Friday, September 4, 2009

Deal with it!

Well, I'm back at work....sort of.  I took a temp job making peanuts for pay but it's 3 months steady work and considering I probably will not get unemployment, being underpaid is better than not getting paid at all.  I must tell myself this in order to believe it so if you tell me too, maybe, just maybe, I'll start to believing it.
I'd rather not mention the company name but its a job working in the city of Vernon, another not so lovely part of this job.  There's a stench that goes along with the location, like none other and if it happens to be hot out, well, you can believe the odor will increase to a sometimes nearly gagging odor.  
Over the years I've grown to enjoy time alone during lunch.  I'm not anti-social by any means but, it seems that it's one of the only times I can spend time alone, besides a time like this when I'm writing and the fact that even if I did want to spend time with co-workers, for the job I'm filling, I'm forced to take lunch alone anyway.
So today, I thought it being cooler outside than the last few days, I'd spend some time in the car in the shade of a tree, reading.  It sounded like an excellent idea and the car was cool enough to actually sit in and still be able to breath without feeling like I was suffocating but Lordy, the smell of something far worse than cheap perfume, was unbearable.  
Have you ever driven by a location where there is stagnent water and it's like driving through a vat of hard boiled eggs?  Well, let's multiply that a couple a dozen times.  Of course the benefit to working in a smelly part of town is that you grow to appreciate clean air or so I keep telling myself because truth be know, I'm not sure there is a benefit.
So if your out there and you happen upon my blog, please, please, please, if you have any secrets that might help, share oh please dear God, share.  I can only apply so much cologne and wearing nose plugs, besides being unattractive, just wouldn't go over well while working with the public.  I've considered the 'ol clothes hanger on the nose, but totally hate the idea of having the indentations left at the end of the day.  I'd stick kleenex up my nose but I'm afraid not everyone was raised with an Aunt Camille who thinks it's perferctly normal to shove kleenex up your nose and then leave it there for all to see.  Where's your sense of humor people?!
Until I get some input from you all, I'll be forced to deal with the stink and pray that it doesn't penetrate my clothing and take a free ride home with me to be enjoyed by my family. Until then, I piddie da foo who has to sit next to me at the dinner table if I don't have time to shower and change before we dine. 
Patiently awaiting your suggestions,


Bunny Missbrenner said...

Do you have to leave the building? Look up the location and see if there is a library or coffee shop or something like that near by to take your lunch. Park your car on the up wind side of the building that stinks. I know your probably in or near Farmer Johns...everyone in Eric's family worked there when they first came to this country...I'll ask them

Marie said...

Thanks Bun and it's actually east of FJ's. I worked in that area years ago before I went to Spain and kind of knew the ins outs of the area. Not a lot has changed except there's a new McDonalds and a few Subways. Just an unpleasant place to be.