Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's getting near that time again

I'm feeling it in my bones, the twitch in the legs, the achy hip, the difficulty falling asleep....I desperately need to Salsa! Seriously. I ain't talking about chips and salsa either. I'm talking about one, two, three,...1, 2, 3...or as Desi would say on I Love Lucy.....Babaloo!

It's been a while since I've gone out dancing. I did go with Carlos to a club a few months back but he was singing that night so, of course, I didn't dance. When he sings he dances because it's all part of the show, but me, I just sit and watch. Then he comes off stage and sits and watches with me. Now where's the whoopy in that? Do I love to go see him sing? Absolutely. But geez, a girl needs to get her time in on the floor sometimes, you know.

These days, most of my dancing gets done at home when we're singing karaoke. But do I have a partner to turn me? No! Wanna know why? Because my daughter loves Salsa as much as I do and daddy always dances with her. Why, why, why, why, why her and not me?!?! Just because she's about 70 pounds lighter, 39 years younger and much cuter is no reason, in my opinion, why daddy should pick her over me. But I'll be darned if she doesn't get more attention. Darn kids anyway. Makes me wonder why I taught her to begin with.....and this is the appreciation I get.

I'm sure, about now your thinking I'm jealous of my daughters relationship with her father, Uh uh, wrong. That's not it at all. I actually love watching them dance together. It reminds me of when I used to dance with my dad and he would rra rra, in my ear. It wasn't singing, believe me. He never knew the words so he did this la rra rra thingy in my ear and stepped on me ever other rra. But Karina doesn't have to worry about that because Carlos doesn't step on toes, he's a good dancer. OH! And then if Jenifer should walk in the room, he dances with them both at the same time; turns and all. Come On Now! Hello! I like to dance too!

Ahh poop. I'm getting myself all worked up. Know what? Just forget it, tomorrow I'm putting on my "Dancing with the Stars Latin Workout" and getting down with my bad 'ol self. Sitting around waiting for someone to ask...hmmm...think I can't dance anymore....right...just wait till I show them.....they'll be begging me for attention......

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