Friday, September 25, 2009


Today was one of the longest work days anyone could ever experience.  It was busy, and if you don't know, I'm working a temp job and so that I don't use the "H" word, disliking every minute of it.  The job itself isn't all that bad, especially if you have zero office experience.  In fact, if that were the case, this would be the perfect place to get your feet wet.

In my case, besides being at the reception desk and answering phones all day, the rest is so mundane it feels like a slow suicide.  It's like deciding to commit hari cari in slow motion.  You decide where you want to insert the knife and then start the process of pushing it in...slooooooowwwwly, bit by bit, inch by inch, every day.  Death by boredom. 

The folks that work there are very nice, so it's not a matter of not being in good company.  They're appreciative, friendly, easy know.  I'm sure your getting the picture.  I've had several of the principal people, including the owner, come up to me and tell me how good I am and today I overhead a client talking to the owner saying "is she the one who's answering the phones now?  She's excellent".  Now while all that is flattering, and all, I'm still bored outta my skull. 

So yesterday the young gal who I've replaced comes down to tell me that the word is, when the other girl who's on maternity leave returns, they're gonna give her a chance but as soon as she's late 3 times, that's it.  She's getting the axe.  She's says "that way you can come back and have the job".  I'm smiling at her and wondering if I should tell her how much I despise the job, laugh or cry.  First of all folks, I got news for you; I don't like this job and for someone who's bilingual, it sure isn't paying what bilingual pays....or does it?  Now a days who knows.

I only know this: I'm bored and after I'm done being bored, I move on to bored only to be followed by bored which always ends with bored.  What happened to the days when I actually had to think at work.  Where it took research or imagination to complete a job.  Instead I'm filling orders for 3 cans of coffee, 2 cans of cream and 4 boxes of sugar.  Lord be with me now!

Today was a special treat.  I got my first request to fill a large envelope with splenda and then I got to type five tabs for a binder.  I was on a roll.  You shoulda seen the sweat on my brow. Ok, enough of the gripe session.  Monday's another day.  Another day closer to this job ending that is. 

Did I say thank you Jesus for giving me a job with a check at the end of the week? 


Bunny Missbrenner said...

uggghhh....I know how bored it can be. You're obviously way over qualified. Maybe you can play!

Marie said...

Oh, Bun. That was a good one. Hmmmm, I just might have to give it a try. That'll be my challenge, to see if I can get away with it.

Rattus Scribus said...

Your posts always have something in them that makes me laugh. My favorite in this post:

"I only know this: I'm bored and after I'm done being bored, I move on to bored only to be followed by bored which always ends with bored."

The Hari Cari imagery was great too. I read your post aloud to Anita and we both had a good laugh. You have a sarcasm and imagery in your humor, along with the ability to tap into common human experiences, that makes me see and feel what you're relating. As one who has been a college professor for going on 12 years, I can tell you with some authority, that is no small gift. Anita tells me you're thinking about taking writing classes. It fits you. You should definitely do it. I'd be happy to be a resource and encouragement in any way I can. Anita can give you my email address if you don't have it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. God bless, and keep 'em coming.