Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's late, but I can't sleep.  Everyone is either out or asleep.  What to do, what to do.....

Why not write, I ask myself.  No answer.  In fact, my brain is a little tired and empty....can your brain be empty?  Maybe not but sometimes it feels that way.  But I'd like to write...its just that sometimes when I start writing and I don't have anything in particular in mind, which is most of the time, I write strange things.  I don't suppose it matters if it's strange or not since my blog is mostly for me.  I don't think many people read it anyway.I wonder what people do think of me if they happen to stumble across my blog.  Outside of the few people whom I know read my blog, how many actually "stumble" across it? 

You know, if this is my therapy, and it seems to be, maybe I should be paying myself.  After all, if I had a therapist, I'd have to pay, wouldn't I.  So then the question is, how much?  Let's just say I'd pay a therapist $50 an hour (determined by my gross income which at this particular time is nill), do I give myself a discount?  Can I pay once a month or do I have to pay on the spot or worse yet, up front.  Can I write a check or does it have to be cash at the time of service?  Is that all I'm worth, $50?

If I am self therapizing, should I lay down on a couch while I write?  That would make it difficult to type............If I can lay down and type, I think I deserve to be paid more because typing in a position that is not all that easy, is an art.  With that in mind, my fee just went up to $75 and since I'm worth more, I should be able to provide myself with better results.  I should be stress and worry free for that kind of money!

Maybe I'll stand and, that would cause stress to my body and then I'd have to give myself a massage.  If I self therapize and then follow up with a massage, I should be making at least $150 and hour.  I'm getting expensive!

Am I ripping myself off?  If I'm not getting answers and I still need a massage afterward $150 and hour is quite high, don't you think.  But then again, where else could I go for therapy AND a massage for $150 especially at this time of night?  No where.  I'd better pay myself more because I'm making myself available at a time no one else would even care.  Geez, I'm affordable, I provide extra perks and I'm available at all hours of the night.  What more could I ask for!

Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a client to see...  Let's see.....  ahhh....Marie.  How are you?  Lay down right here and talk to me.  You can tell me anything, the confidentiality in this place is better than any other.  Now, before we go too far, can you make that check out to M A R I E  B O Z A and just so you know, there's a $25 charge for returned checks.............


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Brilliant! EVen those moments of nothingness can lead to something. Keep writing.....Anita

Debbie said...

Very clever post Marie. I just pop an Ambien when I can't sleep.

My name is Debbie and I'm a co-dependent