Saturday, March 28, 2009

I said SING!

So Saturday night about 20 of us gathered at our house in celebration of my birthday. My husband asked me what I wanted and really, the only thing I could think of was a small party of family and friends and of course, karaoke.

If you know me, you know I love to sing, which is not to say that I'm that great at it. Doesn't matter, I love to sing anyway. I also love to hear other people sing. And if they're not that good at it, who cares. I certainly don't. It's not about good or bad singing, it's about fun. It's about together. It's about kicking off your shoes and letting your hair down.I normally sing the first song because I know someone has to get it going. To some, it might come off as if I just can't wait to get a hold of the mic but that isn't it at all. After enough karaoke parties, I've just learned that somebody has to go first. That's all it willing person..and then, inch by inch, note by note, step by step, they're hooked!

I take it as a personal challenge when someone tells me they won't be singing....HA! Think so, eh? Well, we'll just see about that! I have locks on my doors and no one gets out until I say so! It's sing or stay. This party ends when I'm good and ready.

Yo! Sorry, I kinda lost it there.....

One night we sang until...well, until the next morning. Three o'clock a.m. to be exact. And I believe it was the very same night that a neighbor from down the street showed up at our window (not door. Window.). We saw him looking in and the first thought was "someone called the police". Juan Carlos had been singing a song in Spanish, Mariachi style. So this guy shows up at the window and when Juan Carlos went to the door, the guy say's "Whoa! Was that you singing? I thought it was the radio man! You're really good". Now, I know Juan Carlos is good, but I think this guy who just happened to have a beer in one hand and has been known to walk down the street with a reefer stuck behind his ear, was looking for an invitation.

So, the party was fun. Those who said they wouldn't sing did. It's that simple: Sing or choose.

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