Monday, March 9, 2009

I love my work! Really, I do.

It's been one year and a month since I completed Massage school.

Prior to that, I'd worked in the "business" world for a good 35 years, working in various capacities. I started as an in-house auditor for Sears Roebuck. Moved on to be a receptionist for a back room drinking Optometrist, then customer service for 3 separate lighting companies over a period of 9 years (kept getting better offers, what can I say?), worked for a food broker and finally for a Marketing Company, which ended in a lay off. Boy, did they do me a favor.

My question is, am I a slow learner or what? It took me 35 years to finally realize that I totally disliked what I was doing. Actually...I guess you could say I knew it all along but didn't know what to do about it. I mean, I needed to work like anyone else. I was fairly good at what I did, my employers liked me, I could get a job at the drop of a hat...must be what I want to do, right? You know the answer...wrong!

Deep down, what I wanted to do was act, dance, sing, and of course, make money. Unfortunately, or not, my father taught me that I must be responsible and realistic. Looking back, I'm not so sure I should have listened to him...(please do not let my children read that last comment.....did I say please? I'm begging you!) Truth is, he was probably right and due to my insecurity I was afraid take chances with my God given talents.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging. I'm just saying that I knew then and I know now that God did give me talent for the performing arts. He also gave me obedience. Sometimes, obedience to our parents (Lord, do not let my children read this) can hinder us. There! I said it and yes, I am trembling at the thought that my father is looking down at me saying "Wait until you get up here, young lady". Because of his intention to protect me and my fear of failure, I just didn't pursue my hearts desire. I mean, come on, we all know the percentages, and if we don't what chance did I have of stardom or even a career in acting?

So getting back to the subject at hand, I love my work. Years ago I wanted to pursue a career in Massage Therapy but due to the raised eyebrows of doubt (from all those who still think it's just about sex), I just didn't follow my second dream. So when I say my employer did me a favor and layed me off, really, I'm not kidding. If I hadn't lost my job, I'd still be sitting behind some desk out there in the world wishing I could get out. And though I may not be on a stage, I'm working with people and I love it. Some days I'm able to help someone, who's terribly stressed, into a calmed, relaxed state. Other days I can loosen up a stiffened neck or bring relief to an achy back. I feel privileged to have that opportunity and meet new people. Yes, I do love my work!

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