Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me..eeeee!

54 that's a big number. It's one away from 55, which is 5 away from 60. And there's no where else to go but up. Not that I mind, mind you. The number itself is no big deal, for, as it has been said so many times, it's just a number.

Anyone asks, I'll tell them my age. It's not like, not telling them would make me any younger. It's not like, not telling them would stop the process and it's definitely not like, not telling them would take away the wrinkles. So what have I, or anyone else, to lose by divulging our age?

So many people lie about their age as if it's really gonna make a difference. My questions is, who are they lying to? See, if you lie about your age the person you're lying to may think "Wow, they look older than that!" or then again, they may not think anything at all. Let's just say they believe the lie. That, then, makes you a liar. Well ~ doesn't it? And if they don't believe it, they know your lying...either way, who's the fool?

So, here's the thing...I'm 54 today. Born March 26, 1955. If you like me, it has nothing to do with the date or time I was born. It has nothing to do with my age. Hopefully you like me because of who I am. And if you don't 5 years, more or less, will probably not change that.

My birthday present to me is not my age or the date I was born. My birthday present to me in all honesty, is you. My friend. And that is no lie.

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Anonymous said...

I think I heard this speech from your dad once, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I agree. Age is in the mind and I don't mind my age....never have, except when I wanted to go to the liquor store and buy booze when I was under age. I know what your thinking...and your right...that never stopped