Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When did I age and how did I not see it coming?

So I suppose I'll have to admit here and now; age has crept in.  Like an unwanted weed it seems to keep showing up in the most unlikely places.

I get out of bed; age shows up.
I bend down; age shows up.
Eat the wrong food......who invited you?
Stay up too late, Leave me alone!.

I consider myself blessed in that most people are surprised by my age.  I know this because they frequently comment "Wow!  I never would have known".  Is that supposed to make me feel good?  And I tell those who ask what my secret is; "immaturity will keep you young and admit your age to everyone but yourself".

Of course those who are older will always say, "tisk, tisk, your still young".  For the most part, I agree...I must be younger than someone.  But when the majority of your co-workers could be your children, well, let's not fool ourselves; we're getting up there.

One of the things that makes me more aware of my age is looking at old pictures and just recently a friend posted a picture of me when I had no waist.  I don't mean because it was so grown out, I mean because it was so darn small I could have wrapped the tape measure around myself multiple times. Why didn't I appreciate it when I didn't have it?

This picture really discourages me from taking full bodied pictures so I try to focus on the face, if only I could find the right angle to take a picture. If my head is lowered the little pockets (ok, BAGS), under my eyes look as though I'm over packed for a 3 week trip to Europe. If the lighting isn't right it looks like they've mapped the United States all over my face; who needs a GPS?    

Although I'm still quite agile there are positions that are better not attempted.  I was helping my daughters choreograph a dance for church and removed my heeled shoes so as not to fall.  I attempted to turn my foot, stuck on the wood flooring and pulled a muscle that had me limping for a week.   No, I'm not kidding.

Today someone at work asked me what I used on my face "so I can use the same thing when I get old".  Talk about a back handed compliment.  Good thing I don't like him, it saves me the trouble of getting mad at him. It's lucky for him my memory is going too; by tomorrow I'll probably forget the whole thing and like him all over again. 

I've decided I must do whatever it takes to make myself look younger.  For that reason I am accepting friendship applications.  For those interested in applying you must meet at least three of the following criteria:

A full head of gray hair
Arthritis in at least one limb
A notarized birth certificate from 1945 or earlier
Nylons that bag at the ankles
Facial hair growing from unusual places
Veins that protrude from your hands and feet
Thick, curled toenails

 For those seriously interested, please include your weight.  Anyone weighing less than I, will not be considered.  Sorry.


Bunny said...

I have at least 3 of those things. I know what you mean, the girls I used to work with any one of them could be my fact one of them told me one day "I feel comfortable telling you stuff, your like the mother figure around here"...back handed compliment...I think so! I always tell people my age because it seems silly not to..what am I gonna do, hide myself for the rest of my life?

Debbie said...

You really know you're old when you take your 79 year old dad to the doctor and they think YOU'RE his wife. Ay. PS - You look Just like KARINA!