Saturday, November 7, 2009

Deep down inside, we're still the same

Earlier this year I started a group on Facebook called "Rio Hondo College 1976 - 1982 Theater Group".  If you're not familiar with FB (as all the cool people call it), it's a connecting site.  Lots of fun but if you don't watch it, time consuming.

My reason for starting the page was to reconnect with some wonderful people I met years ago while learning the art of acting.  Rehearsals leading up to performance take a great amount of time so whilst your sitting around waiting for your turn on stage, you really get to know the other actors.

The first few months, after starting the page, were a little disapointing.  I invited friends but only had three become members.  Three.  Not four, not even five; 3.  As happy I was to have those three on board...muah, muah, I love all three of you....(just in case they're reading), I was hoping for so much more.  So much for connecting.

Finally I asked the 3 members to invite anyone they'd kept in touch with, since I alone was not able to get results.  Either they lied to me about having invited others or the four of us were much less popular than I'd imagined possible. I wondered, have I been reminiscing about my past and making the whole thing up in my mind or did it actually happen.  Am I as immature as my daughter says I am and no real adults really join this FB thing; can't be half my church is on there.  Okay, maybe my entire church is made up of immature adults.  What's going on that we cant' attract any new members?  

Then one day I get an invitation (on Facebook) to join a small gathering to see a friend (also on Facebook) who's visiting from out of state and would like me to be in attendance.  Yippie!  Of course I go and there at that little gathering, a dear friend sits claiming he doesn't have time to join FB or anything of the like.  Aha!  Bet me!  Some how I talk him into checking it out, send him an invitation to be a "friend" and after much deliberation, he joins.

Well, long story short, to date we have 25 members.  Now that isn't a huge number but considering we had a sloooooow start, I'm excited.  I'm thrilled.  I bowled over.  The really amazing part is, after all these years (approximately 28 or so), I'm finding that we just don't change.  We may change in shape, we may change in financial status, we may even change in religious beliefs but deep down inside, we're still the same.  We're loving, we're funny and we're creative. Some have continued on in the arts. Others, like myself, moved on to do other things making the artistic part secondary while still holding on to some of  the dream.   

It's been a joy "hooking up" with these long time friends.  It's as if time stopped and we're still the same young whipper snappers we once were.  Or maybe they're all just as immature as my daughter insists I am.  Either way, I'm so pleased that we've reconnected.  Can't wait until our reunion next Saturday night and the next one to come at the end of January. 


Calimyrna Moon said...

There is something so mesmerizing about your blog and you. First, the colors. Glorious! My kind of rich, sensuous colors. Second, the music. Heartbreaking! But in a good way. Songs I've never heard but could listen to repeatedly, bringing the exotic feelings I love so much (as you know from Calimyrna Nights) into the deepest part of my soul. Third, but not least, your writing. Beautiful! Like the writer. Glad I've found you, Marie.

Marie said...

Ditto, my new friend, Ditto.