Friday, July 31, 2009

How Much Chemistry Is In Your Resume?

I'm sitting here at the computer...where else would I be looking for work?

Isn't it strange how you no longer look for work by dressing up, walking in the front door of a business and asking if there are any job opportunities while showing off your pearly white smile. Or as would be in my case, "smile". I've never had pearly whites, probably never will.

It doesn't bother me all that much, even though I must admit I do admire and even envy those who do. I'm okay with my smile. I try to stay away from too much punch, coffee or cherries and brush often. What else can I do? I work with what God gave me.

But still find it odd that the majority of jobs these days are filled by a resume found or submitted on-line. True, some may be faxed in and few, very few hand walked into a business but even then they'll only end up at the front desk with a receptionist who, if you haven't been nice, may just file it in the 'ol circular file. TA-RASH!

And then there are the job opportunities that come few and far between due to who you know. Apparently, I don't know anyone because I haven't been given any leads. And I thought I was popular.....Geez...what an ugly way to start my day. What a sad realization. My teeth are yellow and I have no friends. Heavy sigh. Back to the subject at hand.

Sometimes I feel cheated of that opportunity to meet face to face with the person reading my resume. See when I do get the opportunity, I'm able to make a far better impression that when not. Not that I'm so strikingly beautiful, incredibly intelligent, or profoundly personable....I need to think about that.... doesn't chemistry count for something. When you mix talent and chemistry together, sometimes it's the best combination to a strong working relationship.

Now, I do realize that people are not hired until they're interviewed. But can you imagine how many are passed over because they were nothing but a piece of paper to the person trying to fill a position. At this moment, I'm a piece of paper or better still, a screen on a computer. I have no shape. No presence. I'm being dismissed without even a chance to walk through the door. True some of that depends on how my resume looks and reads. I understand that. But from past experience, I can tell you that I worked with a salesman who I trained and quite frankly, did most of his work. He said to me, "I cheated my way through college". I just sat there thinking, so this guy cheats his way through college, I didn't even finish college yet I'm doing the majority of his work but because he was a smooth talker, good looking and had a degree, he's making the bucks. Now I'm really frustrated.

Okay. I started writing today to take a little break from job hunting on the internet. I, by no means, intended to get myself worked up by writing a few thoughts about job hunting. And while the thought occurs to me that I could lie on my resume to make it more impressive, not only am I too chicken at the thought that they would do a background check, how on earth do you get away with lying when the time comes to prove yourself on the job. Either you do major homework to learn what you've said you already know OR you find someone like me who does the job for you while you sit there with your good looks and smooth talk. And don't think I don't remember his name! I do.

Ahhh heck. Why get my panties in a bunch. When the good Lord wants me to have a job, He'll give it to me free of charge. I'll keep looking but I'm gonna believe that God knows where he wants me and when and when it's time for whoever my employer will be to see my resume, they will.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YES! You will get something, I know it. Have you ever thought about applying for a writing job for one of the local newspapers? Your writing will impress the heck out of them! Try it...a blogger friend was out of work in San Diego and ventured out and got a gig writing book reviews for the Examiner! Just a thought...Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I left another message on your previous blog....GO FOR IT! Anita

Bunny Missbrenner said...

I agree...people tell me that all the time. Writing a blog is not that easy in that you have to set a tone or help people picture what your trying to words.
I have a friend who sells things on a website called "etsy" and I write little descriptions and scenarios for her items. She pays me a % of what she sells. It's not much but I totally enjoy it. Look into writing from home or a local's worth a try.

Marie said...

Thanks ladies. I just might give it a try.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Please never know where this will lead you. You know how our magnificent God works sometimes...I mean, one door closes only to open another that we never imagined would be open to us!!! My cousin, the writer....I like how that sounds! Anita

Marie said...

You flatter me. Ahhh, hmmmm do I detect a hidden agenda, your knowing I'm about to write about your singing debut? Flatter me more or things could get ugly!

Just kidding. That would never happen.

Elizabeth....well, Marie or whoever you might want me to be. said...

Ditto my friend. All my resumes are lost somewhere in cyberspace. Although I'm with you ... when the good Lord wants me to have a job, he'll send it my way.