Sunday, March 7, 2010

How do you say....ummmm...mind your own business?

Our home, much like my parents home, has often been a "resting place" for many while waiting to go on to other things. For some reason we attract people who are in need of a pit stop. Not that I consider us the pits, by any means and I hope you agree.

We must exude a desire to be of assistance, even though we ourselves are in great need of assistance.  We've had many people; even small families stay with us for short periods of time.

If you've ever done this, you know first hand that it isn't always easy. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. Even within your own culture it's difficult to co-exist in a home where grown adults who have already established their own way of daily life are living under the same roof. It doesn't matter who, if you've ever been in your own home, suddenly not having reign is a difficult thing. Some work at fitting into another household, others just don't.

WARNING! If you're considering moving in with another family or adult, do not rush in. Pray, ask God for guidance and wisdom; and I don't say this jokingly.

I'm sure your wondering what in tarnation (always wanted to use that word) would make me blog about this. Well, let's just say that we recently had a visitor who within the first two days of a "visit", (not a situation where this person would be taking up residence with us, merely visiting for four days) this person first rearranged my curio cabinet (day two) and then while my husband and I were getting ready for a day at work (day three), decided to, without my permission, rearrange my kitchen. Oh yes, I did say without permission and rearrange my kitchen in the same sentence.

This same person, who obviously has a mental disorder, attempted to tell me what was good for my family and I, and TRIED, to do it based on scripture. All this while "visiting". Let me say to you.....If I was not a Christian who lives her life knowing that at the end I will be judged by my actions, I would be on the run. Not from my home, dear friends....but from the law. Everything within me, every ounce of my being considered dropping this "person" off a bridge that had no water below it. I'm certain, and I thought this through, you could more quickly put one out of any physical pain if they hit cement as opposed to water.

I still question whether anyone with the capacity to interfere with others lives in such an annoying way can even be considered human. I prefer to think of this similar to human being, thingy, as alien. Not alien as in from another country, but alien from another world. I believe the only reason "it" is here on earth is that the planet from which "it" came could no longer tolerate "it's" behavior and decided that we humans might possibly be able to tame it, seeing as how we've lost all sense of values or respect for other beings. I hasten to say this but, I totally understand how one can get to that point for I have arrived.

Until now, I considered myself a loving, caring, considerate woman. I thought I had a good heart. I'm not so sure anymore. I feel my blood pressure rise. The hairs on my neck (which were not there until this week when I became animalistic) have grown by inches. I search through scripture, praying all the while, that there are footnotes to the 10 commandments in which the Lord says "situations in which one may kill and excused from all blame". I hear that small still voice saying "Marie, my child, DO IT!" It's God, I know it is.

Maybe you're thinking this sounds a little extreme just for some simple moving around of furniture. There's more. I just feel that to tell you more would put me in the position of vulnerability. You'd wonder what the heck is wrong with me, instead of "it" for allowing such antics in my home. I wouldn't blame you because, if this were not happening to me, I'd be saying "kick it out before it takes over your family"; I would. "It" tried.

The four day visit turned out to be one day short of 2 weeks. But it didn't leave town...oh, no. It suckered another fool into renting a hotel room, lending "it" a cell phone and a car.

Maybe you're thinking I'm jealous of the "she it", or felt threatened of my relationship with my husband because of "it". I promise you, my husband in his own words said to me "if "it" (okay, he said she) was the last woman in the world and I the only man, man kind would cease to exist because there's no way under the sun I could procreate with that thing!". And he had the look of fear in his eyes.

Well, I don't know about you but I feel much better now. You know how they say, you don't have to act out, just get it out on paper and in doing so you free yourself from that which binds. Although I must admit, I’ve suddenly developed this obsession with tall bridges.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIKES! WHAT NERVE!!! I can't believe such people! Hilariously written, but frustrating on your part, I'm sure....

Rattus Scribus said...


Your story reminds me of the old (1978) Saturday Night Live horror film parody in which John Belushi played the nightmarish guest in the home of Bill Murray and Jane Curtain in


There's no clip of it on youtube or I'd provide the link. To bad, at least you could get a laugh out this.

Take care,


Me....bunny said...

Sometimes doing the right thing entails some harsh actions.I would think that being a "good christian" would mean to be humble and grateful towards kind people. But when "it" wasn't...then in my eyes...all bets are off. I would have kicked "it" to the curb. Sounds like "it" has done this before.


Debbie said...

My love ... you are the KINDEST, truest Christian woman I know. PERIOD. But you're scaring me a little ... whoever this IT is, IT needs to find a new place to live! There will always be those who pray on our sympathies, play on our kindness and take more than they deserve. God above is taking note and sees all for what it is.

Your comadre,

Marie said...

Not to worry Comadre, she's gone on to bother someone else. Still in the area though and bothering Carlos by using his office at work. Hate to say it but, better him than me. He's the one who offered to let her stay with us. He never reads my blog so I can say it.