Thursday, July 30, 2009

Did I ever tell you.........

That last November I auditioned for "In the Heights"? Probably not.

If you don't know what "In the Heights" is, it's a wonderful musical currently running on Broadway.
Check out the clip: In-the-Heights

So, as you may have figured, I didn't expect to get the part of one of those young girls. I'm over that. By that I mean, I realize I no longer fall into the young and pretty category and if I tried to dance like that I'd probably end up on my face within the first hour.

HowEver! There are two parts for older women (I'm sure there are more for chorus parts, which I am not above). I try to tell myself I couldn't play the grandma part but then again, at 54 I could without a doubt be a grandma, so why not. Some might say I'm too old to play the mother's part but in this case the kid(s) is probably in the 20's and if I have a daughter that's just turned 15....I fit.

But getting back to the "did I ever tell you" part. My very young and talented friend Evan D'Angeles and I were working on something creative for church. I don't remember what exactly because we worked on quite a few "somethings". ANYWAY, we were working and he asks if I'd heard the sound track to "In the Heights", which I hadn't. He was nearly shocked and said "Get it. There's a part in the show that's perfect for you and when it comes out here I'm gonna audition and so are you." I'm sure I ignored him because there is no way I can even see myself auditioning for something that Evan would be auditioning for. Does this guy have faith in me or what?

Months later I get an email with the audition information attached. He writes "You have to come with me to this". And that was all it said. I write back "I haven't auditioned for so long, I have no resume or headshot but I'd love to. I need music so I'll have to find something. I think you have more faith in me than I do". He ignored me. No response.

See, Evan auditions on a regular basis. He's got a voice that does not quit and it pisses me off. Not because he's so talented but because when I am involved in creatives with him, he treats me like I know what I'm doing. That is not to say that I'm illiterate in terms of theater.... it's just been a long time! I still love it, I still have it in me and I love doing it. But to even put myself in the same category is almost sacrilegious. Seriously. Like with anything else, auditioning is an art and if not done frequently it can get stale and, well, embarrassing. Not the audition part as a performer but the performance part as an auditioner.

Either way, I went to the audition. The sign in sheet was about 150 strong when we arrived and I'm thinking "they know, I'm insecure as all get out". They probably didn't but I was. About an hour into waiting they decided that they would call for a line-up and then keep only those who "look the part". We lined up and lo and behold, they pick me to stay. Get outta here! They ask Evan to leave.....Get way outta here! Of course, he is Filipino and not "Hispanic" as we would define Hispanic, but so what. They also ask Evan's friends to leave, all of which are Filipino. This puts me in a predicament because, of the group there, I was probably the last person in any position to audition. But I'm there so I decide this is not time to chicken out.

After a long wait, they call my name. I go into the audition room (which by now has been separated in two) and hand my photo and resume to the guy who is the assistant to the assistant. My room does not get a piano so I must sing a Capella. I'm praying I start in the correct key so that I can use my range but not break it. Somehow I find it and halfway through the second line...I'm lost! Oh no. I'm lost! I forgot my lyrics. I stop, look the assistant to the assistant squarely in the eye and say "I just forgot. Can I start again?". He smiles and says "hey, I'm an actor. I know what it's like. Don't worry, just start when you're ready". Of course I'm thinking I was never ready, I'll never be ready, what was I thinking? What am I doing here? Evan you punk!" and then I start again. I sing the song all the way through at which time the guy says "That was nice. You sing really good." Liar! I found it hard to believe. I wanted to cry, take off my shoes, sit on the floor and cry. I wanted to say "I can do this better. I'm good. I'm a good actress. I'm a good dancer and if you just give me a chance you won't regret it." Then I realized those were all lines out of "A Chorus Line" and it wasn't even original. How sad is that; I'm about to plead my case and I wanna use lines out of a play. Geez!

Well, as it turns out, Evan and his friends somehow managed to get into line to audition (they cheated) and even though two of them were asked to audition for the assistant and not the assistant to the assistant, neither of them got the call.

Did I ever tell you that story?


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW! Auditioning is an art in itself but at least you have much more that I ever had: A VOICE! Remember, "Shout Hallelujah, Come on Get Happy?" That ought to make you feel A LOT BETTER! LOVE AND BIG HUGS, Anita

Marie said...

OMG! How can I forget. That song, or rather your lyrics, have stayed with me. I told my kids the story and they thought it was hysterical. I almost wrote about that but didn't want you to think I was trying to embarass you.
Love You.

Bunny Missbrenner said...

I'm gonna assume you didn't get the job because you left me hangin....
but I've seen you in action and I must say you were entertaining and good. You should do some community stuff...I'd go.

ps. I totally want to hear about the Anita story now.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hey! You have the green light to tell the story. I am laughing so hard remembering that time....yikes. Anita

Marie said...

I'm beyond encouraged to write it.