Monday, July 27, 2009

Ahhhh, I remember

I read my cousin's blog ( ) in which she discusses lavender. Although she's referring to the scent and it's ability to help you relax it got me thinking about the color lavender. I've was never one to get too hung up on color or style a whole lot, or so I thought.

Sooooo....after reading Anita's blog, I was reminded of when I was pregnant with Karina. Because I was already 39 and having my first child, they did 3 ultra sounds and an Amniocentesis which involves sticking a great, big, long, hairy needle in your belly. Okay, it wasn't hairy but it sounded so dramatic I had to put it in. The up side of having the amniocentesis was that I would know the babies gender and that was exciting because at my age I figured the odds of me having another child were probably nil and I wanted to decorate the babies room appropriately.

Less than a week after the
amnio I received a call from the doctor with the results "a girl". How did I know. Seriously, how did I know? I'll tell you how. I had a dream that I was carrying a girl. All I saw were dark brown eyes but those eyes told me "I'm your baby and I'm a girl". So thanks doc for confirming what I knew and now I can move forward with my plans.

It came to me one day that I had to decorate her room with the color lavender and I couldn't for the life of me let go of the idea. So the search was on and you know what? I couldn't find anything lavender. Nuthin! No, nuthin! I was so frustrated, but boy was I determined. I looked high and low for curtains, sheers, mini blinds, crib bedding, you name it and couldn't find it.

One day I was out looking for, what else, lavender anything and as I mozied into a carpet place I found lavender carpet. It was like GOLD from the gods. (I only believe in one God but the saying works well so, just let me use it and we can move on) It was like gold from the gods and I didn't have the money to buy it. BUMMER. Later that evening I mentioned to my mother that I had been out looking for anything lavender...which she already knew...and happened to come across lavender carpet. You do know what happened next, right? She asked me to take her to see it and the next thing I know it was ordered and paid. It was one of two things: A) She was sick and tired of hearing about Lavender and thought maybe this would shut me up once and for all or B)
She was sick and tired of hearing about Lavender and thought maybe this would shut me up for a while. Nah! She was far too nice for that, but I was seriously getting on my own nerves so I can imagine how she felt.

So the carpet was installed and if you asked me it was beautiful. All through this decorating period I would ask myself "What's the big deal, why don't you just change colors?" but I couldn't shake the feeling that it had to be lavender. I was obsessed with the idea and looked through every baby department and baby store imaginable. Finally I found the quilt for her crib. It was white with lavender flowers air brushed on it and had a matching lamp shade. At last...I was getting somewhere.

As the time drew nearer and nearer, I was in total panic. I couldn't find curtains to match anywhere. I was sick of looking and sick at the thought that I couldn't find the right color. I don't think I've ever been so obsessed with anything like I was at that time. And then it hit me. If I can't find curtains, I'll just make some. So I set out to find lavender material. Another impossibility until I went to the last yardage store I could think of in Uptown Whittier. And there it was...sheer material the exact color. I was so excited I couldn't wait to take the scissors to it. I pulled out my little paper with measurements to determine exactly how much I needed, had the material lady cut it for me and off I went happier than a dog in a bath of Pedigree.

I made my little shears and hung them up as fast as I could. They were the cutest things ever, I was so pleased I cried.

A few years later as my mom and I sat in the room thinking back on how obsessed I'd become with lavender she says "I had lavender curtains in your room when you were a baby". What?!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW! Great, great story! Isn't that strange how things come back full circle? I know why I love green so much....both my childhood homes were green inside and out, green furniture, green accents...GREEN! I would love to see pictures of Karina's room as a baby! I hope you are well and that the hunt is leading you to where you need to go....Grosse Bises, Anita

Bunny Missbrenner said...

ahhh, I remember. It was beautiful.
I also remember you asking me for advise and I myself didn't know what the heck I was doing. I miss Raquel being a toddler so much that I can't bring myself to watch the camcorder pics of her...I actually leave the room.
Does Karina like Lavender?

Marie said...

Funny, Karina isn't all that much into lavender. When we moved her 10 years ago I wanted to do the girls room that color. They fought me all the way. Oh well. Karina and Donte love watching the old videos. They spend hours going through each one and then they tease each other. It's a lot of fun. Anyway, I still love lavender. Don't have much in the color but it is my favorite. said...

Marie! I TOTALLY REMEMBER KARINA'S ROOM AND THE LAVENDAR CARPET. It was BEAUTIFUL and sweet and girlie. I remember you did stenciling on the walls of little leaves and you had a white rocking chair in her room. AWWWWW, SO LONG AGO!