Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July blues

I woke up on the 4th, not to the sound of fireworks but to the beat of warriors drums. No wait! It's the pulse in my head that's pounding so loudly. Holy! Was I out on a sleep walking escapade that included an over indulgence of some tainted alcohol? What the heck. I tried to think quickly but my thoughts were like sludge. If I didn't know better I'd think I was coming out of a heavy sedative or anesthesia.

I opened my eyes slowly because I couldn't do it any other way. I knew once they were fully open a lot of pain would be involved but why? Was partying involved? Am I now making up for all the years I watched friends drink themselves into oblivion by sneaking around in the night with an open bottle? I kept trying to think back; what did I do last night? Nothing. I couldn't think of a thing.

I tried to get up but found it completely impossible. Tried to talk to Juan Carlos but he had no idea what I was saying. Twilight Zone at the Boza residence.

It was possibly one of the strangest mornings I've ever had and then all of a sudden it hits me.....Not the why. Oh, no. It couldn't be that easy. What hit me was the desire to run and run fast. My bathroom! They've moved it. Instead of the 8 steps it takes to get to the toi-toi it's a mile and a half through dry desert, uphill. I'm not gonna make it... ..I'm not gonna make it.. ..I'm....Ahhhhhhhhh...I made it. Not what you think, but bad enough. Dry heaves.

Who invented dry heaves, and why? Why get the dry heaves when something could come out? That would make more sense wouldn't it? It's bad enough you have to go through the motion..wouldn't it just be better to get something out while your in such a ridiculous position?

Well, I hung around the bowl for a while, nothing like water cooler jokes at work, I promise. I finally managed to get myself back to the bed and knocked out for quite some time before Juan Carlos shows up again to ask how I'm doing. I'm thinking "Oh sure. Now you come to ask". He wouldn't dare show up if he thought there was a remote possibility of my tossing my cookies and if I did, I'd be on my own I promise you. He doesn't do well around sick.

I give him credit though, he stroked my hair and massaged my back for a while, while we tried to figure out what the heck was happening. And then I remembered that my Aunt had come to the house the day before saying she'd been sick the previous day with a really bad headache and vomiting. Her neck was killing her and she needed me to work on it a little to see if I could help alleviate the pain. Poor Auntie. To think she went through this alone. Made me feel like a big baby for wanting my husband to sit and pamper me.

I spent the entire day in bed. I tried to get up and move about but only made it to the love seat in the living room and then had to lay down again. I was pitiful.

I didn't feel sorry for myself even though Karina was in New Orleans having a wonderful time, Jenifer took off to go to some family event and Matthew went with Juan Carlos to a gig. Instead I slept and dreamt strange things leaning toward the bizarre.

I didnt feel bad that I missed out on the fourth. There's always next year. If I double up on the influenza immunization, drink a lot of water, take vitamin C, drink Theraflu, drink some draino and vinegar, start exercising, lose weight, eat healthy lie about my age, I should be fine.


Bunny Missbrenner said...

Ahhh..that sucks! Dry heaves are the worst. At least you had some peace and quite in your convalescing. Glad your better and sorry I missed you yesterday at the funeral. We sang "take me out to the ball game" which was kinda cool and it gave me the idea of you all singing "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" at mine....lol!

Debbie said...


How are you feeling my friend? Better I hope!