath slides into the wall when opened. I suppose it was made that way in an effort to avoid having two doors in the same area. I neither like or dislike the sliding door...well, not until today, anyway because if you haven't already guessed....Strike Three! I pushed the door open and somehow the middle finger of my right hand managed to jam right between the door and the wall. Can you say OUCH!

Once again, I find myself bent over, teared and bruised. I'm beginning to think I'm just doomed to be bruised. There has got to be some way of protecting myself from a life of tears and pain but I'm not yet ready to lock myself away in my bedroom and be waited on like a princess, or queen, or famous actress or royalty....wait....what am I talking about...those are so descriptive of who I am. Quickly! Someone bring me some caviar!

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