Friday, September 11, 2009

Money doesn't grow on trees....I know cause my mom told me so

So, I've told you how I haven't been working and how tough it's been financially. AND I've told you that I'm now working at a temp job that pays little but little is better than nothing. And yes, although you can't hear it, I can. The air conditioner is running in the studio. And guess what?.....I'm giving you time....give up? My son just walked out of the studio locked the door and went to bed. Once again he's left the air on. Maybe he's just feeling sorry for the crickets in the studio and wants to give them a comfortable place to chirp...

Maybe since the air has been running all day, or at least since he got home from school at about 11:00 this morning he thinks he may as well leave it on until he goes out there again tomorrow sometime so it'll be really, really, really cold and he won't have to even think about the heat.

Do you think he'll help me with some money? Hmmmm. Seeing as how he isn't working right now, it's not too likely.

I hate to sound like a cry baby about spending money on the air, but holy! What can I do to get this guy to understand that when you use the air all day, or when the room is lucky enough to stay cool all night even when the temp has dropped and there will probably be icicles on the equipment....MONEY IS BEING WASTED!

I hate being the wicked stepmother but maybe I should wait until he falls into a deep REM sleep and starts with the dreams and rapid, low-voltage brain waves, irregular breathing and heart rate and involuntary muscle jerks I'll go pour a bucket of iced water on him so tomorrow he won't feel the heat and need the air on!

Ok, now I sound like the wicked stepmother, don't I? I'm about to go tell him "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times...." or maybe I should say "do you think money grows on trees?".

I'm gonna go out there and turn it off because I'm kind. No other reason. I'm kind right now that it's way, way past my bedtime. But it won't last because when I get up in the morning and I'm really tired because I was up doing God knows what and writing on my blog, I'm gonna kill him! Dead! He's gonna wonder what it was that slammed him on the head and then, and only then will he start to catch on that I can get mean and ugly when I have to.

I gotta go.....I'm gonna throw on that video that teaches women how to attack men that do dumb things and I happen to think it's in the studio where I can practice without any unsuspecting man watching me.


Bunny Missbrenner said...

If he paid for the electric bill he might be more inclined to turn things off. Why do you have to be the wicked step mother, can't he have a wicked father to remind him once in a while? It's hard raising always have to be at them.

Debbie said...

Step-parenting is different than biological parenting. You can scream and yell and threaten to kill your own kids. You can't do that with your step-children. Since my 25 year old step-daughter moved in six months ago, I have gotten to know her much, much better. Basically, she's a pig. She pays no rent, she doesn't help around the house, she doesn't do a damn thing but go have sushi three times a week and dirty my kitchen whenever she decides to cook. She leaves her laundry IN the washer and IN the dryer so that when I have to wash I first have to empty them both and THEN I can do my wash. Ugh. It's annoying as hell but you know what? One day she will be a mother and will have kids of her own and then I will go to her house to visit and I will laugh and laugh and laugh as I watch her try to tell her kids what to do and listen to her complain about how her kids do nothing but waste money and dirty her house.

Rattus Scribus said...

Anita has directed me to your blog, and I've been reading some of your entries. Some of your stories are hilarious: the "nice shoes," your dad's bus ride, etc. I can SEE what you write. That's a compliment. Anita finally got me blogging, as I have a backlog of writing. Just started yesterday: one serious, one fun. Let me know what you think.